You Got Xenosaga In My Tales of Hearts!

By Spencer . December 24, 2008 . 1:45pm

Like Tales? Like crossovers? Then you’re going to love Tales of Hearts. Cameos from other Tales games were expected, but Tales of Hearts goes a step beyond and brings characters from other Namco Bandai games into the Tales universe. KOS-MOS, the female android in Xenosaga, joins Shing as one of the game’s many support characters.


When you call KOS-MOS she rushes into battle and fires a burst of bullets with her G Shot special attack. Tales of Hearts isn’t the only game where KOS-MOS has a cameo role, but it looks like those are the only roles she is getting since the Xenosaga series prematurely ended years ago. Namco Bandai should just pony up and make a KOS-MOS light gun/RPG hybrid for the Wii or something.



Images courtesy of Namco Bandai.

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  • Mr. Mee

    didn’t they have something similar in Tales of the Abyss? Anyhoo, I had the most wonderful idea for a Tales/Xenosaga crossover. It would called Tales of the Zohar and would be a retelling of the entire Xenosaga series into one long game that would have the battle system of the more recent Tales iterations and would sport Prince of Persia quality cel-shaded graphics. Moreover, the A.G.W.S. would have missions that played out like Armored Core’s battle system. Once the A.G.W.S. get scrapped, the new mech units (like the Asher, Dinah, and Simeon) would play out like the Zone of the Enders battle system. All incorporated with RPG elements of course. I dunno, maybe I’m too much of a fanboy but I think that it would be awesome.

  • lostinblue

    ^ plus shadow of the colossus kind of battles against mecha!

    you dream to much, but… dreaming is not a crime. :p

  • “the female android in Xenogears”

    Yeah! typo! yeah!

  • Archer

    Good, now where’s my [email protected] crossover?

  • Chris

    What’s the point of cameos anyway?

    “Hi, I’m that character you like in another game!”

    “Are you involved in the plot?”


    “Do you have any relevance to this game?

    “Not really.”

    “So why are you here?”

    “…So you can see that I’m here and say ‘Cool!’ Why else? Let’s go blow up some weak enemies, I’m really overpowered.”

  • Andy

    I think you answered your own question there, Chris. It’s just fun to see some of your favorite characters from other games, especially if it’s a surprise.

  • Connor

    “What’s the point of cameos anyway?”

    …what kind of question is that? It’s a nice little bonus for fans.

  • Tri-Edge

    KOS-MOS needs more cameos! And what happened to that action game that had her as main character? Only rumors huh?
    Such a great character, she deserves more love than she gets!

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