Incoming Flood Of Atlus Game Leaks

By Spencer . January 27, 2009 . 2:14pm

image Amazon Canada just opened the floodgates for Atlus’ 2009 line up. Thanks to a massive leak and a tip from Denpa no Sekai (thanks!!) we have a good idea about the near future. Super Robot Taisen OG Saga: Endless Frontier, Knights in the Nightmare, Dokapon Journey, Crimson Gem Saga (aka Garnet Chronicle in Japan), and Shin Megami Tensei: Devil Survivor are all in the cards. I wouldn’t say the release dates given out by Amazon Canada are written in stone, but these games are probably going to be announced in Atlus Faithful e-mails soon.


Which one are you most excited to play?




Images courtesy of Sting.

  • jj984jj

    Knights in the Nightmare and Devil Survivor!!!

  • Sora

    All the games mention there are awesome can’t wait

  • I said it before and I’ll say it again, 2009 is an incredible year for Atlus.
    Never expected Crimson Gem Saga though. Would have taken a SHMUP over it. Don’t get me wrong, it’s a decent RPG… I actually hope they leave the original English translation in (as a bonus) because it is all kinds of HILARIOUS!!!
    But I’m happy about Endless Frontier, KittN and of course DS.

    At this point I’m more worried about whether or not this will hurt Atlus USA – Amazon CA relationship… we get good deals eh? No bumped up MSRP eh? 10$ off 40$ coupon EH???

  • wario4ever

    n-no! t-too may games my wallet is glowing this isn’t- a-aaaaaaugh! booom!

  • SomeDude

    Man, I hope this gigantic leak doesn’t just make everyone forget about what they’re releasing. 4 games + Devil Summoner 2 is a lot to keep track of.

  • byrc


    SRW OGS, Knights of Nightmare, and Devil Survivor!!!!!!!!!

  • superdry

    Wow…more titles leaked. Kinda crazy that Atlus’s PR department is getting beaten to the punch by all kinds of places (ESRB, Gamefly, and now But, seriously, that is a lot of titles they are localizing and publishing in the first half of ’09.

    Out of those titles listed, I’ll be picking all of them besides Dokapon Journey. I could buy the Asian version of Crimson Gem Saga, but I’d rather support Atlus. And, I’m pretty psyched about Devil Survivor, but, that game getting released here was pretty much a given.

    • ReturnOfSomeDude

      “I could buy the Asian version of Crimson Gem Saga, but the English in the Asian version is almost as bad as the American Ubisoft release of Astonishia Story.”

      There, I fixed it for you.

  • ryne11

    Devil Survivor makes me want to do the Hard Gay Dance

    I feel bad for all the leaks though. I wonder why it only seems to happen with Atlus

  • ReturnOfSomeDude

    byrc: No love for Crimson Gem? For shame.

  • byrc

    Scratch what i said in the last thread.

    2009 year is pretty damn good for atlus usa.

    I was hoping they would finally listen to SRW fan outcries, but aside from that to get get Devil Survivor in such a short time is pretty damn amazing. Astonisha 1 left a bad taste in my mouth so i’m not so sure with Crimson Gem Saga.

    • jj984jj

      “I was hoping they would finally listen to SRW fan outcries”

      Except they picked the wrong OG imo.

      • byrc


        I didn’t notice it was Endless Frontier

        Wrong freak’n game…thanks alot Atlus. We want a true SRW game, not this funky mashup.

  • Kaoro

    I know Atlus must hate all these leaks, but this is all great news. I love you Atlus!

  • Volcynika

    Knights. In. The. Nightmare.

    I want.

  • Zefiro Torna

    Awesome day for leaks. I’ve also noticed and have Raiden Fighter Aces listed with Zoo Games Inc. as the publisher.

    Anyways, glad to see the DS Dokapon is heading here, in addition to the others we’ve clearly seen coming.

