Apollo Justice: Ace Attorney localization is already in progress

By Spencer . August 23, 2007 . 1:59pm


Capcom is pretty much done with Phoenix Wright: Trials and Tribulations. The full English version is already out in Japan and it is coming to America in less than a month. What about Gyakuten Saiban 4? It looks like Capcom is hard at work on it. Screenshots of the first case in German are floating in the wild. If Capcom is going through all the trouble to release the game in Europe in German, which the first version of Phoenix Wright neglected to include, Apollo Justice: Ace Attorney is nearly guaranteed to come out in English too.


I wonder if Capcom is going to give Gyakuten Saiban 4 an international re-release with English text when the project is completed. They could release it as a budget best price edition in Japan and pick up extra sales with it too.

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  • the_importer

    Apollo Justice: OBJECTION!!! I have the dumbest name ever given to a video game character and I look like Sparrow!

  • OVERRULED! I like the name Apollo Justice, personally.

    That said, I cannot freakin’ wait.

  • Carmen

    I hope theres a French translation in progress in addition to the German language, as I need an excuse to practise.

  • Aoshi00

    Apollo Justice sounds alright, even though it’s a bit obvious, considering his Jpn name is Odoroki Housuke.. Wright (Naruhodo) sounds more subtle of course.

    Yeah, I don’t like his design much either. I didn’t get to like him that much throughout the game since his presence is a little overshadowed by the others.. Give us back Phoenix in 5 :)

  • the_importer

    They didn’t try hard enough to make a name, why not call him Supreme Court while at it.

    His name kind of reminds me of Captain Power, I mean how cliché can you get. It’s almost like having the name Justice maps your entire future in the legal system.

    Not saying the name Phoenix Wright is a good name, but at lease it’s not cliché.

  • Noun

    Don’t care…
    …Still want…badly.

  • ElRhodeo

    Hmm… but Phoenix Wright 1 DOES come in German, too. Otherwise my girlfriend wouldn’t have bought it, cause her English is not so good.
    This series keeps confusing me with its titles and numbers. “Gyakuten Saiban 4” means part 4 on the DS, the first part that wasn’t a remake of a GBA title, right? The one that was released in Japan about 6 months ago?
    And what happened to the EU release of part 3?

  • Simon

    my friend played a chinese version of this, he told me it was made from fans… but sooo cool

  • Aoshi00

    Yep, 4 is the first game for the DS, utilizing all the new touch screen features like the remake of one.

    Yeah, importer, that’s what I meant by obvious, the “Hou” in the first name “Housuke” means “law” exactly as in “houritsu”, so it’s not as creative as Wirght/Naruhodo (Oh I see) in terms of creativity.

    Still the game is not bad, just didn’t live up to the trilogy, despite all the innovation. The kid looks like a monkey when he’s shocked :). There are two routes the 5th game can go, either kick Phoenix out completely and let Apollo take over the show, or bring back the fan-adorned Phoenix entirely, even though the former is more likely, I’m for the latter.

  • Squall3031

    well…well…well…why don’t we suggest Capcom for the next ace attorney game;

    – Phoenix VS Apollo: Ace Attorney Battle

    – Apollo Justice: Ace Attorney, Return of Phoenix Wright

    – Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney, Apollo’s Revenge

    – Ace Attorney: Super Attorney Brawl

  • cloud8100

    Haven’t even had the chance to play the third one cause it hasn’t come out yet!

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