Tales of Symphonia: Knights of Ratatoskr Screens

By Rolando . July 30, 2007 . 2:35am



A while back, Namco-Bandai announced 4 new Tales games, one of those titles being Tales of Symphonia: Knights of Ratatoskr, a new entry in the Tales of Symphonia universe. Aside from a somewhat grainy Famitsu scan, not much was known about Knights of Ratatoskr's "graphical quality" and whether or not it'd be a spiritual successor to Tales of Symphonia graphically. Perhaps now that can be answered.


The official Japanese site for Tales of Symphonia: Knights of Ratatoskr has been updated with a few new images of the in-game graphics which I'm sure will make some of you jump with joy assuming, of course, you want to jump with joy.  No word on the game's battle system or how it'll utilize the Wiimote, but I'm sure such information will be revealed at this year's Tokyo Game Show. Go past the break for the images.













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  • The in-town screens look great for the Wii. Can’t wait to see how the characters will look in it.

  • Rowd

    But… But it’s the EXACT SAME.

  • TheMastahLink

    It looks the same, but it’s more Tales of Symphonia!

  • Marco

    I like the 4th and 5th screen but…I’m not really impressed by the other screens, but then again, this isn’t coming out for a while and early screenshots never really actually show the real game and it usually looks better in the final product.

  • Alex

    The in-game town pics look similar, but I can see some differences in them. I think that the character looks good, but I’m wanting to know about the storyline more than anything. Did Lloyd succede at finding all of the remaining Exspheres? What happened to everyone else? (I’m talking about after the end of the game, and I’m sort of hoping that something bad happened to Zelos, because I killed him to get Kratos, but I bet he’s still around…)

  • L-Game Tales

    how do you kill Zelos anyway, i like Kratos more but hes just back at Lloyd’s house with the dwarf. Like, Judgement, War god and the other stuff Kratos gets instead of Zelos.

  • L-Game Tales

    I would like to know.

  • L-Game Tales

    Also about Knights of Ratatoskr, it says it comes out in 2008 so its a long way away but the characters are only the Boy and the Girl, no Genis no Colette, but it seems Lloyd is famous but it will be wierd the entire game playing with just 2 characters and the demon. I’d like if there was like a son or a daughter of a main character in the original, like the Fujibayashi family, at least 1 of the family members are in a Tales game that ive played

  • TLK

    Heh, this game looks awesome, I’ve been tired of playing all of the other Tales games…
    anyone know an exact release date?

  • No, but ide like that 2

  • and about the other characters as months go by there adding more people from the original Tales of Symphonia game… So far the characters “Kratos Auron”, and “Colette Brunel” are already playable on this new game… and if you look at this trailer at my website it shows a girl battling Lloyd.

  • L-Game Tales

    HEYYY!!! calling from Japan (日本)… Be back the 23rd, see ya then!

  • Im gonna try and see about Knights of Ratatoskr so wait for it…

  • Alex

    I wonder if Lloyd is a enemy or if he is going to be bad then good. I at least hope that you don’t have to kill him. They should make him a playable character or at the very least just a good person that is on your side.

  • me

    lloyd is a freindly in the video he is only training against him and kratos aurion is not a playable character!! all characters other than kratos is well floating aimlessly on that planet

  • me

    oops kratos is floating and the other characters are not did not proof read sorry

  • Milenko

    i love the Tales of Symphonia games thise will be awsome

  • KT

    Wow, this game looks like it will be da bomb!
    And it’s for the Wii too! Awsome-ness!
    Hey anyone know the name of the guy in the picture up top? I think his name is Emil? (that’s what the subtitle says when you hover your cursor over the picture)?

  • Oscar

    ok guys to clear this up:
    1:Kratos doesn’t return i mean seriously hes floating aimlessly on derris kharlon (spelling might be bad)
    2:The young boy main character is Emil, Girl main character is Marta, Lloyd fights both of em
    3:Red haired dude that appears in trailers is Richter or somethin
    4:to get kratos and kill zelos, get a high relationship with him and ignore all 3 people that come to ur door in flanoir, u should get him

    Lloyd is only a temporary enemy, he becomes ur ally eventually to help u kill the REAL enemy (although i have no clue who that is)

  • Oscar

    o and btw lloyd doesnt train marta and emil, they actually try to kill him but stop later. Ritcher is the one who trains emil. Dunno bout marta though

  • Oscar

    looking at the comments u guys typed, im just saying that collette, genis, and all the rest of the guys ARE playable (i think [collette definetly is i saw in a trailer]).

    sry for posting 3 comments..

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