  • Mazen

    Most of these are very interesting but I feel bad for Atlus this will effect their hype plan for each game negativly (announcment date, press releases)
    I don’t want this small great company to get hurt.

  • lostinblue

    WOW! I want a new sarcastic Atlus letter soon, they’re kicking 2009 with a bang of leaks

  • M’iau M’iaut

    Amazon seems to be the first place a lot of interesting things emerge. Yes, they are not always completely reliable — Shining Dragon remains AWOL — but they must be generating these lists from somewhere (a retail-specific ISBN/SKU database or even some retail product surety/insurance provider I’d suspect). As had been noted, DS and KitN are certainly things one would have expected Atlus to bring out at some point. Devil Survivor certainly would fill the ‘Atlus faitful’ holiday slot of the last two Personas but still most of this stuff is niche even for them. Not that I won’t buy most if not all of them.

    • Funny thing about Shining Dragon. It is being worked on. We’ve confirmed it with Valcon (US publisher) and Marvelous although the current state it’s in is questionable.

      • M’iau M’iaut

        I’d been trying to keep track of that one through Valcon’s website and forums myself, but hadn’t seen much notice even back when it had a ‘release date’. I even picked up Shepherd’s Crossing in support of their efforts. Sad to hear it still stands in small company limbo.

        However, it is good to see companies old and new still supporting the ‘hobbyist gamer’. 2009 is defintely looking like a year of understanding that you still need to throw our ‘red meat’ out there every once and awhile

  • I may buy Knights in the Nightmare based solely on the excellence that is Riviera (one of Sting’s previous games).

    I’m not sure why I never bought Yggdra Union though. It must have been a release-packed time of year.

  • Keriaku

    Can’t wait for Devil Survivor

  • Devil Survivor and Knights in the Nightmare for sure!

  • Kay

    I’m really looking forward to Devil Survivor and Knights in the Nightmare, but something really urks me.

    Isn’t it Megami Ibunroku: Devil Survivor instead of Shin Megami Tensei: Devil Survivor? This could either mean wasn’t paying attention when they put the game up on their catalogue or that they added it on a whim, assuming that Atlus is going to release the game stateside sometime soon.

    Interestingly, when searching through and clicking on the Devil Survivor link, it displays a page where it says the link is broken and doesn’t exist on the site…

    But if Devil Survivor is really selling at CND$30, man, I am so in.

    • None of the listed games have actual pages. It’s almost as if an intern over at amazon screwed up really bad, or an automated importing script went a little too far.

  • Aj

    Dokapon Kingdom on my DS? Yes. Yes indeed.

  • JeremyR

    As much as I love Atlus, I wish they had picked up a better game than Crimson Gem Saga (like say, the other Legend of Heroes games).

    I actually sort of liked the original Astonishia Story, but for $10 (how much I paid for it), I could overlook a lot, which I really needed to. But unless the sequel is similarly priced, I’ll pass. It doesn’t help either that it’s already in English. Since stores rarely carry PSP games anymore, I have to order them online anyway, it’s just as easy to order an import if I really wanted it.

  • Pichi

    YES!! Wanted Knights in the Nightmare to come over! I think I might check out Endless Frontier since I’m a sucker for the cameo characters.

  • Cactus

    I’m the most psyched for Devil Summoner of course!

    And to Kay, in the West, they release all of these types of games with the SMT label to enforce the brand. in Japan, Persona doesn’t even use the “SMT” label.

  • Nameless

    Where is SRW OGs? >= (

    Although, I am glad the Endless Frontier is coming out… but I fear the dubbing… and the tone down of the jokes. >_>

  • aber

    Damn…Atlus +DS = amazing 2009. Seriously…Steal Princess, Tokyo Beat Down, TrackMania DS, The Dark Spire, Y’s I&II…and now Knights in the Knightmare, Super Robot Taisen OG Saga: Endless Frontier, and Devil Survivor? Atlus has shows why they’ve become a major player the last several years. They’ve turned “niche” in “mainstream”.

