A Tales Mothership Teaser Video

By Spencer . December 15, 2008 . 8:39am

Done with Tales of Symphonia: Dawn of the New World? Namco Bandai has another Tales game for the Wii and it’s part of the core or as they say in Japan “mothership” series. Not much is known about this new Tales game, but we have a video of it and it’s unnamed hero slashing a tiny dragon. Like the other Tales games currently on consoles it’s cel-shaded and the battle system is in 3D.



Images courtesy of Namco Bandai.

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  • jeffx

    Looking very good.

  • lostinblue

    Looks good, but early, no extra characters shown, no anime, no title… and the music is copy pasted from ToD2.

    … and I still want/demand Team Symphonia’s next game on the Wii which this isn’t.

    But, If anything something “early” looking like this just goes to say “we weren’t trying at all” with ToSDotNW though, which still strikes me as completely ridiculous. Looks like it could be a good game, and FINALLY, a good Tales effort for the platform; about time too.

  • Mimi


    “… and I still want/demand Team Symphonia’s next game on the Wii which this isn’t.”

    (LOL) Demand? Oh please. *Rolls eyes* Stupid hardcore gamers. I think you need to grow up. What makes you so fucking special?

  • NONE, and I repeat, NONE of the 3D Namco Tales games have been any good… I am a long time Tales FANATIC, and I absolutely love the 2D Tales games… Phantasia, Legendia, Eternia, Destiny etc… But so far every 3D tales game I have played has been utter garbage. They have been slow-paced (something not-normal for the Tales series) and the stories themselves were trite… Anyone who says Tales of Symphonia or Tales of the Abyss were good, has obviously never played some of the better Tales games.

  • jeffx

    Mimi that was uncalled for, also extremely weak/juvenile. Wonder who needs to grow up?

  • lostinblue

    @ Mimi – Ok, I’ll bite, this is the web and this is my way to express myself, I’m not asking anyone to agree blindly with me and I’m here to talk to whoever wants to talk with me; if you take it seriously to the point of instantly replying with innuendos about what you think I am in real life and what I need to do, then… Well, either you like to fantasize too much or you’re taking all this too seriously (and now I could speculate about your age, what kind of gamer you are and what you need to do… but I won’t); not only that though, but blowing up so easily like that on others and criticizing them you’re falling onto your own words.

    As for why I “demand” it:

    – Team Symphonia did Tales of Symphonia
    – Tales of Symphonia is the highest selling Tales game ever
    – Also the Tales who sold the most outside Japan.
    – Tales of Symphonia was the game that did put Tales on the map outside japan.
    – Since Team Destiny games don’t come over, and since they wouldn’t be on the GC to start with, every Nintendo Tales fan was primarily a Team Symphonia fan to start with, so they want games from the main team.
    – Tales of Symphonia was a GC game (and PS2 in Japan) to whom Wii is the sucessor.
    – They know from the ground that their titles will be released outside Japan.
    – They have a higher budget.
    – They’re the Tales Studio AAA team.
    – Previously Namco would focus on market leading consoles with a reason, more money to be arned, broader userbase.
    – Wii is market leader worldwide
    – Due to fans wanting Team Symphonia’s work, originally Namco Bandai implied ToSDotNW was Team Symphonia’s, when in fact it was just a game recycling Team Symphonia’s assets and engine, and not the “real deal”, or a proper effort for that matter.

    Bottom line point:

    – I just won’t consider they’re going all out on the Wii, or taking it seriously as they should, if they don’t put what they obviously consider their best team on it. I mean, picture Konami doing MGS4 their killer app game for the PS3 with some secondary team while the main one was elsewhere; were they taking PS3 seriously? no, of course no. so I “demand” to be taken seriously; and I think they owe us that.

    That’s the extent of my “demand”, advise, opinion, whatever.

    @ Jaxel – Legendia was 3D, although the battle system took place in a 2D axys (2.5D) :P

    I like 3D tales, and while I certainly wouldn’t want Team Destiny to go full 3D Team Symphonia style (I mean, I like them as they are, different teams) I really like (and even prefer) the 3D Tales still.

    But Wii getting “just” 2D tales would be pretty bad received (and with a reason, I guess) people want games using the hardware to full extent (and Team Destiny is not exactly Vanillaware), while I don’t want Team Destiny to go 3D (there are people speculating this game is theirs) getting only “that” would seem like Namco was downplaying the console and not willing to pull the kind of effort they should; well… like ToSDotNW implied actually, and hence the reception it got in forums and the like.

    (I know you were not implying the Wii should only get 2D tales, but thing is I’ve seen quite a few retards in the past few days who were implying that and I developed the need to kind of reply to the 2D question whenever I see 2D written, sorry)

  • jarrod

    Environments look stunning, but the character/enemy models look rough. Clearly it’s early though, and the “real” shadows already indicate a nice tech step up from Symphonia/Abyss/DONTW.

  • Vrakanox

    Yeah I saw this video a couple days back and I almost shat myself. I have a feeling I’m going to like this game but It’s way too early to pass judgement. Let’s see if this can get me as hyped up as Star Ocean 4 has.

  • Vrakanox

    Then right after I post the door bell rings and it’s the UPS guy with my copy of Tales of Rebirth. Sorry to double post but I just want to say.

    Yay tales!

  • mimi


    sorry lostinblue, but i don’t read novels. *yawn*

  • jeffx

    lostinblue, please don’t feed the trolls next time.

  • lostinblue

    ^ indeed, and to make things worse illiterate trolls at that; not worth the reply.

  • nika

    no troll is worth the reply, illiterate or not.

    I think demanding is a bit of a big word, but I understand how you feel. I’d like another game by them too. though i have to say I would prefer the PS3.

    The game looks very nice from what I’ve seen so far. I actually like the more 3D feel. Like lost in blue said, I’m one of those that got into tales with Symphonia and I prefer the 3D style. I’ve been playing older games (and psp remakes) and up till now I’ve found the 3D style more appealing. matter of personal taste I suppose.

  • Capn Spank

    Tales of Vesperia was awesome. Don’t go bagging on it.

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