Chaos Wars nearly confirmed for North America?

By Spencer . September 25, 2007 . 8:38am

chaoswars.jpgIt’s still hard to believe that O3 Entertainment is actually localizing Chaos Wars, but the proof is almost in the pudding. Beyond the initial rumor Gamestop has a listing for Chaos Wars saying it is coming out, possibly in November for $39.99. I really wonder how O3 is going to localize and promote this game. Considering how obscure the characters are in North America O3 Entertainment has an uphill battle.


Quick question to all the Siliconera faithful, is anyone interested in buying this?

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  • jeffx

    Yes, I am teh baying, but I’m still a little bitter about Radio Allergy.

  • SRPG? Check. Crossover of characters? Check. I don’t see how this can be any less than awesome.

  • Maybe, depends on the reviews.
    Oh, who am I kidding? I’ll buy it whenever it comes available at my favourite shop.

  • djSyndrome

    Is this the same O-3 that couldn’t even bring Radilgy to market here?

  • I’m a little fuzzy on the gameplay of it. But if it’s a tactical RPG, why not? I actually quite like Spectral Souls for the PSP, other than the horrible loading times. Probably not $39.99 worth, though. $20, though, sure.

  • Judo

    I already have the Japanese ver., and yes, I’m planing on getting the US ver. too.

  • Veilknight

    “Is this the same O-3 that couldn’t even bring Radilgy to market here?”

    As previously stated above by Jeffx, yes, but O3 entertainment isn’t completely to blame for canceling Radio Allergy’s release on the Gamecube. After all, when retailers won’t ship the game into their stores simply because they refuse to stock new Gamecube titles, there really isn’t much any publisher can do in that regard. Most importantly, with the PS2 still going strong across the globe despite the launch of all three next-gen consoles, O3 won’t have to worry about the hassle of shelf space being a problem when there are still several PS2 games in development set for release this holiday season, not to mention potentially onward into 2008.

    Also, count me in among the list of gamers who will be purchasing Chaos Wars on release day in North America sometime during November. So if you ever get the chance, be sure to cover this title if given the opportunity, Spencer, as I would personally like to get a sneak peak at the title’s contents before I even get the chance to play.

  • Lia

    I’m planning on getting it, because it has some of my favorite characters from other games. It looks like a really interesting one (I’ve known about it for a while), but I thought it would never get ported due to massive copyright issues (since the characters are all from different game companies).

    I will say this: I’m buying it for the Shadow Hearts characters. Sadly, the entire Shadow Hearts series pretty much bombed in the US. Release dates were poorly timed. I think the first Shadow Hearts came out around the same time as FFX. I picked it up on a whim, but Shadow Hearts 2 was packaged with the first game for free. Yeah, that’s bad, especially when the game wasn’t very expensive anyway.

    But maybe some die hard Disgaea fans will come out for it too, because (if my memory serves me correctly), there are some Disgaea characters in Chaos Wars as well.

  • The latest news for this game is that it is coming out on May 14th for $39.99. The game looks awesome and for anyone who likes SRPGs they should definitely snag it. Atlus teamed up with O~3 also. It looks great and i can’t wait.

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