Square-Enix brings PSOne classics to Japanese PS Store (update: online now)

By Rolando . June 24, 2008 . 8:13pm


krelian.jpgSquare-Enix has been slow when it comes to offering many of their classic titles available for download via Virtual Console and Playstation Store. King's Story was a nice touch as was Actraiser, but what about their other classic titles? If you've been starving for some Square-Enix goodness, you might be interested in the following!

In an interview in this month's Dengeki Playstation magazine, Square-Enix has announced that they will (finally!) be committed to releasing classic games found in their extensive library, with 12 key titles taking stage. Of the 12, 6 of those titles will be available for download today in Japan (June 25th) at a nice price of 600 yen each! The titles are

  1. Xenogears (Square)
  2. Einhander (Square)
  3. Astronoka (Enix)
  4. Rakugaki Showtime (Enix)
  5. Raystorm (Taito)
  6. Fighters Impact (Taito)

I think I speak for most people when I say, "It's about time, Square-Enix!" Whether or not these titles will be joining the North America PSOne classics library is unknown at this time; and considering how weak the North American library of downloadable PSOne titles are, I'm sure those games won't be here anytime soon.

Importers, time to put some yen to good use!


< Spencer's note: The six games Rolando listed are online now. Xenogears is rated more severely under the CERO system in Japan than North America where it was rated T. >


Images courtesy of Square-Enix

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  • Josh

    Since there are only a total of 4 completely third-party PSOne games on the US PlayStation Store, I’m not going to hold my breath…

  • But we have Wild ARMs at least!1!11!



  • Aoshi00

    600 yen to play Xenogears on my PSP, I’m getting it right now!

  • laharsama

    I´ll get Einhander and Fighters Impact just because doesn´t need an extensive japanese training but Xenogear hope to see it in english sometime.

  • hppy

    I have a Japanese PSP1000 and live in the states. is there any way for me to download? Also do they have english language option or would i have to know japanese?

  • @hppy – Yes you can download the games, but you need to sign up for a Japanese PlayStation account and purchase Japanese store credit. You’re going to need to import PlayStation tickets if you don’t have a Japanese credit card. All of these steps require some Japanese literacy and since these are the Japanese versions of the games they will be in Japanese. Hope this helps!

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