The Tales Team Tells Us About Tales of Symphonia: Dawn of the New World

By Spencer . October 31, 2008 . 4:37pm


Unlike the other Tales games in the Tales series, Tales of Symphonia: Dawn of the New World picks up right where the 2003 Gamecube game left off. You’re going to see a lot of familiar places and faces from Tales of Symphonia. Most of the previous cast joins your party, but Lloyd is different. He doesn’t play the lead character. Newcomer Emil replaces him and views the hero as a monster. We spoke with Minako Takahashi, localization producer at Namco Bandai USA, and Andy Tsai, localization producer at Namco Bandai Japan to discuss what happened to the world and how the monster catching system got into a Tales game.


What happened to the world after the events in Tales of Symphonia?


The world regeneration resulted in the two worlds of Sylvarant and Tethe’alla to come together. However, the disparity in the technology level between the two cultures resulted in a deep divide among the people. The people of Sylvarant resented being cast off as a second-rate citizen and this resentment helped create a resistance group known as the Vanguard.


As if to coincide with the general unrest, weather patterns around the world started to change as well. Snow started to fall in areas that were once deserts, and areas that were once covered in ice, started to melt. These strange weather patterns only brought more fear and anxiety to the citizens of the world.


Tell us what the new lead characters Emil and Marta’s are like. Is Emil as easygoing and idealistic as Lloyd?


Emil is very different from Lloyd. He is very unsure of himself and an introvert. Unlike Lloyd, he does not have any friends in the town that he currently resides. He is unable to voice his opinions and is always apologizing. Marta on the other hand is very out going and cheerful.


Are we going to see the same areas and dungeons from Tales of Symphonia?


Players will be revisiting familiar locations from Tales of Symphonia on the GameCube, but they will also notice that these areas look very different. For example, the desert city of Triet is now covered in snow.




Can you tell us about some of the new places we’re going to visit?


Luin is the first location that the player will visit. It is also one that will bring up a lot of memories for players that played Tales of Symphonia on the GameCube since it played a fairly large role in the story. The city is now completely restored and statues of the heroes of world regeneration line the town.


Another new area is the Underground Ruins in Asgard. Players were able to visit Asgard in the previous game. The Underground Ruins is a whole new dungeon inside of Asgard never mentioned before with many secrets of its own.


In addition to the two mentioned here, there are other towns and dungeons, both new and old, for the players to explore. Even the old areas are filled with new things that will be both familiar and different.


How does Tales of Symphonia: Dawn of the New World take advantage of motion control?


The main use of the motion control is the Sorcerer’s Ring and the additional shortcuts. The player will aim the Sorcerer’s Ring with the pointer on the Wii Remote. Players will also be able to execute shortcuts in battle by swinging the Wii Remote or the Nunchuk horizontally or vertically for total of 4 shortcuts.


What makes this battle system different from Tales of Symphonia and the other Tales games?


The basic battle mechanism does not change significantly from a recent Tales game. The major difference for players that only played Tales of Symphonia is that in Dawn of the New World, the battlefield is in 3D. The monster capturing aspect requires more strategy than other Tales games. Each battlefield has an element assigned to it which can be checked on the Elemental Grid. The player must change the major element and the 4 of the minor elements on the grid to the corresponding element of the monster that they want to capture. However, actions by both enemies and allies can affect the battlefield element, so this will require the player to create a battle party that is most suited to accomplish this.




Why did you add monster catching to the Tales series? What does it add to battles?


The monster catching adds additional strategy to the game that was not present in previous Tales game. It also allows numerous battle party configurations.


Monsters have always played a big role in the Tales series and for Dawn of the New World, we wanted to utilize them in ways that have never been attempted before in the Tales series.


We thought that it would be interesting to give the player the chance to form pacts and fight along side the 200+ monsters in the game.  Not only would this directly affect how players fight their battles, choosing which monsters to use in battle also allows each of our fans to customize their fighting style in ways that is not possible in other Tales games.


When I saw the US version at E3 I discovered the number of motion controlled techniques were bumped up to eight. Are there any other revisions made for the North American version?


At the start of the new game, the player is given the option to load a cleared data from Tales of Symphonia on the Game. Loading the data will result in a small gift as a “Thank you“ from the team for playing the first game.




