Two more tribes to appear in Final Fantasy Tactics A2?

By Spencer . August 1, 2007 . 12:40am

Square-Enix updated the job information page on the Final Fantasy Tactics A2 official site and there are two blank spots in the menu where you rotate through the tribes. The five announced races are the same ones in Final Fantasy Tactics Advance: Hume, Moogle, Baanga, Nu Mou and Viera. Final Fantasy XII added the Seeq to the world of Ivalice and they seem like a likely candidate to be added into the game. Final Fantasy XII: Revenant Wings also added a new race, the Icarus-like Egul who may also appear in Final Fantasy Tactics A2.


Past the break are pictures of some of the new jobs for the announced races.


Yojinbo (Hume* 1 more new job has not been announced)


Master Monk (Baanga)


Cannoneer (Baanga)


Arcane Mage (Nu Mou* 1 more new job has not been announced)


Magic Fencer (Viera)


Green Mage (Viera)


Chocobo Knight (Moogle)


Magic Gunner (Moogle)

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  • Seeq is probably one of them for sure. The other is either the Egul (like you suggested), members of whatever race Cid is in the game, or something entirely new (after all, Viera, Nu Mou, and Bangaas didn’t exist before FFTA). A2 should be fantastic unless SE does something like eliminating classes from the last game.

  • topdog_200723003

    well i like the new jobs the samurai jobs cool and others rules to lol ill kick ass with them i wish that you duel wield in all the jobs

  • topdog_200723003

    theses be cool game i hope it come out soon

  • Aaron

    The new races are the Seeq, the Gria (bat winged humanoids), and some wierd lookin goblinesqe peoples like Cid. They gots them pointy noses. Check out the website (if you cant read japanese, just click on the menu til you stumble across something cool). WATCH THE MOVIE! This game is gonna be 1000x more popular than the last one, and possibly even cooler than FFT. Its got bosses and a **** load of new classes, and all kinds of cool ****.

    Races – 9 (-1 for pointy nose over there)
    Jobs – 10
    Levels – 10
    Graphics – 10 (did you see that aero spell!?)
    Music – 10
    World Map – [email protected]!!!!!BooYah!!!!!Badtothebone!Thelazerbone!!…!


    This game is gonna be huge!

    Thank You FFTA team! Keep up the good work!
    Final Fantasy might actually make it to the next decade at this rate.

  • Aaron

    Guerentee this is gonna be my favorite game.

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