Arc Rise Fantasia Rising To North American Release

By Spencer . October 9, 2008 . 3:25pm

Marvelous and Xseed are teaming up again to bring Flower, Sun, and Rain and Arc Rise Fantasia in North America 2009. I tried out the battle portion yesterday and similar to Tales of Symphonia there aren’t any random battles. Enemies appear on the screen. You choose who or what you want to fight. I ended up fighting a lot of tiny birds since they were the staple enemy in the zone. Walk up to an enemy and you start the battle with a fair amount of action points (AP) used to determine actions for all three party members. If you try to flee and get caught you start out with less AP which gives the monsters an edge in the first round.


Time freezes during battle and you get to pick all of the commands for your party members. Spend all of your AP on L’arc and he does a tandem attack, a five or six hit combo in the demo. Alternatively you can split up your AP to take advantage of Ryfia’s area affecting water spell or have her heal while another party member steals. The combat system maximizes versatility and I liked that. However, there are some elements not well explained like elemental shields. Ryfia can summon a water shell that increases resistance to water, but this was useless in the Tokyo Game Show demo. Also, the turn order on the bottom right isn’t shown in advance. It appears after everyone takes there turns so it’s more like an order of what attack you’re going to see next than something you can strategically use.


We’ll be talking more about Arc Rise Fantasia and Imageepoch soon… ;)


Images courtesy of Marvelous Entertainment.

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  • Simon

    yes yes yes yes!!! yay good RPG for the wii

  • jeffx

    Day O-N-E

    please ask about keeping JPN dub in NA release.

  • lostinblue

    all developers should be doing this on the Wii, I don’t know what Square-Enix is doing for instance, porting DS titles for the Wii lol. I hope Marvelous and image epooch grow while square-enix is too busy being stupid. These developers deserve to, at least.

    TGS is being full of win due to marvelous alone, I mean, I want to hug these guys.

    And yeah, ask about keeping the original voice-overs

  • QBasic

    Flower, Sun, and Rain? Niiice. What with Desperate Struggle recently announced, it looks it might be Suda’s time to shine overseas.

  • Hayden

    Yay on Flower Sun but boo on no US confirmation for Lux Pain. The early vibe on Time Hollow seems strong enough that I’d love to see it here too.

    And….so we have yet to hear what NISA’s ‘secret’ US title is? Given when they hinted the title would be announced I was kinda hoping for word coming out of TGS.

  • lostinblue

    Hmmm… what NISA title? (haven’t been following it, I guess)

    Any hint?

  • Kijof

    Great title from Marvelous, Wii more and more is getting better 3rd parties titles.

  • Hayden

    @ lostinblue

    I know this isn’t a NIS article but it seemed a place to ask if anything had been announced at TGS.

    Over the summer, here and several sites announced that at the NISA media day, mention was made of 2 titles they were not making public at that time. One became AR Tonelico II, but the other (which was to be announced in Oct.-Nov.) was described as a series that had been in JP for ‘generations’ and would make their fans ‘happy’. Various posting board discussions had gone all kinds of places including the recent PSP port of Sakura Taisen I-II. Although I’d jump for joy over that one, I’d also wondered if in considering Aquaplus games in their entirety could also mean Tears to Tiara.

  • jarrod

    MMV and XSEED are on fire. Marvelous especially is really going to capitalize on Square Enix’s Wii negligence imo… though actually, I’m also kinda surprised how good Capcom and Namco’s Wii lineups are suddenly looking.

  • lostinblue

    Jarrod, yes, and they deserve to. And IMO, their products are more interesting than Square-enix HD offerings too, at least when speaking of Final Fantasy with Nomura on the helm (again, IMO)

    Capcom line-up looking good though? MH3 looks ace, yes… Capcom vs tatsunoko looks like a engine they should be using for Street Fighter IV Wii (and still a lesser deal as is, since it’ll be hard for it to come out of japan and… well, it’s not SFIV) And Dead Rising? horrible.

