Castlevania Judgment takes a bite out of Nintendo Wi-Fi

By Spencer . July 1, 2008 . 11:41am

cj1.jpgWe mentioned Castlevania Judgment first, but never expected it to be a fighting game for the Wii. In Castlevania Judgment players use the Wii remote to slash and more likely whip their way to victory this fall. The stages will be populated with other elements such as monsters, traps set by other vampire hunters, and additional weapons. Since Castlevania Judgment is a 3D fighting game it sounds like something you want to play with another human. Online play on Nintendo Wi-Fi fills the void when no one is around.


As rumored, Castlevania: Order of Ecclesia connects with Castlevania Judgment to unlock unannounced content. Collect them all!


Images courtesy of Konami.

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  • piry

    Another 3D game?? Hmmm Fighting? Im sticking with the DS games. GOOD LUCK konami. I love the series since it came out in the NES and whatelse I can expect!

  • Chow

    Good god. They’ll probably make you waggle the nunchuk to jump or something weird. -__-

  • seiya19

    It´s a bit weird…but I´m definitely interested. It´s ridiculous how much hate the game is getting on the internet, even before getting released… Yes, I know most Castlevania fans don´t like anything on the series that´s not 2D “metroidvania”, but at least we should judge (pun intended, sorry…) the game after it´s released, not before. You never know…the game could be an innovating fighting game that´s worthy on it´s own merits. We´ll see…

    Besides, I don´t think it would make much sense that Konami released 2 2D side-scroller games at the same time…and the other option, a 3D adventure/RPG game, it´s not acceptable for most fans either.

    I think it´s just a matter of time for Konami to release a 3D adventure game anyway, and for a 2D game, there´s the DS game for now. I also hope to see a 2D game on a home console, but I don´t think this game has anything to do with that decision.

  • ryne11

    I am personally sick of the same 2d Medroidvania they have been releasing since SotN.

    This will be a nice breath of fresh air, provided it doesn’t suck

  • Reign1770

    WTF!? hmmmmm, we will see. It better have online matches though.

  • Gringo 2K8

    Depending on the variaty of the environments and the movesets this could get interesting.
    After readin about the SWTFU’s vs mode gameplay, 3D fightin with motion sensing is gettin there. So, this one adds online and hopelly some missions. will keep an eye on it ;)

  • Come on Igarashi, this is such a bad way to tarnish the Castlevania name. In a recent interview he was saying “Oh I’m a bit worried about 3D because we’ve never had success there” and then they go and make this!? Your field of expertise is in platform action games, not fighting games…when has Konami EVER made a fighting game that was any good? This reminds me of the “we must create a fighting game like street fighter” phase of the Super Nintendo days, when every single developer made a 2D fighter hoping to cash in on the genre…of course they were 99% appalling. Companies should realize by now that good fighting games are made by established developers with decades of experience like Namco and Capcom…leave it to the pros!

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