Tatsunoko vs. Capcom Sans A Classic Controller

By Spencer . December 12, 2008 . 4:40pm

Optional beginner controls are part of Tatsunoko vs. Capcom and they aren’t as game breaking as the “easy operation” control scheme in Capcom vs. SNK 2: EO. They do, however, change the way Tatsunko vs. Capcom handles.




Let’s take Ryu as an example. One of his signature moves is throwing fireballs. The Wii remote control scheme drops the quarter circle turn and maps Hadokens to a single press of the 2 button. With this change you can vault in the air and throw five mid-air Hadokens with ease. In fights with a human this “technique” is pretty much worthless, but it does help against CPU controlled giants and makes the last boss a piece of cake.


Since there are less buttons and, perhaps to balance the game, Ryu can’t control the speed of his fireballs. He also can’t control the strength of his anti-air Shoryuken. You can execute the move by holding down + 2, but you’re stuck with the medium powered Shoryuken. Beginners have limited reach with the Shoryuken since only the fierce Shoryuken goes all the way up the screen. The medium one goes up less than half the screen. In exchange for this beginner players can throw rapid Shoryukens and land straight into hurricane kicks. This “strategy” is ridiculous, but you can actually travel the screen by alternating between shoryukens and hurricane kicks in Tatsunoko vs. Capcom. Again, this probably won’t level the playing field for seasoned Street Fighters, but it can throw the CPU into a corner pretty quickly.


Rockman is an interesting character. Capcom gave him a weapon change ability, but you don’t need to chase items dropped on the screen. You can switch between three weapons: a shield, a drill, and a gun. Once you have a weapon you hit forward and medium or back and 1 to use it. If Rockman doesn’t have a weapon he does a lunging punch. Rockman can also fire bullets by tapping fierce or pressing forward + 1 in beginners mode. Have a look at what Rockman can do.



Rockman’s charge shot is missing in the video because you can’t shoot a charge shot in beginners mode which gimps Rockman a bit.




imageLosing a charge shot isn’t that bad compared to what happened to Ken the Eagle. His Bird Shoot move can go in three different directions. Do the motion with jab and he dashes forward, medium makes Ken dive upwards at a 45 degree angle, and hitting fierce makes him go straight up. In beginner’s mode you can only do the Bird Shoot at 45 degrees. Since Ken the Eagle closes distance and counters with the Bird Shoot he effective for beginner’s. The only benefit beginners get is dropping the charge for his Birdrang attack. However, beginner players can’t spam his projectile move.


On the other hand Tekkaman feels more useful since you don’t have to charge for any of his moves. You can surprise players by quickly throwing his lance and comboing straight into a move where Tekkaman does an eight hit lance spin.


Playing Tatsunoko vs. Capcom: Cross Generation of Heroes with the Wii remote is like controlling a different beast.


And Roll is weird. Unlike Marvel vs. Capcom 2, Roll is a completely different character from Mega Man. They chose to use the Roll from the original Mega Man series, although her art style makes it seem like she’s from Mega Man: Powered Up. Anyway, Roll is some kind of housekeeping witch that flies on her broom to dash and unleashes a sweeping fury combo. Still haven’t gotten her moves down yet, but here’s a demonstration of what she can do.



Images courtesy of Capcom.

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  • Simon

    please make this come out in the US


    Actually I’m pretty sure what you’ve described isn’t exactly ‘Easy Operation’ per se – it’s just how the controls are mapped out on the Wiimote.

    If you go to controls configuration you can turn on ‘Easy Operation’, which takes away even more control (can’t quite remember the exact differences, since I didn’t spend too much time in this mode) but in return lets you mash a single button to perform decent combo strings involving normal and context-sensitive special moves.

    EO makes it a lot easier to do air comboes, since you don’t have to know which moves connect to what.

  • Phew… I’m just happy all these easy mappings are optional. Holding one direction and pressing one button seems to bring us several steps back to the old fighting games before SFII. It’s interesting how the modern obsession with “casual” is causing this mechanic to resurface.

  • Emmanuel

    hey can someone give the controls for this game but on the Classic wii remote

  • Hyoga

    You actually CAN charge the Rockman shot using the Wiimote setup. It’s odd, but that command is mapped to F+1. So you if hold 1 and tap F, if you keep holding on to 1, even if you let go of the F after, you’ll see Rock start charging. That’s because you already input the initial command and now just holding the 1 is enough to charge it.
    Try it out.
    It’s tricky, but it does work. The drawback is that, while you’re holding 1 and charging the shot, you can’t really do anything else since your attack button (1) is taken, and your Specials are all just weapon changes that cause no damage…

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