    • Seriously. If only they started doings SHMUPs too (a la WD’s Spaz) then I would pretty much only buy games from them from then on.

  • 311

    I want em all

  • xHaseox

    Devil Survivor is it for me. I’ll be sure to have someone pick it up for me while I’m gone for basic training.

  • lostinblue

    seems like Atlus Japan are idiots :(


    Atlus plans for 2009:

    Xbox360 development praised
    This year focused on the Xbox
    3D is so costly to adhere 2D representation
    STG’s future depends on trends and KETSUI DODONPACHI

    • xHaseox

      Well, the Xbox 360 is more developer-friendly than the Playstation 3, and since it is the cheapest console on the market, more people would be likely to see their games as system sellers.

      I’d rather see the next main Shin Megami Tensei title in HD, not with waggle.

      • ReturnOfSomeDude

        Maybe Atlus Japan just has access to sales numbers that aren’t solely from Nintendo, and they know what anyone with half a brain knows…

        Third parties go to the Wii to die.

        I’m in total agreement with Haseo. HD SMT, not Waggle Megami Tensei.

        • lostinblue

          not really, have you seen NPD data recently? Wii hardware sales, and third party sales is raping the other 2 consoles, sure, no third party’s selling like GTA IV did on the HD’s but where is that kind of investment?

          Going for the X360 is completely dumb, for a JRPG company. It’s the worse option in the market:


          Downright stupid.

          As for the waggle, they didn’t have to add any, would have cheaper development costs and could keep their PS2 development pipeline; which is really the biggest advantage they could have in any platform (and clearly don’t on the HD’s)

          • xHaseox

            Well, by your logic, all SMT games should be on the DS.

            Not directed at you personally, but I’ve noticed a lot of people around here seem to want EVERYTHING on the Wii. Too bad, but that’s not going to happen.

            The Xbox 360 is only $200. Buy one, because I pity the fools who only have a Wii, unless you really enjoy Imagine Party Babyz that much.

          • lostinblue

            Well, DS is a fine platform, but it is a portable one and thus I don’t think it’s fitting that a JRPG company focuses on it coming from a home console, more like a big downgrade. They should support a home console primarily intead, but the one that is better for them, not the one that sells worse in Japan by a blind mile.

            A lot of people out here talk about market direction and when games should head from a market standpoint, and that is not the X360 for JRPG’s, not by a bling mile. also you make it sound like “ahahaha, you’re sore, I pity you for having a wii, lolol” when that’s not really the case, I can buy a X360 whenever, I just don’t want one, and as much as I like SMT I don’t think that’ll change; this said, if X360 sold games through the roof as was cheaper to develop I’d be the first to say that the system borrows itself to that kind of content. But… it doesn’t and thus I keep my point; the “focusing on X360” is one of the stupidest news ever, and a error I didn’t expect Atlus to commit in 2009.

    • King Frost

      Where did you get this information?

      • lostinblue

        oh, X360 Famitsu from this week has a blowout, wait, I’ll look for it:

        run babelfish or something on it :)

        • xHaseox

          Seeing as how that’s the Xbox 360 Famitsu, it doesn’t mean they aren’t working on Playstation 3 development as well.

          Perhaps PS360 SMT titles? Hell, I’d love that.

          • lostinblue

            they said specifically that they were focusing on X360, which makes it the lead platform rather than the PS3.

            But yeah, I’d be surprised if it wasn’t coming on PS3 too, if that happened nothing could explain it other than moneyhats.

            As for the HD SMT “thing” that’s not the issue, I also like HD and all that, I just don’t think that’s where the biggest window of oportunity for them is, and they could cash-in somewhere else while keeping their PS2 production pipeline. I’d be satisfied with atlus doing persona 3 class graphics for 10 years from now, for instance (again, I like graphics as much as the next guy, but that’s really something I don’t demand from SMT). Now they’re gonna have to invest a lot more, for no reason; and hopefully not taking years of development on it; persona 4 was a 17 month project, just how I like them.

