Hands-On Shiren DS 2… Is It Easier Than The First DS Remake?

By Spencer . October 14, 2008 . 1:56pm

shiren Tokyo Game Show isn’t the best place to sit down with Mystery Dungeon Shiren the Wanderer DS 2: Demon Castle in the Desert since it’s a mutable experience determined by random dungeons and even more random item drops. This could be the result of blind luck or a simplified demo, but the first stage in Shiren DS 2 presented an abundance of items. And I’m not just talking about essential riceballs or recovery herbs. I was presented with multiple armbands, two cudgels, one sword, and two shields. Shiren was full equipped by the time he reached the second floor. The bountiful artillery let me get through a few floors without a problem.


If you played Mystery Dungeon: Shiren the Wanderer you should have an idea of what to expect. Like its predecessor Shiren DS 2 is a roguelike which means you make moves, enemies make moves, and don’t die because that means you’ll restart the game. There are some notable interface changes like a blue bar underneath Shiren’s HP gauge indicating his fullness level and an option to switch the top menu screen without going through the options menu. I liked this feature a lot since you can use the top screen as a map and then quickly change it to the text summary of what happened in the dungeon.


Images courtesy of Sega.

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  • jeffx

    I want this but I want Shiren 3 more.

  • crow

    I played the demo Sunday at TGS and got the impression it was the trainer dungeon, similar to the one Shiren DS had at the beginning. This was because it seemed to give the little tips (“Gitans are this world’s money”, etc.) every time I picked up something new. So hopefully it’s not easier than the first game.

    Spencer, did you get the mamel bell present for giving the demo a go? I got the gold one, but wanted the blue one. Oh well, I guess mine is a gitan mamel which isn’t so bad I suppose.

    One change I noticed and liked is that it appears that Shiren is back to his edgy days of the SNES version, with his character sprite peering out of the crack in his bamboo rain hat, looking pissed off, rather than the more “anime” big-eyed sprite from the first DS game.

    Anyway, I have a pre-order in at amazon Japan and am really looking forward to it!

  • Spencer

    @crow – I thought it was a trainer dungeon too, but it still seemed like I had more stuff than Shiren DS 1. Wow, it feels like forever since that training dungeon though.

    Yeah, I got a mamel bell for playing it. I think they’re the same ones from the Shiren 3 demo last year. Mine was green. The blue one I got was last year. We should trade hahaha.

  • John H.

    Is there any word about this making it to the U.S.? Has that been confirmed? How about the Wii one? I’m getting impatient, dammit.

  • Spencer

    @John H. – No word on either release. I’m starting to give up hope on Sega releasing more Shiren games since Mystery Dungeon: Shiren the Wanderer sold so poorly in the USA. I even stopped myself from importing Shiren 3 since I held on to hope for a US release. TGS was the perfect place for Sega to announce it, but the only US news we got was about Phantasy Star Portable. At this point I say chances for either are slim.

  • crow

    Spencer, I ended up painting the gitan mamel and turning it into a borg mamel (wonder if that should be spoiler tagged!?!).

    Just over a week until release: a few new features compared with Shiren DS 1 that I’ve noticed from the chun/sega website (but not sure if my understanding and/or translation is correct) are 1) a monster notebook for tracking info on monsters you’ve conquered, 2) some sort of feature for swapping “recommended training dungeons” with friends over wifi, and 3) direct item swapping (as opposed to the dying on purpose at floor 1 method).

    About #2 above, this may be more basic than I first thought. It might be something as simple as (an analogy) “recommending one of Fei’s puzzles to a friend”, or something.

  • Spencer

    @Crow – Hahaha very cool. Thanks for the tips on Shiren DS 2 now I can post another article about it!

  • crow

    Cool. Looking forward to the new article. Also, be sure to check out the “sweet” T-shirt that a lucky 2009 Shiren fans will win for registering the game with Sega:


    I hope to be one of them…

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