Baroque is coming next year with a surprise

By Spencer . December 12, 2007 . 10:56am

baroque.jpgThanks to the work of some intelligent internet scouts we had a hint that Baroque was coming to North America a few months ago. Atlus is bringing the Playstation 2 game out in February 2008, but not without an unexpected announcement. Baroque is coming out for the Wii too! It’s unclear how motion control will be implemented, but if you’ve been looking for a dark, dungeon crawler Baroque is a game to keep an eye on.


The trailer has an awesome eerie feel and I'm uploading it now for everyone to see. Check back in a couple of minutes when it goes live.


Update: Got the trailer up and you can see it past the break.



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  • meikiyou

    very sweat info ^^

  • Pedro Silva

    great, Atlus should do this more often (porting good games to the wii)

  • Andrew

    The Blaze? They should’ve kept it as the “Great Heat” instead, but I guess a minor complaint considering it’s getting a release in N.A.

  • SomeDude

    Pedro: I’m guessing that if you’re going to want them to keep making RPGs for the Wii, you’ll probably have to buy the Wii version and convince your friends too, as well.

    Andrew: “The Great Heat” reminds me of “Hot Hot Heat”, and they’re a really crappy band. Also, “The Great Heat” sounds kind of weak for a destructive event that burns the entire world.

  • Pedro Silva

    @ SomeDude: I actually don’t know; I was waiting for it to be released in US for the PS2, rooting for it to be localized.

    Between the two I’d probably prefer a Wii version as long as it maintains the original gameplay and perhaps extras like progressive scan and 16:9… But… I live in Europe, where the original Atlus Wii’s Trauma Center took almost a year to come by, and my console is as it came from factory (can’t run imports, neither is there a 100% method of running original imports yet)

    Thus, I’ll probably still buy the PS2 US version (as I did with Odin Sphere and Persona 3 US releases), and… perhaps I’ll pick the PAL Baroque for Wii, if it ever comes here.

    I’m still happy Atlus did this, it’s a good game, and I rather get good games ported than crappy games, I really hope it sells. (but I want the game sooner, not later)

    Atlus is not that much of a big developer though, and if the market keeps going as it is (with Wii on top) I think developing for it can be a win-win situation, not to mention almost imperative for atlus, having the lowest development costs. But yes, Baroque selling would be a perfect way to show they have public; I hope it does.

  • wasn’t this an old sega saturn game? pretty impressive if it is.

  • Pedro Silva

    Well… Yes, it’s a remake from the original Saturn/Psone game.

  • EvilAkito

    It looks cool from the trailer, but I recall reading about this game a while back and not being too interested. I’ll just have to wait and read more impressions when then game comes out.

  • Pedro Silva

    It’s already out in Japan, you can get impressions from some people already.

    Only heard good things, so far.

  • Aoshi00

    Ever since I saw the Jpn trailer, I was somewhat interested because of the stylish anime opening, any word on the PS2 version having the optional Jpn track? Yagami Light (Miyano Mamoru) is one of the angels in the tower :) The rest of the Jpn cast sound really cool too. I almost wanted to hunt down the original Saturn game, but I thought the graphics would be too dated by now.

  • Geez…as if I didn’t already have enough to buy in February. SSBB, No More Heroes, and now Baroque. -_-;;

    I weep for my wallet.

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