Inazuma Eleven snags a second title

By Spencer . September 3, 2008 . 10:06am


The soccer RPG, Inazuma Eleven, hasn’t even been out for a month and Level 5 is already moving on the next game in the series. According to the Tokyo Game Show 2008 game list, a new Inazuma Eleven game is currently in development. While Inazuma Eleven is a Nintendo DS game it isn’t clear if “Inazuma Eleven New Work” will also be a handheld game. The platform is TBD and the title is clearly a temporary name too.


In addition to an Inazuma Eleven game Level 5 will also have Professor Layton: Saigo no Jikan Ryokou (Professor Layton and the Last Time Trip) at their booth.


Images courtesy of Level 5.

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  • wsippel

    The game was already announced a few months ago at a Level-5 press event. The full title is “Inazuma Eleven Break!”, and it’s Level-5’s first self-published console title.

  • seiya19

    Being a Captain Tsubasa fan and liking “soccer”, I´m interested in trying these games as well as seeing the anime. I don´t expect them to be as great as Tsubasa, but they could be great nonetheless.

    I also heard about Inazuma Eleven Break!…hopefully for the Wii…

    By the way, isn´t it strange that we haven´t heard about the 2nd Professor Layton game being localized yet ? The 1st one was released a year later in the US, and the 2nd one will reach a year of being released on November…

  • Spencer

    @wsippel – Ah good eye. It sounds like there is a good chance this “unannounced” Inazuma Eleven game has already been announced, but I wonder why Level 5 kept the name of the game underwrap since it’s out in the opern.

    @seiya19 – I’m sure the second Layton game is coming, but before that happens Level 5 needs to assist in localizing the game to European languages and now Korean. Nintendo is pretty much publishing the game in every region except Japan. So we should here more about it next year.

  • Pedro Silva

    yes, inazuma eleven break was said to be for the wii

  • seiya19


    Oh, I didn´t remember that an European release of the game is still pending…(as well as the Korean one, although those are more “irregular”). Then it makes sense that the 2nd one is not getting localized yet.

    By the way, on an off-topic subject… Have you heard about Shining Force Feather and Atelier Annie, both for DS ? And Naruto EX 3 for Wii ? I´m asking just in case you haven´t heard of them yet, because I just found out about them.

    @Pedro Silva

    It would make sense, but the platform wasn´t announced yet… It´s just speculation so far.

  • Aoshi00

    @seiya19 – Like you I’m very interested in Inazuma Eleven being a huge Captain Tsubasa fan, though I doubt it would be as good as the classic (the last soccer anime “Whistle!” blows). I tried the demo that’s on Layton 2 though, found it a little chaotic to dribble and pass the ball on the small touch screen (like Mario Hoops 3 on 3), so I’m on the fence. But I’m excited about the anime, good sports anime are hard to come by.

    Nice to hear a console version being on the Wii too since I like Eyeshield 21.

    And I can’t wait till Layton 3 comes out, I have to say the tiny English font was much harder to read compared to Jpn, made my eyes tired and have to put down the game after every couple puzzles.

  • Pedro Silva

    @ seiya19

    Indeed, just with this rumor we’d be clueless, but then there’s this:


    Still, from Level-5 on the Wii I’d rather have stuff like White Knight Story or Dragon Quest. If they can deliver that and this though, I’ll be happy.

  • Spencer

    @seiya19 – Yeah I’m aware of those games, but I’m waiting for official confirmation from like publishers before positing anything to avoid spreading heresy or anything like that.

  • seiya19


    Yay, another anime we have in common…

    I haven´t heard of Whistle! before, but now I´m interested in seeing it… After not liking much the style of the last Tsubasa anime, I´m a bit wary about these, but I´m still hoping to find a new worthy one, even if it´s not in the same style of Tsubasa or as good. I have also yet to see Hungry Heart and Aoki Densetsu Shoot though (or even Prince of Tennis), although I think the former has a similar style to the 2002 Tsubasa anime…

    So, you didn´t like much the gameplay of the game ? I´m curious to know how the RPG elements work in the game, specially after so many Tsubasa games that have tried several different approaches…

    @Pedro Silva

    I didn´t know that… It certainly increases the chances of this game being on Wii. Thanks for posting it. And well, I´m sure Level-5 will release more than just one game for Wii, specially after seeing that. Dragon Quest X is clearly a possibility… although that´s S-E´s decision.


    Well, I can understand that, although there´s some scans from Famitsu already (on Gamekyo for example). I also saw some Naruto EX3 scans from the latest Shonen Jump, although not with the best quality…

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