Naruto clashes on the Wii again

By Spencer . May 26, 2008 . 7:43pm

narutocon2.jpgWe all knew it was coming, but ryne11 and sent an e-mail over (thanks!!) confirming Tomy is working on a sequel for Naruto: Clash of Ninja Revolution. The July issue of Shonen Jump has a sneak preview of Naruto: Clash of Ninja Revolution 2 and like each yearly installment of Naruto fighting games there will be “more” playable characters. Choji and Kiba, who were absent in Naruto: Clash of Ninja Revolution, will join the new roster consisting of “tons of new characters”. No promises have been made, but the Sound Five are nearly guaranteed to be in this game too.

The other “new” element is even more destructible objects. Naruto Shippuden: Gekitou Ninja Tasien EX 2 placed crates with explosive tags and chakra sealing spaces in the arenas. Since the work is already done Eighting is likely to add similar content to Naruto: Clash of Ninja Revolution 2.


Speaking of the Naruto Shippuden: Geiktou Ninja Taisen branch, Tomy hasn’t given any indication of Naruto Shippuden: Geiktou Ninja Taisen 3, but like Naruto: Clash of Ninja Revolution 2 you know it’s coming. Perhaps, after Naruto: Clash of Ninja Revolution 2 arrives in North America this fall.


Images courtesy of Tomy.

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  • ShinRekka

    Hopefully they’ll include every GNT4 character in the game. I was kinda let down by the first GNTR game since they took out lots of characters from GNT3.

    Speaking of the series, I really hope they don’t release GNTEX3 this year and just wait and hold it up till next year. Mainly because adding only Hidan and Kazuku(and maybe Tobi) would be sucky…plus they could tune their game up and try and add an online VS mode. IMO, they should wait till JvsP finishes in the anime(….probably be a while since Shippuden is paced slooooow), that way it’ll have more characters plus more stuff.

  • ryne11

    “(….probably be a while since Shippuden is paced slooooow)”

    Ever since they went to widescreen, the canon moments were not stretched by Shipuden

    Hell, it has gone pretty fast, though I wouldn’t mind some filler characters in EX 3

  • Reign1770

    JUMP ULTIMATE STARS III: Wii edition, nuff said.

  • seiya19

    Good news…but I´m much more interested in the japanese releases… However, I agree with ShinRekka that they should release EX3 next year, with more time to improve the game and add new characters.

  • Gasshu

    Why can’t they just admit that this is going to be a wii-make of GNT4, just as the other one was a wii-make of GNT3?
    The new catch with this one though, is going to be the “new” characters which are actually “old” characters once removed. (Chouji, Kiba, Anko, and Sandaime for example)

    I know, it sounds weird, but that’s marketing. :/

  • Cieje Valentine

    CONR was not just a Wiimake of GNT3. They started the development for the engine from scratch because GNTshippuden had framerate issues, among other things. They reanimated each character and did new models, etc. The reason the game had characters missing is ’cause they basically ran out of time to put all the old ones in, but they threw in some newbies to satiate the fans.

    I personally wish that CONR WAS a wiimake of GNT3. I skipped CONR because of the lack of characters.

  • Gasshu

    Have you even played both games side by side to know?
    The menus are the same. The music is the same, and the character models are definately the same. I figured all of this out, yet never took the time to try and convince anyone of the obvious truth behind the web of lies created by Tomy America. IGN even figured it out, and they summed it all up just like I had in one of their articles, but a lot simpler so to speak.
    Anyway, here are the obvious reasons (FACTS) as to why Revolution is a wii-make. Read them carefully, and it will make sense.

    -NOTHING was made from scratch. This would be an un-needed expense, and a troublesome route to take. (It would have taken longer to release, obviously.)
    -Eighting applied the fixed EX engine, (which went on to be EX2’s engine) complete with framerate fixes and such.
    -The graphics were brightened up and slightly re-worked in order to have a better look than the GC counterparts. (This includes some of the animations, but not all.)
    -Attack effects were carried over from EX.
    -Stages from EX were carried over.
    -The mini-games were carried over from EX.
    -Kisame was added from GNT4, and Anko, Sandaime, Kiba, plus a couple others were removed. (this was done in order to say, “see, this is NOT GNT3, it does not have such & such in it!”)
    This was also done for marketing reasons. If they took out a few old characters AND new ones, they would be able to make more money with a wii-make of GNT4. Instead of releasing a GNT4 Wii-make with only 9 new characters, why not release it with more than 12? (this includes the old characters once removed, and the new characters from GNT3 that were removed.)
    To put it simple, time was not an issue as everything was already there. The issue was, they needed to give fans a reason to buy a GNT4 wii-make with more than just an extra 9 characters. It is all for profits though, as all of the unhappy fans that bought Revolution will be buying the next one to get old characters back. (Bandai America is currently pulling a similar act with the PSP game.)

    That’s about it, as detailed as I can probably put it. If you find it nonsense, go ahead. It’s not just I who knows of the truth. ;)

  • ty


  • Ekev

    Doesn’t matter what the issue was really, just be happy their making a new one and that Naruto is in the US. I don’t follow the Japan games do to the fact I don’t feel like saving up for a freeloader then paying more for the game so i’m glad American versions are being made ^_^. One thing i’m hoping for in the game is an improved AI or whatever makes the computer fight…. to easy when fighting one on one.

  • ssss

    According to Nintendo Power, the story is based on from when Sasuke has left the village to the all the way to where the series is in the American TV show. The characters are up to date and the new characters include Choji and Kiba. The series is confirmed to not include the time skip but the creators of the game have listened to the fans complaints on the games before. Another new feature will be that fans will be able to control the Environment such as breakable objects and stage transitions. No word has been updated about whether or not Wi-Fi will be added.

  • shizune

    guys remember me???
    i use to come here and chat about naruto clash of ninja revolution
    but now im here to talk about naruto clash of ninja revolution 2!!!!

  • Airoman15

    COOL clash of ninja revolution 2!!!!
    this one better have Kimmimaro

  • angel

    HIIII lol they already announced this 2 month ago but now they have information on nintendo(one website forgot which one) said might be rpg and might have a headband(regular or slashed leaf) come with it

  • shizune

    awe man!!!!!!!!!!!
    a saw a pic of kankuro and he only had crow….i was really hoping he would have black-ant too!!!

  • Tyler

    I told you guys it was coming

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