Introducing The Dingoo – It’s Like An Emulator Micro

By Spencer . January 23, 2009 . 3:03pm

dingoo1 Fitting somewhere in between a Game Boy Micro and a PSP is the Dingoo, a portable system only available in China. Similar to Sony’s handheld the Dingoo has an XMB interface where users can select entertainment functions like listening to music, reading eBooks or watching movies. You can even hook the Dingoo up to a TV and watch the stored movies on a big screen. But, we’re not going to talk about those since the Dingoo is primarily a gaming device.



More specifically, a multi-emulator gaming device. You can’t see this from these photos, but the Dingoo has six buttons: A, B, X, Y and two shoulder buttons. The Dingoo plays NES, GBA, Super NES, Genesis, Neo Geo, CPS1, and CPS2 games. The arcade emulation works decently and since you can hook the Dingoo up to a TV it’s a neat toy. However, there isn’t a way to connect a second Dingoo. If you want to play Street Fighter or Cadillacs & Dinosaurs you have to do it alone. Most arcade games aren’t designed for solo play so while the arcade emulation is technologically sound it isn’t as fun as being in an arcade.


dingoo2 dingoo3


The Dingoo also has a handful of original games. None of them are going to get any awards, but they are interesting and worth a look since they are free. The biggest surprise about the games is some of them are translated into English! Here’s a look at a few of them.


7 Days – The most “impressive” game on the Dingoo by far and it’s in English. 7 Days is like a mix of Resident Evil and Silent Hill with mobile phone quality 3D graphics. The protagonist is a writer trapped inside a mansion that occasionally warps him to a hellish portal. Clues from his missing housekeeper tell the player where to go next. You can turn “bloody” on and off in the menu if the game seems too violent, but I don’t think this covers up the grisly body parts lingering in the background.

dingoo7da1 dingoo7da2 dingoo7da3 dingoo7da4 7dayse 7daysd


Overlord Fighters – a shooter reminiscent of 1942 and the like. Pretty fun to play, but a bit slow.



Decollation Warrior – a hack and slash, loot collecting action RPG that has an English translation with only a few menus in Chinese.



A Chinese RPG – Honestly, I didn’t really play this. I just checked it out and gave up when I couldn’t leave town to fight monsters right away.



I saw Dingoos being sold for around $75 USD so it’s reasonably priced albeit gray area since the emulation features are the biggest draw. Well, 7 Days was pretty cool, but it’s hardly a “killer app”.


Photo Spencer/Siliconera. Images courtesy of Dingoo Games.

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  • basically the PSP can do all of this and so much more, but this is still a cool report, thanks Spencer!

  • maxchain

    W-what about Start and Select?!

    • It has those buttons too.

      • maxchain

        Oh, thank god. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve been screwed over by an emulator and/or controller with Almost Enough Buttons.

        (Also, the thing looks like the bottom half of a DS Lite.)

        • Nekobo

          Haha, I was about to say that it looks like a DS Lite chopped in half.

  • lostinblue

    I remember 7 Days when it was being made for the mobile phones, nice game, I only wonder if their version is “legal” (have they paid the creators?) and well… didn’t knew it had came out (I don’t follow mobile phone gaming)

    As for the rest… denpanosekai, PSP SNES emulation leaves a lot to be desired

    • welshmouse

      they ARE the creators.

      these guys are a mobile phone games software developer. this being their first console.
      given the price i may giveup on the endess deldays of the wiz and just pick up one of these bad boys. could always get a wiz later on when it has a better range of sofware (and i know if it will survive the battle against pandora)

  • Mazen

    Interesting if Playasia have it I would buy it.

    • John

      AFAIK Playaisa don’t stock them, but Dealextreme does, at $89.90, shipping included

  • daizyujin

    A question Spencer. Is this system opensource like the GP2X and the like?

    • I don’t think so (?) I only spent a little time with it and it’s not mine just to write this up.

    • John

      It is.

      There’s a sdk available, but unfortunately, the webpage is in Chinese:

  • JeremyR

    That’s pretty cool. There are already stuff just for emulators like the GP32 and Pandora, but those aren’t too cheap. And most emulation on the PSP leaves a lot to be desired.

    OTOH, the only emulators I ever use on my PSP are the 2600 and Colecovision (which do work pretty well, or did until my PSP’s screen broke…)

  • George

    Very interesting. Could we possibly get a shot with a quarter or a GB Micro or something to compare size?

    • I wish! I don’t have a Micro (screen too small for RPGs) and I don’t own the Dingoo. It’s bigger than a micro though.

      • pecavuk

        Better buy the Dingoo.It emulates some great consoles,and by the looks of it,it has a bigger screen then a Micro.Actually,GBM ain’t bad for RPG’s either,passed Buu’s Fury on it.

  • JeremyR

    Dang, Ebay doesn’t have any. A little surprising, since they often have video game accessories straight from China there.

  • Anonymous

    If you want something smaller and cheaper than the Pandora, you should probably wait for the Wiz instead. You can expect all of the major GP2X emulators currently available to get ported sooner or later (if it isn’t completely and utterly destroyed by the Pandora before). If that includes the PCE and PC-98 ones, it will cover all possible kinds of portable mini-screen 2D game emulation needs anyway…

  • emulator fan

    its on sale at dx but for $105 (shipped worldwide)

    SDK available to write your own stuff here …

    Dimensions: 4.92 in x 2.17 in x 0.59 in

    Weight: 11.53 oz

    hope that helps

  • sneaky

    well, yes, this is kind of exciting. and found is selling this around 80 USD. go to check this out.

  • idiotman

    Thinkgeek sells them. They only have the black color, though.

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