Tales of Symphonia: Dawn of a New World has multiple endings. How are the endings earned? Do you get stuck on a path? Are there last minute choices you need to make?


There are three endings to the game. One of them will require time and dedication from the player.  I don’t want to spoil anything for our fans, so I’ll just leave it at that!


Is there any post game content like the extra missions in Tales of Legendia or a New Game + mode?


Like previous Tales games, there will be a Grade Shop at the end of the game for New Game+. A new dungeon will also be available in New Game+. A higher difficulty level will also become available to the player.


Where is the Tales series going next in North America? Are you evaluating the DS Tales games or thinking about the mothership Tales title for the Wii?


Right  now, we’re just enjoying the last few months of the series’ 10th anniversary in North America. It was a tall order to prepare two huge RPGs like Dawn of the New World and Tales of Vesperia on the Xbox 360, so everyone is taking a well-deserved deep breath before we decide on our next move.


Images courtesy of Namco Bandai.

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  • wario4ever

    so everyone is taking a well-deserved deep breath before we decide on our next move.
    they don’t deserve the brake.we were screwed out of the last one [tempest don’t coun’t] don’t wanna get screwed out of hearts

  • lostinblue

    Should have been asked:

    “Why were you half assed enough to make a game around 5 year old assets”

    “why did you make it look like it was Team Symphonia behind it (they didn’t say otherwise at first) and put it on the roadmaps as the only upcoming home console tales game?”

    “Why was this made by a team of trainee’s that were not familiar with the Tales franchise”

    “Why other than moneyhats does a leading platform get an inferior, spin-off game, when a platform that doesn’t sell in Japan get a mothership one?”

    “How are you guys releasing a sequel to an out of print game when you could have made something like Resident Evil 4 Wii edition putting the PS2 extra content in it and fitting both to a more cost effective DVD? are you idiots?”

    “why didn’t you bring back the original actors like you said you would?”

    “Why does this game have such subpar graphics? it’s like no effort was done, and hello? Wii is not a PS2; GC already wasn’t, guess you didn’t get the memo, or didn’t have a budget”

    “why isn’t there a world map? and don’t make it seem like A FEATURE”

    “what do you plan to make up for it?”

    “Why don’t you guys instead of taking a deep breath go for Fragile ASAP?”

    Namco Bandai… nuff said, idiots. (And Oh hell, I hope they read the comments to the interviews they made, since I just summed up how pretty much the whole internet is feeling about this half assed installment, half assed installment on the sucessor to the platform that did put Tales on the map outside Japan, no less; and when they were making a bigger effort elsewhere; ultraging.

  • hell kid 16


    “Why is lostinblue acting like such a typical whiny little gamer?”

    “Why do gamers feel that they’re the most important thing in the world?” (gamers can’t run a company, but they sure think they can when they don’t get what they want. developers/publishers don’t owe gamers a thing. but gamers think they do.)

    “Why is lostinblue typing questions that Namco Bandai will never see/read?

    “What would lostinblue do if he/she was running Namco Bandai” (Someone who is clearly inexperienced)

    “since I just summed up how pretty much the whole internet is feeling about this half assed installment” (exaggerating a bit much?)

    Yo! What world do you live in? Maybe YOU feel that way, but I highly doubt the whole entire internet feels that way. Relax son. Besides, THIS A VIDEOGAME! IT’S A TOY! IT’S AN ADULTS TOY! Why are you taking this so serious? It’s pointless. (lol) Don’t buy the game then. Make your own game if you feel that way. Do it better then them. (it would probably turn out like shit anyway.)

  • jeffx

    lostinblue I like your style. all valid points. But if you’re gonna talk about Fragile then don’t forget the proposed Klonoa character revision. That’s just toying with their fans.

  • wario4ever

    Jeffx is correct. we don’t a shadow style revision

  • toswubber

    My thoughts:

    Developers / Publishers:
    Have you thought about re-releasing the original ToS game with the PS2 (Japan only) extra content and optimizing the game? If you did that and sold it at a fair price, I think many fans of the series would buy it.

    I have to ask why you didn’t follow up with a question about the extra-content. Most of the fans are quite annoyed with the fact the old-cast do not gain levels and that they have a low level-cap at the end of the game. They are hoping this gets changed in the US release…

    Despite this, thank you for the interview.

