Square Enix trademarks Chapters of the Chosen (update: Dragon Quest IV?)

By Spencer . April 16, 2008 . 8:26am


Actually, we have two new trademarks from Square Enix. Chapters of the Chosen is related is identified as “computer game software; video game software”, which means in plain English it’s for a game. Could it be for a new game? Or is this going to be the US subtitle for Valkyrie Profile: The Accused One? The other overly hopeful thought I have is this could be branding for Dragon Quest IV and VI DS. Remember they put a whole bunch of games related to Ivalice under the Ivalice Alliance umbrella, but this is honestly unlikely at best.


The other trademark is Crystal Core, which probably isn’t a sequel to Crisis Core: Final Fantasy VII. This is likely related to their set of Crystal Tools. The trademark can be used for, “computer software for use in the development of computer games and/or video games” as well as video game software.


Update: FoliathR makes a brilliant point in the comments that this could be a subtitle for Dragon Quest IV. With his/her thought in mind let's hope it is.


Images courtesy of Square Enix and the USPTO.

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  • Angelous

    Yeah, I can totally see it as “Valkyrie Profile: Chapters of the Chosen”.

    Sounds good to me seening as “The Accused One” sounds like it’s about what happens to someonne who Lenneth choses to be an Einherijar, but refuses her.

    Yeah, I’m a big Valkyrie Profile fan…

  • @Angelous – Then you might be happy to know Valkyrie Profile is considered a “series” now sitting pretty next to Kingdom Hearts, Star Ocean, Front Mission and other profitable pillars. I’m expect many more games with Lenneth or at the very least other Einherijar in the future.

  • FoliathR

    *some DQIV spoilers may be present*

    I think it can, and is a highly possible Dragon Quest IV title, since DQIV is made up of 5 main ‘Chapters’, each of the 4 early chapters telling the story of each ‘Chosen’ one as they got guided to meet in Chapter 5.

  • @FoliathR – Now that’s a brilliant point! I didn’t even think about that, but it seems like a solid subtitle for Dragon Quest IV DS.

  • Yeah, it’s Dragon Quest IV. Can’t say I’m too excited about it after reviewing the very hard to read translation. Way to go Square Enix… :P

    Is there anyone out there who can stand the new Dragon Quest translations?

  • Angelous

    @FoliathR – Your my hero. I wish I had thought of that. I have no doubt that is the DQ Iv subtitle now.

  • Kurt

    Yeah, the Japanese DQIV title is “Michibikareshi Monotachi” which means “The Chosen Ones”, so that’s almost definitely it. I love the new DQ localizations in general, but they went a bit overboard with the English found in the Japanese version of DQIV DS. I wonder if that’ll stick.

  • dwizzle13

    @krypt – I’ll have to like the translations. I just bought it, but I will buy an English one too if I am lucky ^_^

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