The Future Of Time Hollow – Is A Sequel Or Prequel More Probable?

By Jenni . October 24, 2008 . 9:29am

Those who have played Konami’s intriguing point-and-click adventure game Time Hollow had to have noticed how rich the characters and story were and how well executed the whole game was. The only problem was how brief the entire adventure was. Many may be hoping for a second go around, but is a Time Hollow 2 even possible? If you haven’t finished the game, you may want to turn back now.


There are two possible options for a Time Hollow follow-up. There could be a direct sequel, or there could be a prequel. A direct sequel following the Kairos family is impossible, however. The Kairos’ Hollow Pen is now trapped in a time loop. It is constantly making its way forward through a specific time period, then being sent back into the past again.


So any direct sequel would instead have to follow the Onegin family’s pen. Since Irving Onegin was the main antagonist in Time Hollow, it would prove difficult for him to suddenly be cast in a ‘hero’ role in a possible Time Hollow 2. A possible option is to move forward a generation or two and focus on Irving Onegin’s son/daughter or grandson/granddaughter and his/her experience with the Hollow Pen.


But, after seeing the behavior of Irving throughout Time Hollow, fans of the game may have trouble accepting any sort of storyline where he managed to straighten out. After seeing the opinion Irving’s own mother had of him and the lengths she was willing to go to in order to try and prevent his behavior, it may even be possible that she would try to find a way to destroy the Onegin’s Hollow Pen, to prevent Irving from using it.


The other option is for the Time Hollow series to begin moving backwards, rather than forwards. If another entry was planned, it could follow the adventures of Ethan’s father, Timothy Kairos. Time Hollow already established that he made frequent use of the pen.


Plus, this could also help boost sales of the original Time Hollow. Kori Twelves, the girl trapped in time in the original Time Hollow, could act as Timothy’s assistant, as she did for Ethan. Plus, the “unsolved issue” concerning Kori could inspire people to pick up the original game to find out what happened to her. And since Timothy stated that Sox always seemed to be around and look the same in the original Time Hollow, he could appear in a Timothy-centered Time Hollow sequel.


This could set an interesting precedence for the series, if Konami decided to continue the franchise. A third Time Hollow could follow Timothy’s father, and maybe even start to delve into the origins of the Hollow Pen and how the Kairos family happened to acquire it. Let’s hope that Konami decides to continue this series.


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  • Didn’t the “real” ending (the one during your second playthrough) end the loop with the pen though? SPOILERS AHEAD:

    This takes place two loops after the Ethan you play as. Ethan sees Irving at the beginning of the game and has flashes of memories he shouldn’t hold yet. He tells Irving he can save his mother.

    Irving gives him a chance, and Ethan talks to his dad and Uncle and explains the whole thing to them. They then proceed to the school where Derek is sent back to the past to save Kori.

    When the next Ethan wakes up, the loop has been broken and everything seems to be normal.


    So, as much as I would LOVE a sequel, too, I think they meant to wrap everything up in a single game. :)

  • Jenni

    That is a possibility as well. There was one thing that bothered me about that though. How could Ethan have even had those memory flashes?

    I think that made me kind of viewed that ending more as an “alternate universe” possibility rather than a “real” ending. But, I can see how it could go either way and possibly be seen as the “real” ending as well.

    I agree, I think it was meant to be a stand alone title, but it was just such a great game that I wish they’d consider a sequel or prequel.

  • Maybe it’s just me, but I’m tired of prequels that are simply their to “boost sales of the original.” Yes, a prequel sounds better in terms of sales – people who didn’t pick up the original won’t feel like they missed anything, and people who did play the original get at least some new story, even though it won’t directly change anything they already played.

    But it’s the worst concept I can think of. Imagine if instead of doing The Two Towers, Tolkien went directly to the Hobbit just to push sales of The Fellowship of the Ring. I want a sequel, or just leave the already good game alone. Don’t Suikoden on me, Time Hollow!

  • Jenni

    You make some really good points as well Lungkisser. (I giggled at the “Don’t Suikoden on me, Time Hollow!” part.)

    Time Hollow is a wonderful game, and it would be nice to see some sort of follow-up endeavor. The idea of the hollow pen is just too intriguing and it would be wonderful to see another game or entry with that same mechanic.

