Sega Expands Wi-Fi Features For Mystery Dungeon: Shiren The Wanderer DS 2

By Spencer . November 5, 2008 . 10:12am

shirends2There are many more Nintendo Wi-Fi community features for Shiren’s second DS game and these are things you can’t experience from playing it at Tokyo Game Show (thanks for the tip crow!!). In addition to dungeon rescues introduced in the previous DS Shiren game, Mystery Dungeon Shiren the Wanderer DS 2: Demon Castle in the Desert has competitive modes like online leaderboards measuring player scores and a time attack mode. But, the Shiren games are more about random acts of kindness so Sega has some new friendly features too.


In Mystery Dungeon Shiren the Wanderer DS 2: Demon Castle in the Desert you can directly trade items with players (yes!) and send other players training dungeon. What? I’m a bit baffled by this. Crow suggests these training dungeons might be something like Fey’s Puzzles and this feature lets players recommend one of them. Or maybe training dungeons are easy opening dungeons for item farming?


The other question on my mind is if we’re going to see another Shiren game get localized. I was pretty optimistic about Shiren being an international series and Tokyo Game Show would have been the right place for Sega to make an announcement. Instead we got a greenlight for Phantasy Star Universe Portable. Well, even if Shiren DS 2 comes over you won’t be getting this as a random prize for purchasing the game.


Images courtesy of Sega.

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  • jeffx

    I’d rather have Wii Shiren than this, but beggars can’t choose.

  • R

    I wish this had furigana. I’m thinking of importing anyway, because…well, you know the sales numbers. Even companies like XSEED have already stated disinterest in localizing Shiren because of them. :<

  • crow

    Spencer, I did some more sniffing around and found a Japanese TGS report that mentions the new dungeon exchange feature. I still can’t say I understand it completely, but it seems they’re saying it’ll work something like this:

    After you clear a dungeon, you can send data to a friend (or competitor!) that will provide them with the same dungeon layout and item placement, challenging them to clear it or getting advice on how to handle it better. This makes it sound a lot like the current rescue runs, where every rescuer sees the same layouts and item drops. Actually, I was hoping for some kind of dungeon creation feature, but that may be unrealistic.

    I should probably stop speculating on this and just wait until next week!

  • John H.

    Someone explain to me how Sega has higher hopes for Phantasy Star Universe than Shiren.

  • Joanna

    @John: Well seeing how many RPGs are getting localized, the genre must be getting at least decent sales figures. Rogue-likes are a more niche genre. =(

  • jarrod

    I’ve heard Shiren US sold over 100k, which can’t have been too bad? I dunno, maybe Sega saw sales of the Pokemon Dungeon titles and had unrealistic expectations going in?

  • Joanna

    anything with pokemon in the name sells, so that’s not surprising. But you never know, Sega just might localize Shiren 2. As with World Destruction, it was pretty hush hush for awhile and then Sega announces out of nowhere that it is coming stateside. And I really was surprised, it didn’t seem like they would localize it.

  • Lord Gek

    While I can’t say I get the Wi-Fi aspect of these “Training Dungeons”, I’ve had a lot of fun feature so far in Shiren DS 2. I think this can be seen best as a weird hybrid of the Shiren DS 1 rescue system and a hardcore solo challenge. Here’s how it works, you talk with this old man and make a bid on how deep you can make it (minimum of 5th level) in any of the dungeons you’ve gained access to so far with a completely naked character level 1 start. If you can make it to the stairs of the bid on level in the dungeon you’ve chosen you’re warped out and granted a fixed prize based on the difficulty of the endeavor (good stuff like Herbs of Reincarnation or Angel Seeds to name a few). So it is really a lot like a self prescribed rescue run without all of the needing to find somebody to rescue and then HOPING you don’t end up with a small rice ball as your reward.

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