  • Shane

    Wow! lostinblue is such a crybaby. LMAO. Get a life dude.

  • lostinblue

    @ hell kid 16 – so I’m the one exagerating but you’re the one using caps? not really, no, I’m not exagerating. Pretty much everyone expects very little from a title that was greenlighted on the premise of recycling stuff, and while the main team was too busy developing for a system that doesn’t sell. Hence, yes, it’s half assed, look at the pics in the interview, Those round shadows are enough to raise an eyebrow or two and that’s the tip of the iceberg for a game that could and should look as good as vesperia… in fact, vesperia could be a Wii game graphically, minus HD, so why should we put up with such a subpar effort?

    I didn’t say any lie, which, going by all that I’ve wrote is not a good omen.

    They won’t read it? dunno, even if they won’t I’ve voiced it, if I was concerned about having that level of instrumentality in my comments then I wouldn’t comment, but hey, they *might* read it. They ought to go and take feedback from somewhere, unless they’re incompetent and this is a interview they gave after all, why not keeping an eye on it?

    And I’ll buy the game, in fact, and I suppose unlike you, I already imported the Japanese version and played it. Am I satisfied with the end result? no, for what it and where it is… I’m insulted. (and they managed to screw the voice-overs in the US dub) I still advise you to buy it if you have a Wii, and it is not a bad game, but it is too little and yes, it IS half assed. We deserved way more in more ways than one.


    As for Klonoa I agree, that US redesign is pretty much uncalled for.


    Bandai Namco… I sure hope Team Symphonia’s next game is for the Wii, we deserve it.

  • hell kid 16

    lostinblue, oh i get. so you’re a graphics whore. then why do you own a wii? the wii isn’t a 360 or ps3. there’s no magical button on the wii that you press to give your wii games 360 and ps3 style high-res hd visuals. (i don’t care for graphics. graphics aren’t the most important thing in game, imo. graphics don’t make a game. but whatever.)

    i was only joking with you. people take videogames way too serious, imo. i would like to see those so called hardcore/serious gamers who have alot to say make a game. they wouldn’t know what to do. just like you. maybe. i don’t know your background. So.. People throw tech words around all time on the internet in forums/blogs. but they don’t know shit about game development. Like you. maybe. (lol)

  • Animerican

    Actually, a mothership title HAS been confirmed for the wii… so no worries about getting “left behind.”


  • Rolando

    Good interview Spencer. Not shocked about how the interviewee dodged the DS Tales suggestion.

    Is lostinblue Pedro Silva? Sounds like him.

  • nika

    so, everyone is complaining about the game being half-assed. did you play it? what did you think of it?

    personally, even though I think there are points that could have been worked out better I really enjoyed the game. I simply don’t expect a masterpiece for every game I buy, as long as I can enjoy it I’m happy.

  • lostinblue

    @ hell kid 16 – No, I’m a effort whore (and a Tales fan too), I’m paying for stuff and thus I expect a good effort, not half assedness. Is that unreasonable? no it isn’t, it’s logic, specially when you know the console is capable of more than Tales of the Abyss 1.1 graphics and in fact… they’ve showed they could do better… elsewhere.

    Not only that, but they didn’t even do the game from ground, they forked the engine somewhere, used it without improving it, setting a milestone to match the platform, and without the budget a sequel to the highest selling Tales game ever deserves; forked the modeled scenarios with minor alterations too, but when it comes to a new world map, that after ToS would have to be redone? they didn’t do one. They didn’t have funding, they didn’t have the means, they were some part-time weekend team and we could go on, it’s a mindblowing bad approach and lack of respect for us.

    Thus, it’s an insult that the leading platform, the platform with biggest userbase and not only that, at least outside Japan the platform with the biggest Tales userbase (and in japan it’s certainly not X360) got such crap effort, and I’m the only one saying this mind you. I can be impressed by how a PS2 game looks for the hardware, or even PS1.. and that’s just how much of a graphics whore I am, I pay for the games I want them using the hardware and going all out, specialy when they know it’ll sell, but this one? nah, not at all. It just shows a massive lack of ambition.

    I might appear too stiff regarding this, but I’m really not, you really shouldn’t judge people by how they talk on the web ;) I mean what I say, but I certainly don’t loose sleep over it.