          • xHaseox

            The “current” market for JRPGs is now the handhelds. Maybe Atlus is looking at the bigger picture, focusing on American consumers as well? The Japanese market isn’t what it used to be.

            The Playstation 2 is on it’s last leg, and it’s time to move on.

          • lostinblue

            yep, ps2 on it’s last leg, time to move on… to the Wii >_< Wii is market leader in US too you know, even if they were focusing on markets outside Japan.

            Anyway, I don't disagree; japanese market has a problem now, and neither of these "discentralizations" are the answer (rather I think people in Japan aren't seeing the content they want in the platforms they possess; FF reached what it reached because it was always in a lead platform there, for instance), but I just find it a bad decision at this point, and a waste of money and time that could be invested elsewhere. (I wanted persona 5 in 17 months and looking seem'ish, yeah)

          • xHaseox

            Fuck the Wii. Seriously, I’m tired of hearing that EVERYTHING needs to be on the Wii.

            Hey, maybe Square Enix should move Final Fantasy XIII, Dissidia, Versus XIII Star Ocean 4, Kingdom Hearts Birth By Sleep all to the WII.

            Halo for the Wii, Gears for the Wii, God of War for the Wii. Team ICO should scrap their Playstation 3 title and move to the Wii.

            Every title ever made and that will be made should all go to the Wii.

            Seriously, buy an Xbox and GET OVER IT.

          • lostinblue

            Erm… whatever. We were having a conversation, and you just blew up; no point in arguing when it comes to that, only if I wanted to go as low. (not to mention arguments get countered with arguments, which those aren’t; instead resembling how people on the interwebs react when they don’t really have them and feel somewhat cornered, which wasn’t my intention since I wasn’t even compelling you into agreeing with me)

            My opinion won’t change, yours won’t either, I thought we had accepted this, and if you pushed your point towards the PSP, DS or another low cost platform I’d have to agree since THAT is my point considering what Atlus is, and what HD consoles mean when it comes to development costs (and development time); this said, I didn’t say whatever words you seem to be trying to put in my mouth, neither to I want to pursue my opinion further while talking to you when you’re heading THERE.

            It’s you who should get over that “it’s all because you don’t own ” attitude, not everything goes around that kind of thinking when it comes to consoles and market conversations. I could go to the store and buy one now if I wanted, that’s not my issue at all and you make question to put it backwards. Good ridance.

          • xHaseox

            If Atlus chooses Xbox 360 development, then there is a reason.

            If you are a fan of Atlus Japan’s titles, you’ll buy the console they put their games on, rather than sit on the internet, calling them stupid and bitching about where they are putting their games.

            I don’t preach about market shares and development costs. That isn’t my problem, it’s theirs. I just play the games.

          • lostinblue

            I’ll do BOTH, thank you ;) Talk about market sense, facts, market share, what I think, my opinion and stuff… (which I already did) And eventually play them. That’s what I always do, in fact; separate things; why? because unlike a lot of people in the interwebs I know how to. And if anyone doesn’t… well, it sucks to be them. That said, I’m not giving up my point/opinion/line of thought, obviously; because it’s mine.

            (did you honestly think I wouldn’t play them? jeez, interweb stereotypes are getting to you, what next? I’m writing a suicide letter like those FFXIII fans? like I said multiple times that’s not my line of thought/point; or will)

  • Which one are you most excited to play?

    Super Robot Taisen OG Saga and Shin Megami Tensei: Devil Survivor.

  • MadMirko

    I’ll only skip Crimson Gem Saga. That said, I wish Atlus would offer a game subscription so I wouldn’t have to track all those release dates. :)

  • Lucky

    Super Robot Taisen OG Saga!? Whoo! And Knights in the Nightmare? (And obviously Devil Survivor, awesome).

    Atlus just killed my wallet.

  • Kalvin

    I was hoping they bring out the US version of PS2 Super Robot Taisen OG……

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