Shining Force Feather blends tactical combat with flashy action

By Spencer . September 8, 2008 . 11:50am

sff Sega is blending Shining Force’s strategy RPG roots with the recent wave of Shining Force action RPGs on the PlayStation 2. Shining Force Feather contains elements of both styles in combat. You freely move units without worrying about a grid. During the attacking phase you hit the four face buttons to do different attacks which sounds similar to the control scheme implemented in Xenogears. Classic Shining Force this isn’t, but it’s good to see Sega has some ideas to separate Shining Force Feather from the multitude of portable strategy RPGs on the market.




Japan gets Shining Force Feather in spring 2009 and Sega is hyping up their collaboration with Noizi Ito, one of the artists famous for the Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya. She designed Alfeen, the female on the right. Pako, who worked on the PS2 Shining Force games, made Jin who looks like he stepped out of Shining Force EXA. Actually, Sega isn’t developing Shining Force Feather. Flight Plan, the team behind Summon Night and Eternal Poison, is the developer.


Images courtesy of Sega.

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  • jarrod

    Flight Plan makes a logical partner, though I’d really like to see a more “traditional” Shining Force with turn/grid based battles and a more retro aesthetic. It really is a shame they can’t mend fences with Camelot.

    For reference though, Sega’s never developed a Shining game inhouse. At least no dedicated console/handheld iterations, though I’m not sure about mobile titles?

  • Mazen

    Well the people at Camelot were with Sega before forming Camelot as Sonic Software Planing then Takahashi bros and some others left, if you checked their are names in the staff in Shining Force 2,3 from Sonic team,
    Sega should release SF3 all scenarios in the DS I feel it could sell better than this game.

  • jarrod

    Sonic Co. wasn’t integrated into SEGA’s R&D structure, it wasn’t ever owned by Sega and the Takahashi brothers weren’t ever Sega employees… it’s always been a separate company, and originally Camelot was simply another brand for them (under which the same staff developed games for Sony and Nintendo). With Shining Force III they started using just the Camelot brand.

    Originally Sonic Co was actually just the Takahashi brothers as well, and they worked with Climax (of LandStalker fame). It wasn’t until they started making Game Gear games that Sonic Co. expanded and started hiring their own staff, none of which came from Sega (they mostly came from Telenet actually). Sonic Co. and Sonic Team were entirely different companies with basically no formal ties or shared staff.

    Anyway, a quick Shining series developer rundown…

    Sonic Co. & Climax Entertainment
    -Shining in the Darkness (MD) 1991
    -Shining Force (MD) 1992

    Sonic Co./Camelot Software Planning
    -Shining Force Gaiden (GG) 1992
    -Shining Force Gaiden II/The Sword of Hajya (GG) 1993
    -Shining Force II (MD) 1993
    -Shining Force CD (MD) 1994
    -Shining Force Gaiden: Final Conflict (GG) 1995
    -Shining Wisdom (SS) 1995
    -Shining the Holy Ark (SS) 1996
    -Shining Force III: Scenario 1 (SS) 1997
    -Shining Force III: Scenario 2 (SS) 1998
    -Shining Force III: Scenario 3 (SS) 1998
    -Shining Force III: Premium Disc (SS) 1998

    Nextech & Grasshopper Manufacture
    -Shining Soul (GBA) 2002
    -Shining Soul II (GBA) 2003

    Climax Entertainment
    -Shining Force: Resurrection of the Dark Dragon (GBA) 2004

    Nextech/NEX Entertainment
    -Shining Tears (PS2) 2004
    -Shining Wind (PS2) 2007

    Neverland Co.
    -Shining Force NEO (PS2) 2005
    -Shining Force EXA (PS2) 2007

    -Shining Force Feather (DS) 2009

  • Even though I’m pumped for the new tactical shining force game, I would like to see one done in the original style. It’s not really that difficult to do.

  • ecco6t9

    I also wouldn’t mind seeing Camelot return to Shining Force.

  • Joanna

    i also would like to see a retro style shining force (or a remake). but i’m still open to this game. it sounds good, just not the shining experience i wanted.

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