So Melty Blood: Actress Again has multiple fighting styles

By Spencer . August 8, 2008 . 3:01pm

Ecole is seriously revising Melty Blood: Actress Again by giving every character a choice between three fighting styles: Crescent Moon, Full Moon, and Half Moon. This demonstration video showcases some of the moves each style gives, but I can’t quite tell what the difference is between the three. Riesbyfe, one of the new characters, appears to have a longer combo in Crescent Moon form and short, but powerful attacks when Full Moon is selected. Considering the amount of changes I expect someone (Sega?) to publish a console version in Japan, but that won’t happen until the distant future. Melty Blood: Actress Again won’t hit arcade in Japan until later this year.




Images courtesy of Sega.

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  • They are taking a Street Fighter Alpha 3 approach, neat! I still Haven’t played any of the games in the series. I Do plan on checking it out at some point though.

  • I’m really looking foreward to this title. They should go ahead and make this Melty Blood 2, it has all new art work and a system that completely changes gameplay.

    Other than the new characters the spirits are the same, but overall it feels like a sequal to me.

  • seiya19

    I haven´t played the PS2 one much yet, but I liked it. I´m definitely interested in this one, as well as with other japanese fighting games coming (great year for these…). I´m becoming a fan of Type-Moon´s designs as well… I need to see Fate/Stay Night whenever I can.

  • QBasic

    Spencer, it’s actually quite simple what each “style” does.

    In every MB game, there are three attack buttons; weak, medium, and strong. Pressing down – forward – strong will unleash a character’s special attack, for example. (Naturally, there are many more variations…) However, by inputting the same command albeit using a weak or medium attack, it’ll unleash a similar, but far weaker “pseudo-special.” This almost-specials, you could say, are key in stringing combos together and juggling enemies.

    The “style changes”, apparently all they do is swap a character’s specials. As such, the lower-based attacks are influence, and fighting and combo styles drastically influenced.

    It’s a simple swap, yet incredibly deep.

  • JustAPassByer

    Kind of hard to call it incredibly deep new system when the game itself is rather shallow in the first place. Don’t expect much out of this one.

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