    Namco has a few things coming though, as they should, I certainly hope Team Symphonia’s next project is for the Wii though (and doubt it)

    XSeed/Marvelous (uniting the two, since they’re together for the US market) must be currently my favorite publisher, I mean, XSEED is building up one hell of a line-up as is Marvelous, and they do stand by quality, something even atlus is flunking judging from some X360 RPG’s they aparently chose to bring (I’m actually not informed to judge on this, I heard they were games with low quality though)

    Also a shame that atlus give the Wii no real support after trauma center’s sold so well.

  • jarrod


    I dunno, I think MH3, TatsuCap and Dead Rising are a pretty impressive JP commitment. It’s arguably dramatically better than their HD lineup honestly (SF4 & BH5) at least from a Japanese perspective and better than I expected from Capcom.

    Namco’s really impressing me though… Klonoa, Sky Crawlers, We Ski & Snowboard, Fragile, Mojipittan DLX and a new mainline Tales? That’s an excellent lineup, probably the best of any of the major JP publishers much less most developers.

  • lostinblue

    jarrod, Dead Rising is looking to be pretty BAD :(

    Klonoa… my complaint has to be with the rounded shadows, wish they improved that, but I do hope they go for Klonoa 2 afterwards and then… Klonoa 3, finally! (new game, new game)

    MH3 is top of the line for Japan yes, but I don’t think at all dead rising tops RE5 nor do I think Capcom vs Tatsunoko trumps street fighter IV, the later is still a very valid attempt though… but dead rising is not (for me)

    Sky crawlers is amazing, I hope they do Ace Combat games next. Mojipittan DLX… sorry but I don’t know that one… We Ski and Snowboiard… kicks the living days out of that shaun white shovelboarding crap that looks like a cellphone game, for sure… and the mainline tales is the cherry on top.

    Fragile looks beutiful but needs more polish in combat though, and I’m not forgiving them for ToS2 being what it is just yet.

    There’s other thing “we” forget though, they also have Sword of Legendia coming, whatever it turns out, but it is RPG.

  • jeffx

    @lostinblue: I wouldn’t be surprised if the next SMT games are headed for the Wii, given the install base and the fact that Atlus R&D aren’t particularly interested with high-end HD graphics.

  • lostinblue

    Aparently (and stupidly) they’ve been hiring people for PS3/X360 development, so seriously, I’m willing to bet they’re kinda dumb at this point, and that SMT4 is heading there or something.

    So really, as much as I’d like to expect they’d have some brains in them… I’m not going to expect that given what they’re doing. (an unecessary move that will cost them a bunch of money next to a rather inexpensive alternative that let’s them use their existing tech and graphics they seemingly are content with… and should for their demographic)

    Also the fact that they’ve show no intentions whatsoever to also release Persona 4 here, or the new Devil Summoner is not only a lack of oportunism on their part, but also something supporting they aren’t doing a platform shift for it (doing it for these titles would make the team more familiar with the hardware)

    In short, again the leading platform is getting the short end of the stick when it really shouldn’t, even for Atlus own good.

    As for the Wii? probably nothing, they’re gonna continue publishing silly Sting ports and probably Sting’s rumored next game, Evolution 3 (Evolution worlds)… totally baffling to say the least.

  • Hero of legend


    I’m perfectly fine with an Evolution 3 (Worlds was a GC port of 1 & 2 on a single disc).

    In fact, it would be extra sweet if Atlus passed on it and XSEED swooped in and brought it over themselves! One more Wii RPG in their lineup! :D

    My concern is, does XSEED have too MUCH on their hands?

    They have like 6 Wii games in the pipeline, in an interview around the time they were founded, they only wanted to do like 4 games a year!

    Of course that was four years ago. :P

    I hope the quality of the localizations does’t suffer in the slightest! :(

  • lostinblue

    ^ I don’t think that’s at risk they have their quality standards and judging from Flower, Sun and Rain latest headlines I don’t think that they’re willing to lower it.

    As for Atlus… it bothers me that they’re not giving us the inhouse primary and preferential support they should. Seems one more of those moronic things were we can’t win in a win-win situation for us and atlus, due to their own extreme lack of vision. (blindness even)

  • jarrod

    Atlus has SMT games in development for both Wii and PS3(60), Kaneko basically said as much last year iirc. I’m more surprised we haven’t seen SMT on DS yet actually.

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