    @ Animerican – That’s certainly Team Destiny, whoom we’d always get, unless they were banished to do PSP games, they’re a 2D team after all (although the Wii game is probably their first 3D game) but bottom line is… they wouldn’t be technically qualified to work on any HD console without a pretty big tech injection. Team Symphonia on the other hand, was ironically created to do games for Nintendo platforms, and from the moment they start developing a game they know it’ll come out outside Japan, Team Destiny doesn’t, Team Symphonia is just the top of the line team here, and the one that if Namco Bandai was serious we should/would get without a second thought; not to mention they’re my favorite Tales team, and the one that did put Tales on the map outside Japan, and Wii is leading outside Japan too. (I love team destiny too, mind you, I just don’t think it’s good enough to *only* get them on a leading platform no less, from Namco’s perspective it’s scraps)

    @ Rolando – yes, I’m Pedro Silva just changed nick, the e-mail used for identification is the same, although you guys don’t see that, cheers.

  • jarrod

    Vespirira’s great, but I think I’ll pass on DOTNW, at least for now. Hope we get Hearts…

  • Joanna

    Namco Bandai is becoming a torn in my side. They refuse to localize the DS installments and now they take the Symphonia Team and move it to 360. shame. I think I’m going to boycott them because they have stirred my blood one too many times. >_____<

  • lostinblue

    @ nika – Sorry for the delay answering… (went out) It’s not a bad game, just very, very half assed.
    Biggest problem here is not the effort the guys on the team did, it’s the budget, treatment and means Bandai Namco gave them that are anedotic. (well means has to do with the guys on the team or lack of it/resources, but I’m not blaming the team of trainee’s, I’m blaming namco)

    I mean, we must be talking mainly about a team of programmers (read: code monkey’s), hence the fact that most implementations are programming tasks, like the recruiting monsters to your party thing, that, since most of the monsters are recycled from Tales of the Abyss, and expanding the monsters into playable chracters, gives work, but programming work, nothing else, most of the work displayed in this game is like that, programming work on a forked engine and assets.

    Same for the battle implementation, that is like Abyss (or like ToS+), with a little flavour of his own, the monsters part is kinda crap/lame but the two main characters are pretty serviceable (marta is not filling the healer role, she’s pretty good as a controlled character) and must be like… 15% faster; which is better.

    This team clearly had very little modelers and resources, so the little new modeling that there is, is really weak, weird and low poly (when they twist their necks it seems like it’s gonna snap, and they have textured mouths! hello PS2 first gen), texturing is mostly recycled and weak… I mean it’s just ridiculous all around to say that this game had any effort in that area whatsoever; probably because they didn’t have the means, budget and time.

    Other than that… it’s a pretty linear game whoose progression is done by chapters, it just feels linear, it’s not like in other Tales games where you felt that there were lots of subquests to do if you were willing, even if you didn’t do them the game felt epic, it had scope it had exploring to do… that this one doesn’t, explore what, the point and click world map? and it’s also shorter than pretty much all Tales games I played, I mean 2/3’s of the mainquest+regular play/exploration of a Tales game (without optional subquests). Instead it’s pretty much “go from A to B and do this” kind of RPG.

    It also has the most boring beginning for a Tales ever (worse than Abyss) with too many useless tutorials, and some battles that just aren’t enjoyable, after that it picks up though (onde Emil changes clothes), but nothing awesome.

    Story is probably better than ToS and a little under TotA (history in Tales games counts less than other RPG’s though, Tales is good for the battle system as most Tales games had a pretty lame story), and the artwork… Well, Bandai Namco didn’t want to pay Fujishima and really, was just recycling his ToS character designs (who cares if a few years passed and all?), so the new ones were done by Daigo Okumura. Now Okumura is a good character designer and is IMO better than Fujishima (they should lay off fujishima), but once again it’s Bandai Namco’s attitude towards it, if they weren’t paying Fujishima anymore for any game it’s one thing, but they’ll pay the guy for any “important” game, but as for this one? nah, not worth it. Same for Motoi Sakuraba, that didn’t even list this game on his website as a work of his. In short, the game doesn’t suck, but Namco Bandai attitude towards it was nothing but ridiculous. (best music in this game is the world map one)

    Do I advise the purchase? I do, if you’re a tales fan, the game is enjoyable enough and all that and in a way it’s a slap in the face to Bandai Namco, like it was in japan seeing a half assed spin-off raping a main installment (how is this good for the popularity of the franchise over there?)

