Dragon Quest IV DS chosen for North American release

By Spencer . April 18, 2008 . 10:38am

We dug up the trademark “Chapters of the Chosen” from Square Enix a few days ago and FoliathR, one of our awesome commenters, suggested the trademark was for Dragon Quest IV. That was a rumor, but the ESRB confirms this with an E 10+ rating for Dragon Quest IV: Chapters of the Chosen as a Nintendo DS game.


Square Enix has yet to send out an official announcement, but if the ESRB rated the game, it’s nearly a done deal. There are a few orphan games in the database, but I doubt Dragon Quest IV will be one of them. We’ll be waiting on news with an official release date. Until then check out our impressions of Dragon Quest IV DS.


Images courtesy of Square Enix.

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  • Angelous

    Finally! Sweet, sweet, confirmation from the ESRB! Now, we just need a solid releases date. I suggest 4 weeks after FF IV, how does 8/19/08 sound to you Square-Enix?

  • Matt

    First day buy. Peroid

  • seiya19

    Good news. I hope the game sells enough for them to bring V, VI and IX as well. Now…on a different matter, although a bit related…could someone explain to me why Tales of Innocence is not going to get released in the US/Europe ? I just don´t get it… (yes, I know it´s Bandai-Namco and not Square-Enix…but I´m still surprised of that one). And I´m still waiting for confirmation on whether Soma Bringer and ASH will get released on the US/Europe or not…

  • Kamil

    Freaking awesome. I was seriously hoping I wouldn’t have to import this. This news along with FFIV DS coming out here makes me a happy gamer indeed.

  • Dr. Slump

    Nice. This is one of the few remakes that I’m interested in, because I never got to play the original. I had a SNES by the time it came out, and had lost interest in the NES. I stupidly missed a (supposedly) great game, but luckily I have the chance to right that wrong.

    DS = RPG heaven.

    I hope 5 & 6 come here too. 9 is pretty much guaranteed.

  • jeffx

    currently ripping through DQ:Swords. The DQ world/experience just can’t be beat! Will buy on day 1.

  • RiceBoi

    Awesomeness! I remember playing this countless times on the NES, one of my favorite RPGS ever.

  • celebrate good times come on! let’s celebrate…

  • FoliathR

    Yay! My guess came true! I played through the Japanese version, and I’m glad more people can play it now that an NA version is more or less confirmed!

    And I can, of course, play it again in English! =D

    Personally, one of the RPGs that I played which had a story that left a deep impression in my heart.

  • Cannot wait for this game…played the Japanese DS version and yes it definitely enhances an RPG that was already one of the best ever (certainly for the NES).

  • Hello Hello

    This is good, but I’m still waiting for release dates for the two Star Ocean games on the PSP.

  • Raptor

    Slap another coat of paint on yet another Squeenix DS remake, box it up, and charge $39.99. Lather, Rinse, Repeat….Good God they never know when to quit. The game’s at least 15 years old.

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