  • Senrii

    Please God, PLEASE!
    Me wants a sequel/prequel.
    I enjoyed this game soooo much. Played it from 6pm till 3 am lol. Damn, it was so much fun.
    (ok, this is my taste, I just like games with a solid story, and this story was so damn good.)
    Please Konami :D
    Me <3 you!

  • Well, if they DID do a sequel, I’d definitely like to see some of the stuff Jenni mentioned in her post. Why in God’s name does Timothy look so much older than he should? What did he do with the pen?

  • Between this game and something like Hotel Dusk, I think it’s tough to beat a well-written story, no matter how brief the adventure lasts. This game was very well-written and I wish we could have seen more of the characters interacting — there just wasn’t enough life in this slice-of-life adventure!

    Instead of sequels, or prequels, what’s to prevent someone else with a pen from any point in history from intruding into the established time loop? When you mess with a multiverse theory as your main selling point (not time travel, darn it), it’s all fair game.

    Basically… yeah. Let’s see some more. And make it a bit more challenging.

  • Nika

    it took me quite some time to figure out who the characters that you mentioned where since I played the game in Japanese xD

    I think a prequel would be the logic choice. Wataru/ Timothy obviously used the pen a lot, so this could be used for a new storyline. (then again, this could also be explained by a multitudes of tries to save his brother)

    a spin off would also be possible. I.E. using the concept of the hollow pen, but with an entirely differen cast. There are more hollow pens, so it is possible that someone else has one too.

    lastly there is the possibility that Nick.D mentioned. using multiverse instead of time travel for e spin off.

    if a second game is made, whatever direction it will take, I just hope it will be a bit longer :)

    • Teh_little_detective

      I defiantly agree with your points :) you made good ones. I definatly think that theres a big possibilty of a new cast, as well as continuing to follow the karios family

      (and P.S. on an unrelated note, my nickname is Nika too o-o my real name is Veronica though X’D i saw your comment and i was like “wait….what? o-o?”)

  • Randell154

    Game was so damn good I played it 6 times!!! :] ‘_’

  • Loki

    Somebody see the end after the credits?

    I would like to see a sequel of this game, its mostly perfect ( if it wasnt for the time duration…), and i would like to know what happend after the final after the credits.

  • Kevo

    Well a squel with the Kairos isn’t entirely impossible, I mean yes the pen is stuck in a time loop. But maybe somehow the time loop is disrupted. But yes I really would like to se a prequel or a sequal to this fantastic game, I loved the main song in the beginning and it’s type of game play.

  • MA

    I may be wrong here but I think a sequel is very much possible. As Irving (Jack at the time) explained, if you send something back 5 seconds (this is an example) once those five seconds have past, that something continues to exist. I know it looks like the Hollow Pen is stuck in a loop, but if you think about it, the pen Ethan sent back was the pen his dad had. The pen he originaly had disapeared sometime after he saved his parents from the eplosion. Ethan might have have droped it or maybe someone took it (I don’t know). After he sent back his pen, the pen he lost should still exist, thus a sequel would follow Ethan (who found the pen again) or a new owner (who found the pen instead). Once again, I might have gotten the facts wrong but I don’t think so.

    • Teh_little_detective

      I agree, up to the point where you said it should follow Ethan. I think it should follow his son/daughter, I dont know how many people noticed but twoards the end of the game, ethan only had about 5 or 6 uses in the bar :/ i dont think he has enough time left to become a protagonist again.

  • Teh_little_detective

    I would really love for them to continue the game series. I hope they do as you suggested and follow Ethans Father. I can’t see them following Iviring :( He’s too much of an evil character to make a hero in a game. :o

    I also would like to see more of Derek and Kori, and have them explain more about the hollow pen. There are plenty of loose ends they could elaborate on, so lets hope that they decide to expand of the series more! :)

  • aaac

    It was in Chapter 2 or 3, but somewhere there was a scene where someone in the dark was talking about Ethan’s interference and how should he go too far, they would eliminate him. For some reason I don’t feel like that was Irving. Maybe that was a secret organization of hollow pen users.

    Using the alternative ending, there could be a sequel of Ethan having to face the organization. Since in this ending, he only used his pen once, he wouldn’t have trouble with being the next protagonist.

    And then you add Kori’s daughter, and you get a sequel.

    I think the Timothy prequel should be a side story, not labled as Time Hollow 2. It just wouldn’t feel right.

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