    But bottomline point is… am I happy with the end result? No, if anything it’s a lack of respect for the end consumers, us that happen to be their core userbase no less. They had the obligation to pull effort and much better production values on us, and this game just isn’t it, not to mention that they purposefully misleaded us at first.

    @ jarrod – I know what you mean, I was so hyped regarding Tales of Innocence last year, (well and before that, Tales of the Tempest, but I’ve imported that one and well… it’s outsourced Dimps crap) and now they’re too busy taking their crappy deep breath to actually work.

    @ Joanna – If they have any brain cells left they’ll put Team Symphonia on the Wii now, or a platform that actually makes sense, but this is Bandai Namco, so… Who knows. They’re probably too stupid though.

  • Aoshi00

    Dang, every time a post about a Wii game, we have a dozen comments half of which by lostinblue/Pedro Silva, going on about how Wii the “leader” getting the short end of the stick, “my” system not getting the good games, etc..

    Every system (360, PS3, PSP, DS) that is out now has great games, in fact too many games, and I barely have time to play them. If you only own a Wii and it has tons of shovelware (Wii Music?), tough luck. Save up for another system, it will only get better in the next 2-3 years, and you would be happy “playing” those games.

  • Pesmerga00

    Aoshi00, Exactly. I’m tired of all these people who bought a system day one, then complain that it doesn’t get the games they think it “should” have. I waited a couple of years and only recently bought a xbox360,I play mostly RPGs, and I’m very happy with it.

    It’s amazing, Pedro Silva only used the word moneyhat once. Really, it’s okay to like more that one console.

  • lostinblue

    @ Aoshi00 – if you want to argue about what I said I’d ask you to go after the facts I stated and debunk them (good luck), not the stereotyping path you seem to want to take with me. Wii as a platform is leading though, and thus it’s fair to expect support fitting that, but that is a la palisse truth isn’t it? Funny that you aren’t even questioning that as a fact, but questioning the guy who says that. As if he wasn’t right in expecting quality support, or shouldn’t.

    Also of course all platforms have good games, but I don’t see the purpose of stating that as if anyone stated otherwise. Believe or not I have plenty on my table with the platforms I own, and don’t need other one at this point. I want/deserve the best bang for my buck though; that’s only natural for anyone provided they’re informed enough, so it’s only natural that such customer doesn’t like to be treated like a second rate customer, specially when there’s no apparent reason for that to happen, as is the “Tales of” series case in the platform in point.

    I’m not even discussing the other platforms at this point though, I’m saying this is a subpar effort for a ToS sequel, that it was greenlighted on the basis of recycling 5 year old assets, it lacks ambition, effort and budget… And it shouldn’t, thus it has no excuse. Based on conjecture, the fact that ToS is their highest selling Tales game ever, and from having played the game.

    And… Wii Music is not shovelware despite the wave of internet hate going on, not aimed at the core public sure, but not shovelware, but I digress discussing that is going quite offtopic; know that I have nothing against it though (I agree the E3 approach to it was horrible though).

  • Aoshi00


    I haven’t finished Tales of Symphonia on GC yet and don’t plan on playing ToS2, so I’ve only taken a glance at the interview/posts, especially yours since they’re extremely long.

    I’m 29 and work 5 days a week, barely have time to play games even during the weekend, so I don’t have time to read anyone’s diatribe or discuss things point by point, which is something I would do when I was 20 years old and had plenty of time. If I have time I better use it to play the games that I haven’t finished.

    No offense man, it’s just that the constant whining does get old. I read Siliconera for the news that interest me, and many people’s comments enlighten me because they I learn a lot from them, many people are more knowledgeable than me. For me it’s simple, I play games because they’re fun, not to bicker on minute things, like this Wii game sucks, developer not putting effort into this Wii game again, etc. People get tired of it, and that’s why you changed your handle.

  • Team Destiny should helm the next Wii mothership title using Tales of Destiny Remake’s AR-LMBS with Tales of Rebirth’s visuals.

    The odds of Namco-Bandai localizing any of their DS Tales games seem very slim; and if they even do consider Tales of Hearts for localization, I’m willing to bet it’d be the CG Edition of the game.

  • lostinblue

    @ Aoshi00 – fair enough, point taken.

