Mostly Sigma Harmonics animated cutscenes

By Spencer . July 10, 2008 . 8:34am

I’m not entirely sure how combat in Sigma Harmonics works. It has something to do with dragging cards and attacking floating poker chips with flares. Not the spell, the breakdancing/gymnastics move. Neon Tsukiyumi, the character before the deadly dancer, appears to wield giant clock arms and cast fire spells. Neon is also seen in the beginning of the trailer with Sigma. In the end… well, you’ll see.




Square Enix can’t reveal the death of a playable character so soon. No one's going to level up Neon in combat now. If there was only some way for Sigma to change the past…


Images courtesy of Square Enix.

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  • byrc

    I just peed my pants.

    With World Ends With you and Sigma Harmonics my perception of Square has totally changed.

    I hope if there is English version they keep the song at least. Knowing Square they will dub the voices in english :(

    Don’t they dare remove Aya Hirano’s song :(

    BTW, what are people’s guess of the chance of this game coming to America.

  • ethelred

    BTW, what are people’s guess of the chance of this game coming to America.


    First problem: English isn’t written vertically.

  • byrc


    You make me cry

  • Chuck

    Totally unrelated to this but 1up spilled the beans on x-seed’s first announcement: can you tell anything about the next?

  • byrc

    Should I spill the beans here:

    KORG DS-10!!!!!

    I’m not a music guy so I actually have very little interest in it, but damn did I not see this coming.

    Now Spencer needs let us know what the next one is.

  • anno

    wow. It’s square we are talking about, not some obscure RPG developer. Of course they will bring it here.

  • @Chuck / byrc – That’s not either of the “secrets” I’m thinking of, but it is on Xseed’s E3 line up, but since we’re so close to the announcement the games I am thinking of are DS titles and neither of them have anything to do with previous relationships. There is a Wii game on the list I think people will be excited about too….

  • byrc

    pffffffffff….wii game?

    Yeah I’m saying that because I don’t have a wii. Sure I can afford one and find one (there tons at my local wal-mart), but I just have little interest in it. However Tales of Symphonia 2, the unamed Tales of wii game, and Arc Fantasia, is making me want a wii. Goddamn it, its the gamecube phenomenon all over again.

  • Whorl

    Wow. The battles look awesome.

  • Aoshi00

    Really not sure how the game plays, but this would be my 2nd game holding the DS vertically ever since Hotel Dusk. But anything w/ the Taishou-esque era intrigues me.

    Hirano Aya (Neon who also sings this song) is really amazing though, haven’t seen such a talented young seiyuu in a long time.

    And w/ World Destruction, some many good games on the DS…

  • EvilAkito

    Anyone notice the annoying trend with analysts and major game publications always predicting (and hoping) that Nintendo will announce a new handheld at E3? Well, I think they’re nuts. I’m so overwhelmed with how many awesome looking DS games are on the horizon that I’d probably be satisfied if it got at least another three years on the market. New generations of gaming hardware always cause a drought in worthwhile game releases, and DS’s current momentum is a good thing that should not, under any circumstances, be interrupted.

    That’s basically my long-winded way of saying Sigma Harmonics looks friggin’ awesome.

  • Pedro Silva

    byrc except wii isn’t a GC, it’s the market leader now, and it should start getting RPG’s like mad. unless developers are stupid.

  • Pedro Silva

    Oh yeah, I’ll purchase this.

  • byrc

    Market leader for what? Kiddie games and shovelware?

    Hardcore rpgs are are not nintendo’s plan on the wii.

    They’ve foresaken the core market and have very little respect and support for third party developers.

    Yes the wii is a gamecube. The same type of games that were on the gamecube are on the wii. The difference now is the the type of people who play games now (casual gamers).

    You can talk about sale numbers all you want, doesn’t change the fact that wii is still just a gamecube in disguise sofware-wise. No, I don’t care about the graphics, the issue is that 3rd party support is crap on the wii, and if nintendo doesn’t change their tune the core market is going to forget about them.

    I love the DS and I love the 3rd party support the DS has, but wii is horrible. Just look the games that are on the wii…disgusting

  • Pedro Silva

    byrc what about DS, and how was DS looking when it had the same time as Wii has in the market?

    Exactly. And no, the console is not just for “kiddie games and shovelware” proof is everything, even Nintendo’s software is selling faster. and third party’s are selling, they have to step up instead of that “separation’ist” crap. No such thing as a casual console. Even if they wanted to ignore it because they have the big bucks invested on HD’s. They’ll have to come down to it, if things continue going like they are.

    Unless… they’re completely stupid.

  • Pedro Silva

    ^ but also, that “third party support” is up to the third party’s, so it’s not Nintendo that has to change their tune, it’s the third party’s playing dumb still.

  • Soriku

    Hopefully they will keep the song… In The World Ends With You they kept the japanese song so its a good possibility they will do the same with this game too.

  • Pedro Silva

    ^ hope so. I must say that this is the square game I’m most hyped for

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