Next Week Yoda/Darth Vader Become Soulcalibur IV DLC (update)

By Spencer . October 17, 2008 . 3:34am


Don’t be so surprised. Ever since Namco Bandai announced Yoda was an Xbox 360 character and Darth Vader was a PlayStation 3 character rumors were swirling about Namco Bandai selling the other character at a later date. Sony Computer Entertainment Korea leaked this information on their Soulcalibur IV product page too which has since been removed.


Now it’s time to dispel the rumors. On October 23rd you will be able to buy the missing Star Wars character for 400 Microsoft Points or 600 yen ($5.95) in Japan. Namco Bandai hasn’t announced a similar promotion for any other region, but you know, you just know this will be coming. I’m betting the absent character will cost slightly less in North America too since 400 Microsoft Points is equivalent to $5 US dollars. While we’re waiting for official news from Namco Bandai USA here are some screenshots of the fated fight.


Update: Namco Bandai USA sent over a press release saying we’ll get the Darth Vader/Yoda DLC on the 23rd too for 400 Microsoft Points or $4.99 on the PlayStation Store.








Images courtesy of Namco Bandai.

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  • I’m pretty sure crackers found this to be on the disc.. so namco is scamming people.

    The hole next-gen DLC scheme is so annoying .. all extra content could be free except for expansion packs.

  • Daizyujin


    Agreed, this is a scam. The videos circulating on the net that were taken down for “copyright violations” prooves it. They just didn’t want it to be prooven that the content is already on the disc. This is why I just rented the game for one night, took it back, and will not be purchasing it. Like I have said before, Bandai/Namco is the worst in this regard. The problem is that as long as people will stand for it, it will continue to happen. There are people on here that will jump down my throat for saying this as has already been prooven. Do so if you want, I don’t care, it won’t change how I feel nor will it change what is right and what is wrong.

  • Ryu Kazama

    $5 for Yoda….YODA? If it was Hwang, I’d pay $10, but Yoda? A midgit who doesn’t even deserve to be in my beloved SC series? Out of order me thinks. Anyway, where’s the European PSN DLC? We have ziltch right now. No costumes, weapons, nothing! I’ll have to avoid the PAL Tekken 6 if this is how they treat Europeans.

  • That is a huge amount for such little content.

  • Screw Namco Bandai.
    Just give us more customable parts and new/original styles for CaS, Hwang and Li Long, and Create a Jedi/Sith!!

  • jarrod

    My biggest problem is that you’re paying for DLC that’s already on the disc… if it were an actual new content download that’d be one thing, but here you’re essentially paying for access to code you’ve already technically paid for.

    Namco’s particularly terrible about this, they pulled the same thing with Beautiful Katamari and Ace Combat 6 iirc.

  • thaKingRocka

    namco is jerks.

  • John H.

    Evil, no other way to call it.

  • G

    I own SC4, but I hate that every DLC costs so much and should’ve much more in it. I play it only with friend lately, so I won’t pay for a character I never use and should be there since the beginning…
    Namco is like Blizzard… they’re only interested in money and not in the gamers interest. All the free Burnout Paradise DLCs should be a great example for the other companies.

  • Daizyujin


    Yep you are right, Burnout Paradise is a prime example of how DLC should be implemented in games. There really is no excuse for any of the music or costumes that are currently up for DLC to not be on the disc.

    I am just glad I didn’t buy Soul Calibur IV. I was waiting for the price to go down, now I think I will just skip it altogether. That is the only choice we have at this point. Vote with your wallet. Complaining and then buying it won’t do a damn bit of good.

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