Watch: Four player fight in Naruto: Clash of Ninja Revolution

By Spencer . August 27, 2007 . 11:14am

Naruto, Neji, Tenten and Sakura are all in one fight past the break. Before you watch that we have a partial character list to show you. Naruto: Clash of Ninja Revolution is going to have eight environments and 20 characters including:



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  • That looks as if it will be quite fun. The cutscenes could be a little annoying I would imagine.

  • ryne11

    Only 20?

    From all the sources, including Print sources, I was seeing Over 20.
    I know your list is only partial, and is not meant to be complete, but I’m just gonna post my list for its and giggles

    I have been following it too closely 0_o

    1. Naruto

    2. Sasuke

    3. Kakashi

    4. Sakura

    5. Rock Lee

    6. Neji

    7. Guy

    8. Shikamaru

    9. Ino

    10. Gaara

    11. Orochimaru(They said before the game would go through the Tsunade arc…)

    12. Itachi

    13. Kisame

    14.Tsunade(Same as Oro)

    15. Jiraiya(Same as Oro & Tsuna)

    16. Shino

    17. Tenten

    18. Hinata

    19. Kiba(Shonen Jump Ad, Plus Kyle Herbert has it listed in his credits)

    20. Kankuro(Nintendo Power)

    21. Temari(Nintendo Power)

  • ryne11

    I know that was being anal, so feel free to ignore me

  • oblivion

    ryne this game is going to have more than 20 can u believe that before the webs said it was 16 but the game is in devolopment so this game is awsome oh haku and zabuza are in here to they been confirmed

  • Yakusoku20

    Oi it’s Genkitou Ninja taisen 3 with a few wii controls. Ok i’m a fan of this series, I love the Genkitou series, however I’m unlikely to buy a remake of a game that’s been out for years. Get a feeloader and buy the Genkitou series for the gamecube. The only way I would buy this game is if I could play with the original Japanese voices. That would be beyound sweet. But since the way american companies work, I doubt we will see it. What we really need is a way to port japanese games over to american wii. I pray for a freeloader every day.

  • Guys will chouji Sarutobi anko haku and zabuza be confirmed? only those 5 are left to be confirmed and it will be magnificent.i mean there is 1 month and 20 days left before the game comes out i think thats enough time to confirm those 5 dont you think?

  • naruto1234

    This game does not have Haku or Zabuza, i think the last 4 charcters that are not in ryne 11’s list and that are going to be in the game are Chouji, Kabuto, Anko, and the 3rd hokage

  • sasuke9000

    I wonder if they might put demon gaara in clash of ninja revolution.but i do now one thing this games going to be AWSOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • sasuke9000

    yo I’ve been searching the internet for quite a while on this game and i think choji,anko,kabouto,zabuza and haku are the last ones to be installd well I think so anyway

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