Metal Gear merchandising gives Solid Snake an iPod

By Spencer . May 13, 2008 . 12:26pm


Product placement in movies is quite common and to some extent this is accepted for summer blockbusters. Why else would the Transformers be associated with General Motors? But, does Solid Snake really need an iPod to change the background music?


Konami already has plenty of Metal Gear Solid 4 branded products in the real world. Headphones, wireless headsets and limited edition consoles fall into the electronics category. Some of the merchandise like the t-shirts coming to Uniqlo on June 12 don’t. For 1,500 yen ($14) you can get a light blue shirt where a person has a cardboard box over his head is a reasonable tie-in. I would buy that shirt. Seeing Konami sell a Regain energy drink in convenience stores isn’t out of the ordinary either. Capcom and Square Enix have sold soft drinks before, so I guess this is a standard tie-in now.


However, placing Triumph motorcycles and giving in game characters Sony Ericsson cell phones feels excessive. It’s clear that Konami is mitigating development costs by adding iPods in Metal Gear Solid 4. Hudson did the same thing with Deca Sports, which they openly admit is partially sponsored Adidas. Back on the PlayStation 2 Electronic Arts slipped in as Cingular their “messaging provider” in Need for Speed 2 Underground. Sonic had advertisements for Soap shoes.


So, product placement isn’t exactly new for games, but Konami is going overboard with Metal Gear Solid 4. Maybe, it’s just because of the iPod because it’s so obvious.


Images courtesy of Famitsu and Konami.

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  • QBasic

    I disagree. I think Snake having an iPod would be snazzy.

  • TacoBeaver

    snake ipod?
    he should have a bluberry or iphone xD

  • Aoshi00

    So it’s actually in-game? That’s kind of lame.. reminds me of Harrison Ford conveniently modding his iPod into a bank account hacking device in “Fire Wall”. While it’s a little annoying to see products shoved into one’s face watching a movie or playing a game, this kind of advertisement seems inevitable in this day and age.

    I’m not a huge MSG fan, but I kind of want the Uniqlo T-shirt, the blue Sonic one specifically, my sister’s really into these artsy T-shirts.

  • Ilk

    Meh… If you think about it, It’s not really all that weird I mean who doesn’t have and iPod these days?

  • thaKingRocka

    wait, what year does the game take place? isn’t it like 10 years in the future? that ipod would be a dinosaur, and there’s no way that battery would even hold a charge after all those years. i’m calling foul on this. even if it were believable/acceptable, it’s a crappy thing to do. caloriemate was funny, if a little strange. this, however, is simply no good.

  • Solid Squirrel

    Oh good lord. It’s not like there’s billboards all over the game. And why can’t Snake have nice things for once? All he usually has is a pack of cigarettes, once he had to vomit up to partake of.
    I say it’s high time he got something soothing other than cancer sticks.

    Real cell phones in the hands of characters? Good god, what were they thinking? Clearly they should use tin cans on strings.

    The game uses real weapons, created by real companies. The game has even had conversations about them (check out Sigint’s explanations of your arsenal in MGS3) everyone knows now that the Colt peacemaker was “the greatest handgun ever made”– so why can’t Eva (ne Big Mama) ride a real cycle? Which, btw, she also did in her previous incarnation. Just be glad she’s not riding some big honkin’ Harley with big handlebars.

    Every sports, every racing game now has product placement all over their respective playing fields and courses and have been doing so for a long, long time– Why does MGS4 have to be some sort of sacred cow that cannot and should not have real-world products?

  • They already specifically pointed out that he was controlling the little robot using a PLAYSTATION 3 SIXAXIS MOTION CONTROLLER so this is no real surprise.

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