Is this a subtitle for Chrono Trigger DS or a sign of a new Chrono game?

By Spencer . July 23, 2008 . 9:59am


During E3 Square Enix trademarked Echoes of Time. Since the DS port of Chrono Trigger has been out of the bag for weeks this trademark could be a subtitle to the remake we already know about. Chrono Trigger: Echoes of Time sounds much better than Chrono Trigger DS. On the other hand, Square Enix never said Chrono Trigger was a temporary title. Publishers typically note these details to prepare everyone for a name change. When Star Ocean 4 was announced in Japan it was clearly labeled as a temporary title.


Square Enix may have plans on revitalizing the Chrono brand with a strategy similar to Valkyrie Profile. A port of the PsOne game came out on the PSP first and was quickly followed up with a proper sequel in the same year. I’m not saying Square Enix is going to release a brand new Chrono game this year, but it's a no brainer that they have plans on expanding the franchise. This trademark might be a pre-emptive clue or not. You decide.


Images courtesy of Square Enix.

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  • Pedro Silva

    hopefully for the wii

  • Al

    Hopefully better than Chrono Cross. (Not that it was a bad game, just unimpressive compared to the original.)

  • Pedro Silva

    I disagree, Chrono Cross was as good as the original, IMO.

    Different yes, but that only gives it more value for me.

  • FoliathR

    Echoes of Time… It’s probably the subtitle. It sounds too much like they’re telling us CTDS is an ‘echo’ of the original… Hope there’s a new one, and that they let Matrix handle the developing.

  • Pedro Silva

    matrix? that would mean the platform is DS. Besides Matrix is two busy with winds of nostalgia and avalon code right now

  • Chow

    I would’ve expected them to make a subtitle involving a D and an S, sort of like Resident Evil: Deadly Silence.

  • If you think about it, E and T are both the letters after S and S (respectively). Something to think about.

  • seiya19

    Yes, I also think that it sounds more like a subtitle for the DS version rather than a new game. I think that a new game would probably be called “Chrono …” to combine with the rest.

    I´m still hoping of course that we get a new game…preferably for the Wii or DS…and made by most (if not all) of the original developers. And if it´s for the DS, I would prefer a sprite-based game with similar style to Trigger over a 3D one (not that Square-Enix 3D games on the DS look bad though).

    Personally, I liked Cross and I think it´s an excellent game in it´s own merits. While I prefer Trigger, I wasn´t dissapointed with it, and I don´t think it´s fair to compare them (specially because of having some different developers). I see it more as a “spiritual successor” than a full sequel, and I wasn´t expecting it to be as good as Trigger. And maybe Trigger shouldn´t even have a complete sequel…just spiritual successors.

  • Aoshi00

    As much as I long for a proper sequel (I didn’t like Chrono Cross that much either..), it kind of sound like a subtitle, so I’m not getting my hopes up.

    I hope they would have Toriyama reprise as the char design if there ever is one like the DQ tradition, Yuki Nobuteru (Cross, Lodoss War, Escaflowne)’s design just gets weirder and weirder as time goes, namely the unnaturally long Pinocchio noses…

  • Paul

    If they do decide to make a sequel, I hope they make it for 360 and I hope they make it with Akira Toriyama. Chrono Cross was a good game, but it was missing the fantastic Toriyama art style. I would even be up for a 16-bit sequel on XBLA. :)

  • Pedro Silva

    ^ except x360 doesn’t sell in japan and all the game it’s been getting where moneyhatted.

    it’s time for them to step up elsewhere, and chrono isn’t even expected to sell like a FF game, thus might not justify such a high budget.

  • Jackie

    I bet its the US name for Sigma Harmonics

  • Paul

    I hate the term money hat. Square-Enix saw other multi platform games selling, and decided to make one of their most popular games a multi platform release. More money for SE.

  • Connor

    I dunno, they also added subtitles onto DQ4-6, so this is probably just the same thing.

  • Andrew

    Money hat is a stupid term. Games simply are more expensive to make these days. That’s why companies are putting out multi-platform releases (GTA, RE, FF to name a few) more than ever before. It’s a business…

    Also, Yuji Horii has already said that everything he wants to do, he can do in a Dragon Quest game. He’s said there’s no real need to make a sequel to CT. I disagree completely, but that’s Horii.

  • SuckMyDragonBallz

    Hopefuly I will be something fresh and revolutionary like CHRONO CROSS. **** the Trigger fanboys, the last thing the series needs is Dragon-Ball-Z-like storylines involving the same cast against more and more of the samey enemies. What we need is innovation. A new cast. And a story which looks totally unrelated to its predecessor on the surface but which in fact is deeply rooted in the planet/Lavos struggle. TRIGGER 2 NO, CHRONO SEQUEL YES.

  • Lex

    Maybe Echoes of Time is a compilation title, like the “compilation of FF7,” string of Mana games, FF13’s “Fabula Nova Crystallis,” the many Kingdom Hearts games, and “Ivalice Alliance”. I wouldnt be surprised if they were making 3 chrono games at once… Wii… PSP… Cellphone… its possible.

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