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Nintendo DSi Prices Skyrocket In Japan



    DSi supply appears to be scarce. Retailers like Yodobashi Camera and Softmap aren’t taking online reservations. This means even in Japan you have to go through a middleman like World Select Market on Amazon Japan to get one. The price? 35,500 yen ($382!!). No one is twisting your arm to buy a DSi for that price, but if your life depends on visiting the DSiWare store on day one and don’t have a reservation ticket in your pocket it’s going to cost you. Short supply and the declining dollar (note: we’re past the dollar for 100 yen mark) explains why importers are charging around $300 much for the handheld.


    The funny thing about this launch is few Nintendo DSi specific titles has been announced. Nintendo said the DSi Web Browser will be downloadable the day the system comes out and there’s a moving notepad utility. Mini versions of Brain Age are the only announced “games” and they don’t have a date. Also, please note the Nintendo DSi is region locked. We contacted Nintendo of America for further clarification if it’s just the DSiWare Store or cartridge games (if any are being made) and are waiting on a reply.


    Images courtesy of Nintendo.


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