Falling Flat – Encountering Rhapsody’s DS Glitches

By Jenni . October 14, 2008 . 11:33am

Rhapsody: A Musical Adventure for the Nintendo DS has caused some heartbreak among fans not only because promised bonus content was not included, but also because the game itself isn’t working properly for some players. As I began my run-through, I decided to play it safe. I researched problems others were having to see if I could avoid/prevent them. I figured being informed would save my game – in short, I was naive and a little bit stupid.


My main worry would be that I would run into the Chapter 2 glitch that happens at Cornet and Etoile’s “Let’s Go On – Contest” sing-off. Apparently, a lot of people had received double black screens at that moment. I saved before hand and entered Cornet in the Miss Marl Kingdom Contest.


Nothing happened.


Well, that isn’t completely accurate. Stuff happened, but it was stuff that was supposed to happen. There was no glitch.


I was pleased, figured it was just an isolated problem with a few carts and DS units, and kept playing.


That is, until “Evil Queen.” Marjoly and her minions have a musical number shortly after “Let’s Go On – Contest”. The game was preparing that segment and suddenly both my screens went black.


Perhaps Marjoly’s evilness had somehow infected the cart and affected the inner workings, because I was experiencing the very same glitch so many others had reported – only delayed.


I turned off my DS. Thankfully, I had saved shortly before the musical number. I reloaded the save. The second time through, the story progressed as normal without any black screens.


So if you’re playing, save often. Save before any major events and battles, and right after any major events and battles. Also, perhaps keep a second, back-up save file.


The second glitch ended up happening almost without me noticing. Right after I found Billy, the third and final egg brother, I decided to go on their side quest. All puppets (except Kururu) have a side-quest in the game. If you accomplish a certain task, their soul will be reincarnated. The egg brothers Kid, Tell and Billy wanted to be heroes.


So I went to Mothergreen, talked to the tailor and his assistant and learned about the chimera in the Ancient Woods. I headed over there, with the three eggs in my main party, and defeated the monster. Kid, Tell and Billy were happy. They reincarnated and left me their puppets.


Then, as I was leaving the area, a random battle started. I decided to use the new attack from the egg brothers, to see how it looked.


It wasn’t there.


I beat the battle like normal and checked my inventory. When a puppet reincarnates, it leaves a “tie” item behind, that gives Cornet a new skill/magic attack. I had the TieWithTheSisters, TieWithThePopular, TheDragonFamily Tie and TieWithTheHellfire, but no tie item referring to the egg brothers.


So I reloaded my save, made before I triggered their sidequest. I got the Holystone and finished Koro’s sidequest. I then returned to Mothergreen to trigger the quest again. Beat the Chimera, checked my inventory and still no egg brothers skill or tie.


I then went and got the final Earthstone. Since I was nearing the chapter’s end (and was concerned that the egg brothers’ quest may be time sensitive), I went and completed the task. They reincarnated, and the ingrates left me nothing. I removed Kid, Tell and Billy from my party, condemned them to the bottom of the extra character list, and moved on with the game.


Rhapsody: A Musical Adventure DS is a fun game, but be prepared to save often and always check to see if your reincarnated puppets leave behind an item and skill for Cornet.


Images Courtesy of NIS America.

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  • Rob

    Ouch, this just keeps getting more and more unfortunate. I know the NISA staff have been out of the office and are only now just returning, but I hope there is some official word soon.

  • Daizyujin

    This is beginning to sound pretty bad for NISA. The one thing that I just don’t get though is how these types of problems are not caught before the game ships. Small bugs I can see, but these seem to be pretty major and pretty persistant.

  • Joanna

    I haven’t encounter any of these bugs, but I still have to do the egg brothers sidequest, so that may soon change.

  • Zhemos

    NISA totally rushed this game. I think they wanted to get it out along with the release of Disgaea DS, hoping people would pick it up too.

    Every game I own from NISA I consider high quality and well done.

    This is very uncharacteristic of NISA, a company that’s pretty much held together by It’s niche fan base. There’s probably gonna be a rough backlash on NISA for this unfortunate screw up.

  • Jenni

    It is a good game, and the glitches aren’t horrible. If you reload, the second or third time around you should be able to get past the point that originally glitched.

    Its just a shame that these problems keep popping up for Rhapsody DS.

    I agree with Zhemos on two counts though. I think that Rhapsody: A Musical Adventure for the DS was rushed, and that caused little things to slip past that normally wouldn’t. And second, this is very uncharacteristic of NISA. I own all of the NISA games released in the US except for GrimGrimoire, and this is the first problem I’ve ever had with one of their games.

    The black screen glitch is more of an annoyance than anything, since it isn’t happening to everyone and doesn’t seem to be a permanent thing. I think the egg brothers quest glitch is more disappointing.

  • Anon

    It’s so disappointing. All these glitches and more importantly the missing extra content.

    I really like NISA and have supported them from the beginning but this MUST be fixed.

    I think a recall is the only option right now. And they really need to put the bonus content back in and fix all the bugs. It’s the only way to really make up for this unfortunate situation.

    I’m a huge Marl Kingdom fan and to see the game getting such poor treatment is extremely depressing.

    I hope you guys at Siliconera can get some more info out if NISA since you seem to have contacts there.

  • I guess that’s what you call a cartridge of bad eggs!

  • R-1

    NISA has had these lax moments before. One time in Atelier Iris I got a menu option that was still in japanese that was asking me to do the life mana action tutorial since I missed the spirit mana and upgraded the water mana who had the same field action as the spirit mana.

  • I’m just angry that my copy (after finishing koro’s quest and JUST ABOUT TO START the chimera quest) said my save was corrupt and had to wipe it.

  • arollo

    I just beat Rhapsody, and was bummed out that there was no post-game bonus content. But did anyone else think that the inclusion of the English cast in the end credits was really weird? I thought that not getting the English songs was a bug.

    What’s going on with this game?

  • Joanna

    @ arollo: just more sloppiness from NISA.

    Now that I’ve gotten to the Egg Brothers Side Quest, I too am experiencing the glitch. I’ve tried twice, but they just won’t give me their item, “TieWithBrothers”. =(

  • Joanna

    And it really is sad, because Rhapsody deserved better treatment from NISA, it’s a charming game.

  • Bangomon

    I just got Whapsody this week and I have the Blank Screen Glitch right after the “Let’s Go On – Contest”. I played through it three times and kept the Glitch kept happening. Has anybody started the game over from the beginning with a fresh save file and experienced the glitch that time around?

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