PS2 owners get one last taste of Dragon Ball Z this November

By Spencer . August 20, 2008 . 11:00am


Atari and Namco Bandai are moving past the seemingly endless series of Dragon Ball Z: Budokai games with one final release, Dragon Ball Z: Infinite World. The swan song includes foot racing. For the first time in a Dragon Ball Z video game players will race on Snake Road in one of the new Dragon Missions. From other screenshots it appears the Dragon Missions are actually mini games since one screenshot has Goku grabbing a monkey and another has Tien charging his energy.




Dragon Ball Z: Infinite World is still a fighting game and it borrows the fighting system from the Dragon Ball Z: Burst Limit (read: the PS3/Xbox 360 DBZ game). However, Dragon Ball Z: Infinite World has significantly more characters. Over 40 characters are considered by Atari to be unique. This number doesn’t include transformations either. After releasing nine Dragon Ball Z games for the PlayStation 2 the series will move on to other consoles, permanently, when Dragon Ball Z: Infinite World comes out in November. Who is expecting this to get a Wii port half a year after it comes out?




Images courtesy of Namco Bandai.

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  • I do really hope they take this to the Nintendo Wii and that they do differences on it to, like better graphics and mabey bonus characters and stages.

  • Aoshi00

    The minigames based on the main story’s scenarios are pretty cool, I have always wanted to be in Tenshinhan’s shoes when he does the fatally dangerous Shin Kikouho to delay Cell.

    Actually the Snake Way has been done in other NES DBZ RPGs, except one only gets to walk on a grid map. The new Harakanaru Densetsu on the DS was extremely boring though.

    It would’ve been nice if these features were in Burst Limit. While the graphics was good (except w/ horrible repetitive animation), it felt half hearted at best. How could the Namek saga only have Recoom, Capt Ginyu, and Freeza.. quite a let down. And Android No. 18 fought Vegeta on a barren field instead of the highway, way too many errors to count..

    The only DB game I’m only forward to is the new DS one w/ young Goku.

  • seiya19

    I´m definitely interested, as in all other DB games…

    As for the Wii, I don´t know if I want the game to be ported… Depending on how it´s done, it could be worth it, but maybe the effort is better placed on a new Sparking game exclusive for Wii (for example).

    I hope that the PS2 also gets at least one more Naruto and Saint Seiya eventually, specially the latter which left the Hades saga unfinished…(although it needs the rest of the OVAs for that) A new Captain Tsubasa would be great too.

    And where are the Sailor Moon games Bandai-Namco ?

  • Aoshi00

    @seiya19 — Despite being a huge Saint Seiya fan myself, I wish they won’t ever make another game. The two PS2 games were horrible to say the least :( Rotating the analog stick to get back up sounds like a good idea, but awful in execution, the btn mashing/prompt was ultra frustrating too since you almost always can’t win against the computer.

    Unfortunately the new games and late OVAs really stink up the Seiya legacy (subpar drawings, change of voice actors, Seiya voiced by Tidus/Bleach’s Ichigo is hardly Seiya, and Hades Shun not voiced by Vegeta..) The Famicom side-scroller/RPGs were a lot more fun, especially Golden Legend 2.

    As long as they can count on the fans eating up everything, they would keep churning out a slightly modified game every year. I lost count of how many Naruto and DB games there are and hardly follow anymore, but then I got suckered by Burst Limit, while not a bad game left much to be desired. Naruto Ninja Storm looks amazing, but then again it might just be eye-candy.. Quality anime games really are a rarity instead of the norm.

  • seiya19


    What can I say… I liked the games. I still haven´t played the Hades one much, but I did played the 1st one a lot. I´m aware of the criticism surrounding the games, but I don´t agree much with it.

    The mechanics for getting up were a good idea in my opinion (even if it made the battle a bit too long sometimes) and I didn´t mind the “special” mechanics. Beating the computer in them is possible most of the time for me (last battle and lack of experience in the “RPG” mode aside), and if I remember correctly, the system is affected by the times you had to get up (if any) and if you have the “7th sense”. I use the d-pad by the way….

    The 2nd one for the Famicom was good for me too (haven´t played the 1st one much), but I prefer the PS2 ones.

    My experience with anime games has been quite good for me. I´m obviously a bit biased towards them for being a fan, but I have found most of them to be at least decent, with several being much more. I would even claim that some of them have been really innovative, like the Captain Tsubasa ones on FC/SFC from Tecmo or the Sparking ones recently. I also think that have generally improved through time.

    As for the SS OVAs… Well, the first 13 ones were great to me, but yes, in the next 6 ones (Meikai Hen Zensho, which were the last ones I saw) the decrease in quality was really dissapointing (and I still don´t know how that happened). Despite this, I must say I still enjoyed them, and I´m interested in seeing the rest. I hope that the animation quality improves though…

    I didn´t like the change of voices either (and I didn´t know that about Seiya/Ichigo or Hades Shun/Vegeta), but I guess that it had to be done eventually due to the age of the seiyuu. It would´ve been great if at least the Hades saga finished with the original ones, but the dead of Hirotaka Suzuoki (Shiryu´s voice, may he rest in peace) would have prevented that anyway.

    PS: Glad to find another Saint Seiya fan… ^_^

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