Hands on Naruto Shippuuden: Geiktou Ninja Taisen EX 2

By Spencer . September 20, 2007 . 7:43am


I hopped on Eighting’s new version of Naruto and I was pleasantly surprised by the number of blank character spots. If the demo is accurate we should see at least 30 characters in the final game. I took a chance to play Sasuke first. He has a wide fireball attack like Itachi and a powered up Chidori combo. The controls were pretty much the same as Naruto Shippuuden: Geiktou Ninja Taisen EX 1, with one exception. You don’t shake the remote to do a taijutsu attack. Instead you simply press the down button.


After messing around with Sasuke I gave Sai a whirl and you can see the footage past the break.


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  • ShinR.

    Thanks for posting a video up man, been waiting to see the game in action for a while. So at least 30 characters in this game huh? Nice. I hope the old characters in their timeskip clothes have some good new moves. I’m sure Kiba and Akamaru will have a big change in their moveset as Akamaru isn’t a puppy any more. And I hope they add Asuma now……but they’ll probably save him for the next game along with H and K.

  • des

    Hey spencer, have you seen something from Narutimate Accel 2 too?

  • Jay

    Hey ShinR.

    Asuma probably won’t be in the next game considering what happens to him in the manga. Better read for yourself =(

  • Sammy

    I hope they fix Neji, they screwed him up so badly in EX1 >_

  • Ooh… Sai looks fun…

    Do you still swing the controller to do A and B attacks? That caused a lot of issues in the previous game because of frame delay and advantage changes when against classic controllers who didn’t use the wiimote.

  • Jammy


    It’s pretty obvious that ShinR is up to date with the Manga as he mentioned Hidan and Kakuzu in his post. And if anything it adds more reason for him to be in the game seeing as what happens to him. He basically becomes one of the main-ish characters for the period of the arc and reveals enough fighting moves for a move set.
    If they don’t include him in the GNT EX series because of what happens to him then by that logic: Zabuza, Haku, Sarutobi, Jiroubo, Kidomaru, Tayuya, Sakon and Kimimaro shouldn’t of been in the GNT series.

    In my opinion, there is no doubt that Asuma will be a playable character but most likely in EX 3 along side Hidan and Kakuzu. Unless he is a secret character in this game filling up a secret slot on one of the corners.

  • i dont know why the vid isn’t working with me.

  • oidoke

    Good choice…… SAI is the best character out there, but i wanna know how did he sound??……(in the manga naruto said that he sound almost like sasuke)

  • shiro

    hey i cant see the picture but sweet this game is going to be pretty nice but accel two looks like itll be better

  • ryne11

    Sai looks and sounds badass

    Very nice

  • Jennero

    OMG Looks like the game is not going to lag in 4 player thank GOD!

  • monkeypox

    how did yamato play? interested to see what the mokuton attacks are like…

  • shiro

    yeah mokuton walls and stuff…cool

  • bleachfan

    so soon….

  • hitokiri

    does anyone know if i have to buy a JAP Wii or can i get a american Wii and play import games with a freeloader? (i dont wanna install mod chips whatsoever)

  • Unfortunately playing japanese Wii games on an American Wii is only possible with a Wiikey or equivalent Wii Mod Chip. the Free Loader WILL NOT WORK.
    and a small side note to those using a free loader, updating your Wii’s firmware to the latest patch will cause the free loader to stop working, so think carefully before updating your Wii.

  • hitokiri

    if i actually do install a wiikey…will i still be able to do everything else normally? just with the bonus of playing japanese imports? or will i not be allowed to do certain things anymore or udate my firmware or something? like side effects?

  • Does anyone know if this game is going to lag in 4 player like the last game… cause if it does that would suck

  • check out my site oh and by the way siliconera you make the most awsome videos

  • jaxx_Uchiha

    GNT EX 1 lags in 4 players? i saw a comment saying they messed up Neji what did you mean by that? Yea what you said about Asuma being in the next one would make alot of sense.. since they packed in everyone in the final GNT.. which was very nice.. so they probably will do that with the last EX or so.. i want to see sound 4 one more time and some Zabuza!!!!

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