    Most of us, adult gamers have little time to play though, it’s not just you, I have litterally a pile of games to finish, in the dozens and I plan to go through them to a point I even question if I should hype myself for new games; but I do and I keep buying them, like most of us really.

    On top of that I’ve been a Tales-tard for quite some time now, so I can’t help but being specially personal regarding it (that, and Shin Megami Tensei), although I stress I’m not ilogical, what you see me saying regarding this theme, you’d see me saying last gen when I didn’t even had a PS2, and wasn’t exactly thrilled to get one, but it did make sense, and I actually initially bought a PSone for the Tales games. It’s not like I’m blind and I won’t ever say that any Tales game is perfect for instance, you could see me “bashing” pretty much any Tales game and still like it, or “be happy with the end result” I’m not, in this case at all, mainly due to their approach to it, sure, but it doesn’t mean I deeply dislike the game.

    I wouldn’t import a game if I thought I wouldn’t enjoy it, for example (hell, I wouldn’t even buy the localized version knowing I wouldn’t enjoy it), and I did import this one and I’ll buy it again in English, I did put my opinion of it above too, and I know I am mostly negative towards it (that’s just me, really) and it’s a wall of text, but I said it had a faster battle system than Abyss and has a better plot than Symphonia, those are positive things under all the criticism I gave it, but they are there nonetheless.

    I never said it sucked though (and if someone said it sucked I’d kinda defend the game), but I still stand by everything I said.

    @ Rolando – yeah, I got the vibe ever since I saw the CG that it was their idea of somewhat appealing to westerners if they ever localized it. Would still be positive though, better that than nothing.

  • Retired FemaleThug

    I agree with lostinblue. The Wii should be getting better games. It is after the market leader right now. But of course, developer’s refuse to make games or important games for it because they consider it underpowered. (the same old excuses)

    Instead, they would rather spend 20 million to 100 million dollars developing a high-resolution hd 1080p (eye candy only) videogame that only turns out to be mediocre in the end. Having the most powerful consoles to develop videogames for doesn’t mean shit. There are some many mediocre big budgeted triple-a titles for the ps3/360/pc that have been released this year, it makes me laugh. So much hype for mediocre games. The Nintendo Wii console is the only console that offers something different. The other two consoles are identical. Nintendo is only one that took a huge risk this generation. And it paid off. ($$$)

    Hopefully developers will come around an start making games for the Nintendo Wii console, despite it being underpowered. (which i doubt) They can spend less money and still develop great games. (hopefully not mediocre games)

  • Joanna

    ewww. the CG version of Hearts looks weird, especially the girl. Maybe it is because I’m an anime fan that I prefer the anime version. But really the girl looks like she has a wig on, the anime version looks more natural and suits the in-game sprites. But yes, knowing Namco Bandai, they will probably believe that we “westerners” would ignore the anime version because gee, anime is oh so foreign and anime style games don’t sell at all (and that’s why we have a bunch of naruto games), yup Namco really knows their stuff! *rolls eyes*

    Seriously, most NA publishers have smartened up, but Namco just refuses and it is really starting to bother me. If they don’t want to localize their own games, then they should let someone else do it!!!!!

  • lostinblue

    ^ I think XSEED would be thrilled to put their hands on some Bandai Namco games for publishing (specially RPG’s), and not only that, tbh probably better qualified for the job too.

    Not that Namco translations have been bad over the last couple of years (taking Tales of Phantasia GBA aside, that even mixed genders), but they certainly toned down a few characters dialogues, not to mention that they cut J-pop and stuff intended to be in the game like it’s some kind of plague.

    But I can live with that, problem is that they take took so long and are so selective while they’re at it that we simply have no way to know (no Team Destiny game came out of Japan since… 2001, rumor says “because Namco doesn’t believe 2D games can sell outside Japan” not to mention Seven: Molmorth no Kiheitai and Venus & Braves amongst others) and this without even touching Europe, where the last Tales on a home console was Tales of Symphonia back in 2003, and even with Xenosaga, only episode 2 came out, no episode 1, and no episode 3 afterwards. (this said XSeed wouldn’t solve Europe’s problem, at least for now since they haven’t branched there yet)

    Oh well, it’s like you say, they can’t get on with the times, and that often leads them to do bad decisions altogether.

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