Chrono Trigger DS looks a lot like Chrono Trigger

By Spencer . July 6, 2008 . 2:54pm

Thirteen years and Chrono Trigger hasn’t changed graphically. I’m happy with the original, but if you were expecting anything other than the original sprites you won’t see it here. Chrono Trigger on the Nintendo DS uses the same concept art and sprites from the Super Nintendo version there isn’t anything gawk at in the clip. The announced new features, an extra dungeon and wireless play for up to four players, have not been outlined in detail. Hmm… Chrono Trigger only has three characters in a party. So the wireless play is probably not going to be wireless team battles.




Images courtesy of Square Enix.

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  • EvilAkito

    Now we know why it’s not on the Virtual Console.

  • Pen15surunaiyo

    Yes, looks like it’ll be a good port. I’m curious to what the wireless play will be… CHRONO TRIGGAAA

  • Ark

    I’m pretty disappointed that it’s just a port, I would’ve loved to have seen a FF4DS-esque makeover with some new abilities and stuff. I played this game to death and over again on the SNES so I’ll need a good reason to buy this again.

    I’m really happy that everyone who never got a chance to play this classic game will be able to do so now, though.

  • If it sells, there will be a sequel.

  • laharsama

    The PSone version was cool with all those anime CGs but loads times were horribles. God bless NDS cards

  • Aoshi00

    As much as I want to see new upgrades, I don’t really want it go 3-D like FFIV, the big heads and pointy feet just seem weird after a while. As long as it’s a good port w/ some fun stylus control, no loading times, and dual screens it should be good. Of course more bonus would be nice for extra incentives since most people who played this game have beaten it no less than dozen of times for the endings.

    Toriyama’s art was the best in the 90’s anyway, before the more simple stuffs he drew later on, I still wish they would do some snazzy illustrations for the new DS cover.

    Hearing the main theme still give me goosebumps, to this day I still remember the excitement of looking at the amazing screen shots in magazines before CT was released, the detailed sprites was revolutionary back in the days.

  • Aoshi00

    Also we would most likely get a new script like the FF remakes when it comes stateside, so at least it wouldn’t be entirely the same for the Eng. version. It would be cool if they throw in a “gallery” for all those awesome Toriyama illustrations too, or an mini-encyclopedia or something, perhaps wishful thinking.

  • If the Chrono Trigger remake went the FFIVr route, there’d probably be more complaints about the decision than actual praise. To this day, Chrono Trigger looks amazing; so I can kind of see why Square-Enix decided to just “remaster” the game.

    It would have been interesting to see it remade, though. They could have always gone the Tales of Innocence route and include a visual filter option that made the game’s models look cel-shaded.

  • thaKingRocka

    i’m all for a straight port. i never got to play the game way back when, and i don’t really think anyone should release a redux without also packaging in a port of the original in as pure a form as possible. given the choice between redux and straight port, i’d choose a port every time.

  • DKong

    ThaKingRocka- Yep, I agree completely with everything you said.

  • thaKingRocka

    this may be an internet first!

  • The DS is a great platform for all the remakes of older games like this one and Castlevania.

  • Janus

    LOL! They even used the same original commercial……la-zy.

  • Tom

    Well I’m thanking the heavens that it’s not a FFIII/IV-esque remake, but I would’ve liked small upgrades like DQIV DS or SO:SE PSP.

  • Maxemillian

    Happy this is comming out. I hope it will heve the anime cutsenes from the PSX port as well, who knows. This explains why SquareEnix said that the FF series and Secret of mana would not be hitting the VC last year. *crosses fingers for Secret of Mana DS*

  • LittleOni

    Awesome. Now I can sell my SNES cart. Now gimme Secret of Evermore and Earthbound… and Super Mario RPG would be sweet.

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