Was Konami planning a Guitar Revolution?

By Spencer . December 14, 2007 . 4:29pm

gr.jpgKonami missed the boat with Guitar Freaks and Drummania. However, one year after Guitar Hero debuted, the thought may have crossed Konami’s mind. They registered trademarks for Drum Revolution and Guitar Revolution, which sound like the US names for Drummania and Guitar Freaks respectively. Both trademarks are still active, so it’s possible for Konami to use them for US versions or something else in the future.


But, I don’t think that will happen. Guitar Hero and Rock Band are already in stores and in the homes of many gamers. At best, the virtual rock game genre is competitive and at worse it's saturated.

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  • It’s unfortunate for Konami.

    I really enjoyed the Guitar Freaks series, but I can see how it would have most likely done poorly in the states strictly for the reason of song selection: Konami’s Bemani games are known to contain truncated tunes and of the more obscure genre (obscure to the states, anyway).

    True they could’ve licensed tunes like “Rock Hero” did, but maybe they didn’t see it worth as music games (as great as they are) haven’t had a very impressive sales record prior to Guitar Hero. I mean look at Amplitude, Frequency, Beatmania or even Samba de Amigo.

    And yes, I’m aware that later iterations of Guitar Freaks contained full length songs, but you played that one in place of the three truncated ones.

  • Zeke

    I have all the Guitar Freaks/Drummania for Ps1 and Ps2. I could never get a guitar for them though. I am getting a Ps2 guitar soon though.
    Yes, Guitar Hero/Rock Band is a rip off of the Konami series.
    I think the problem was the type of music in GF/DM. A lot of Japanese music would not
    have translated well to an American audience.
    I got Guitar Hero 3 for 360 and it was awesome. Due to it having one of my favorite bands Weezer.

    Guitar Freaks had some sweet songs on it to. Local Art, BeforU, Glamorus Sky and Vanilla

    I did sell Guitar Hero 3 for Rock Band and RB is amazing, beat it with guitar and drums on Med so far.

    I grew up in the 90’s and the set list is great. Also my other favorite band is Garbage, that made it much sweeter. DLC is great too. Can’t wait for Buddy Holly.

    Konami focused too much on the DDR series and didn’t even take a chance on bringing
    a Guitar Freaks game over to the USA.

    Maybe they will come out with GF/DM for the PS3 in Japan. I’d buy it.

    They did take a chance with Beatmania, now their not even supporting it.

  • Zach-M

    I think it’s unfortunate that if Konami did release Guitar Revolution in the west, most people would probably accuse it of being a Guitar Hero rip-off, even though it came first.

  • MazingerZ

    I wouldn’t care about which is more popular.

    As long as Konami brings e-amusement worldwide, I’ll be happy, and the possibility to use it without a keitai in Japan.

  • Konami are planning on bringing both the Guitar Freaks and Drum Mania games to Europe early next year. I emailed them a few weeks back asking and they confirmed this. Maybe these are the names for the European versions?

  • @Luke – Really?! Wow that would be an interesting turn of events! Hey if you have that e-mail lying around could you please forward it to us?

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