Star Ocean: The Last Hope Spans 3 DVDs

By Spencer . December 5, 2008 . 8:10pm

image Remember the days of comparing the “length” of RPGs by how many CDs they came on? Since DVDs became the standard media format we missed doing that in the PS2 / Xbox / Gamecube era. The Xbox 360 doesn’t have a fancy Blu-ray drive so Microsoft and Square Enix are going back to basics by releasing multi-disc RPGs.


Infinite Undiscovery and the Last Remnant came out on two discs. When Star Ocean: The Last Hope gets released in North America this March 3 it will be on three discs. Hopefully, Square Enix will pony up for better packaging than the US version of Lost Odyssey which crammed three discs on top of each other.


You know what else Star Ocean 4 has? Cat girls. Meet Meracle Chamlotte.






Images courtesy of Square Enix.

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  • Simon

    I am still thinking if I should buy this for 360 or hope that it will get onto the PS3, I don’t want to buy both versions of there will be.. same with Tales of Vesperia, still havent bought that yet. I lucked out for Eternal Sonata coming out for PS3 here

  • Aoshi00

    The disc stacking on top of one another was definitely idiotic, who wants to shuffle btwn all the disc to get to the next one. The Jpn ver. of Blue Dragon and Lost Odyssey have each disc placed in separate trays, LO even has a fancy VHS size case to accommodate 4 discs. I hope they do it right like Last Remnant.

    The PS3 ver. of Eternal Sonata took too long to come out, so chances are I might get the 360 version for Star Ocean 4. I wonder if they could manage to iron out all the slow down in Last Remnant for the PS3 ver, I don’t think I’m buying it the third time as I bought both the US & Jpn ver alrdy.. I really dislike them leaving the Jpn track out while it’s exactly the same game, it’s not like there use diff lip sync like MGS4, unless the DVDs have no room..

  • JeremyR

    There were a couple PS2 RPGs that used 2 DVDs. I think the Shadow Hearts sequel and something else…

  • Douglas

    Star Ocean: Till the End of Time used 2 DVDs. So by the way everyone is speaking of the PS3, is this just a timed exclusive then?

  • Jay

    It has not been announced for PS3 period, anything otherwise is unofficial or speculation.

  • Vrakanox

    I really wouldn’t be suprised if this turned out to be one of the best RPG’s of all time. Btw you should also post the 7th character the red guy he looks amazing. Here’s the scan for those who haven’t seen it yet.

  • Pesmerga00

    Vrakanox – Thanks for the scans, I havn’t seen some of them before. The red guy looks very Phantasy Star to me, I wonder if he will be playable. I didn’t see him in any of the battle scans.

    One thing I’ve noticed is that the enemy HP gauge has a silhouette of the monster type behind it. Nice little detail.

    I hope there is a special edition for this. (I know some people are tired of them) I love my Vesperia metal case. Something akin to that, also capable of holding all of the discs properly would be amazing.


  • Vrakanox

    Yeah the first thing I thought when I saw him was phantasy star. I hope he will be playable and I think he will be too because there is an extra spot for his portrait on the main website. Hopefully we will see some battle scans soon, if not. :(

    Also, if there is a special edition for this I will DEFINATELY get it.

  • Chris

    Star Ocean’s always had cat people. Perisie, Leon. This is just the first one girlfriend-less teenagers can fantasize about.

    They’d better have better packaging than Lost Odyssey. I think my disc one got bent just a little the first time I took it out, and now it freezes even more than usual for an XBox 360 game. (And, in specific places during cutscenes, unlike other 360 games.)

  • Nick

    I’m honestly not trying to start a flame war, but I have faith we’ll see this on the PS3. It’d be weird for Sony to have allowed SE and Tri-Ace to pack a trailer for SO4 in with the PSP remakes of the earlier Star Ocean games. This is assuming Sony had the opportunity to allow/deny such a thing, but does that make sense? I’ve never seen a Zune come with an iTunes promo, for example.

  • Jay

    That’s a pretty dumb comparison, those are coming from rival companies. It’s not like the PSP came with a DS promo either. Square-Enix isn’t a first party company so the fact that they included a DVD with a game on PSP to promote SO4 even though it’s on the 360 has no hidden meaning.

  • ChaoofNee

    What is with this whining? My copy of Panzer Dragoon Saga came in a typically fragile Saturn case with each disc in a white sleeve stacked on top of one another.


  • Aoshi00

    @ChaoofNee: Nobody’s whining, I’ve played games for 25 years since the NES days. If they could fit one disc on one tray back in the PSX days, I’m sure they can do it now. I don’t see the logic of giving people so much trouble by saving a piece of plastic.

  • jarrod

    While I don’t doubt it’ll make it’s way to PS3 eventually (likely say early 2010), using the PSP Star Ocean promotions (which tri-Ace had NOTHING to do with btw) is kind of reaching. Hell, I kinda doubt tri-Ace will do the port themselves… they’ll probably hand it off to Square Enix or outsource to someone like TOSE.

  • BlackFreefall

    I still prefer to play my RPG game on my PS3 unless the RPG is exclusively for the 360. This is also why I buy all the shooting game on my 360. Call me crazy but I prefer to play certain game with certain controller.

  • shaimonsimon

    and look what happened… Three discs crammed on top of each other -_-

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