A New Metal Gear Solid Game "Exists" (Update 2)

By Spencer . September 19, 2008 . 1:19am

mgse Solid Snake’s story is finished, but that doesn’t mean Konami is going to seal the Metal Gear Solid franchise in an early grave. The first sign of a new Metal Gear Solid game comes from the Japanese Trademark database where Konami registered Metal Gear Existence with the boring image on the right. It’s made to be used with video games so it’s likely, very likely, the name of a future Metal Gear Solid game. Going by the title alone it sounds like we’re going to visit the existence – or origins of the Metal Gear Solid franchise. So, will this be another game starring Big Boss? Let the wild pre-Tokyo Game Show speculation begin!


Update: Konami also registered “Existence” alone, without a link back to Metal Gear Solid in the USPTO on August 11. “Guns of the Patriots”, Metal Gear Solid 4’s subtitle, was also registered separately.



Update 2: As I explained before the source is the Japanese Trademark Database do a search there and you will see that Konami registered the trademark for Metal Gear Existence on August 1, 2008. Ten days later Konami USA registered “Existence” in the USA. Yes, Metal Gear Solid 3: Subsistence came with a disc 3 called Existence, but that came out in 2005 (Japan) and 2006 (USA). These trademarks were registered in 2008.

Images courtesy of Konami.

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  • I’m betting it’s the director’s cut of MGS4.

  • Kijof

    PSP again?

  • Aoshi00

    Didn’t they alrdy use the word “Existence” for MGS3 Subsistence’s movie disc? If there’s any new content for MGS4, I hope it would be in the form of D/L, like the various camouflage and ipod tracks. I hope it’s a console game instead of another weird PSP game.

  • Spencer

    @Aoshi00 – You’re right about that. It’s been used, but this is slightly difference since it’s not MGS 3: Existence or MGS 4: Existence. It’s simply MGS: Existence.

  • Awesome, I guess.

    I’m presuming it will be a PS3 title, but wasn’t there a rumoured wii title (that was MG and not MGS)?

    Hopefully there will be some MG love at TGS, with this, and anther Ac!d and Portable Ops titles for PSP.

  • Laexerias

    I want a new MGS so badly, dont know why. :D

  • Finally the Wii port of MGS :D

    Just kidding! I really hope its for PSP! Wooohoooooo!!

  • wohdin

    So… it’s pretty much assured that it’s not a re-release of MGS4 along the same vein as Integral/Substance/Subsistence? I mean, that was my first thought… and at the moment, the only thing I can really imagine it being. I don’t think that an entirely new MGS title will even make it past the initial stages for a while now…

    @Laexerias: maybe because MGS is awesome? ;З

  • Swindleton

    I agree with the idea of an expanded GotP, they’ve done it with every game so far, though if it is a new game, I’d be hoping for a remake of Metal Gear 1 and 2. Right?

  • Zar

    Metal Gear Solid 3 Subsistence Disk 3 is entiled Existence

    which is why it was registered

  • Jason

    1. If you’re gonna post something like this, AT LEAST GIVE A SOURCE TO YOUR FINDINGS!

    2. Existence has already been used for MGS3’s limited edition “Theater Disc”. I should know, I have it. -_-

    Here’s your “Existence”, buddy.

  • QBasic


    He’s already pointed those things out…so, there’s really no need to be a douchebag about it…

    If it isn’t offending you, and if it isn’t taking anything away from you, then you have no reason to be pissed off. :) So chill the fook out!

  • I wouldn’t be that surprised if it is the long rumored PC/Xbox version, but I also wouldn’t be surprised either if is still a long way to go. (maybe even for the next xbox, pc generation?)

    I dont think is the PSP version, theres already 3 PSP Metal gear solid games.

    btw Is not the MGS3 subsistence disc set since it was released in 2008 (this year)

  • Zar

    it could be a re copy write of Mgs3 Existence?
    whats the copy write length theese days?

  • Razz

    I really really hope it’s a remake of Metal Gear and Metal Gear 2: Solid Snake from NES and MSX. I’d love to see cinematic play, voice-over, and the relationship between Big Boss and Solid. It’d be the best thing to do next!

    How can you tell the fans Snake beat Big Boss twice prior to MGS4 without giving them the chance to live (or relive, for some) those experiences and that part of the story and saga?

  • Heirdeux

    Maybe it’s a remake of the NES games Metal Gear and Metal Gear 2: Solid Snake

  • This is mega-great news for fans just like me. I wonder if the next game will be a prequel, or we’ll see a new character. Personally I don’t see Metal Gear Solid without Snake. Snake is MGS!!!

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