Brief hands on with Rhapsody: A Musical Adventure on the DS

By Spencer . June 6, 2008 . 12:02am


I got a chance to check out the DS build of Rhapsody: A Musical Adventure and two things instantly grabbed my attention. The first was I had to start the game from the title screen with no saved exploration points. The second was the build was all ready in English. Rhapsody: A Musical Adventure is coming out sooner rather than later. It’s on track to be in North American stores in September, around a month after it comes out in Japan.


Since I started the game in the beginning I couldn’t get very far into it. I did get to check out combat and the menus have a completely different interface. Instead of the lengthy list of commands in the PsOne version, Rhapsody streamlines the interface with big buttons on the touch screen that say “fight”, “run”, and “auto”. After you select fight you’re taken to another set of menus where you can attack or scroll through a list of spells.


Kururu, who wasn’t playable at all in the PsOne release, is playable from the very start of the game. Since you have an extra character, I’m guessing the game might be easier in the beginning unless Nippon Ichi went back to rebalance the game. Kururu starts out with two spells Naniwabrac, and a lighting spell. After I selected Naniwabrac on the touch screen I watched as stars slammed enemies on the top screen.


There were a handful of features mentioned like a navigation map, playable characters, and new stages. I would like to believe the “s” in characters means the cast will grow beyond Kururu, but no other specific characters were mentioned.


Here’s a question for the Rhapsody initiated, who would you like to see become a playable character in the DS remake?


Images courtesy of NIS America.

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  • FoliathR

    Put in cameos from other games!

    Just kidding, haven’t had the chance to play the PS1 version, but I’m definitely very interested in this…

  • Chuck

    Obvious questions, How’s the translation compare? and I are the songs still included?

  • matty

    Was there a difficulty setting? The original game was insanely easy, even set on the highest level.
    Balance is the main concern I have with this layout. In La Pucelle, battles took way longer than they should have, and I haven’t played Angel’s Present but I’m leaning on that it was also taken to an extreme. I just hope they took that into consideration to make a good game great.

    Glad to hear that it’s coming to the U.S.! I’ve been meaning to play the original for old times sakes before this is set for release.

  • @Chuck – I wasn’t sitting side by side with a copy of Rhapsody on the PS1 to make a fair comparison. Also I was honestly rushing through the text to see if the gameplay has changed at all and that’s when I found Kururu. It’s difficult to get an honest answer when you have such a limited amount of play time.

    @matty – There wasn’t a difficulty level setting. I might be wrong here, but I think Rhapsody DS is going to be even easier since you start out with an extra character. Also it looks like from the interface and such NISA wants to make it appeal to a broad audience.

  • You know, I never did get very far into my PS1 version. Is the DS version going to have all the singing and songs too? I especially like the pirate song in the PS1 game.

  • Kurt

    I’m guessing the battle system is closer to Little Princess than the original Rhapsody, which used a tactics-style battle system? That’s what I’m guessing from the screenshots.

    It’d make sense, Rhapsody’s battle system was completely overdone for how easy it is.

  • @Louise – Good question. I don’t know! I didn’t get far enough in it to find out if vocal songs will be included.

    @Kurt – A very intelligent deduction! :) Rhapsody for the DS throws out movement and the tactical RPG hybrid system. I know this is hard to believe, but the interface is even simpler than the other Marl Kingdom games in respect to the menu layout.

  • Keriaku

    This makes me so incredibly, unbelievably happy. I can’t wait for this.

    I never thought we’d see this day. Does that mean if they rerelease Little Princess for the DS as well there’s a chance of getting it? Not that I’m not happy about this. Maybe it will actually have some difficulty? And replay value sounds good.

  • aesquire

    How long do we have to wait before someone makes a proper video game musical? Rhapsody is a good start, but where’s my Fiddler on the Roof FPS?

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