Finally, You Can Watch Some Final Fantasy XIII Gameplay Footage

By Spencer . January 28, 2009 . 8:35am

Square Enix’s Final Fantasy XIII countdown is over and we have a brand new trailer. Lightning and Snow do something other than look pretty in this one. They enter combat!


Lightning can knock an enemy in the air with a launching move then dish out two attacks. The “fight” command appears to be more dynamic in Final Fantasy XIII. You do different moves depending on where you place fight in the three possible commands. Snow casts blizzard spells and Lightning, strangely enough, casts fire spells. She should be shocking enemies with Thundaga or something.



One difference between the Japanese trailer posted above and the US one is this little blurb at the end.




This is Square Enix’s way of spelling out “no Final Fantasy XIII this year outside of Japan”.


Images courtesy of Square Enix.

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  • pressstart

    “In Production” Hah, is that a first in a trailer? Well, it’s the first time I’ve ever seen that phrase as a trailer ending.

  • QBasic

    I gotta admit…I wasn’t too keen on buying that horribly expensive ACC first print. But the thought of AC on HD…and now this…

    I’ve gotta be one hell of a sucker… SE got me with their fucked up business-strategy.

    They’re evil. Hence, they must be destroyed.

  • First time I’ve genuinely been excited for a FF title since 9. Seriously.

  • Looks to be like the the team behind FFXIII took FFX-2’s game play and tweaked it a little. Looks good but nothing special about the game play.

    • QBasic

      Yeah, except X-2’s overall crappy presentation aside…it had THE best gameplay out of any FF.

      Even if it’s just a cheap clone in terms of gameplay, there’s plenty reason to be psyched.

      That said…I have no damn clue what you’re talking about…as this isn’t even CLOSE to X-2’s gameplay….

      • You and I are on the same wavelength. FFX-2 had the best ATB system I’ve ever experienced. Awesome game, when you ignore everything outside of the battles.

        • or simply didn’t take it to seriously. I had a lot of fun playing the game, and part of that was indeed the battles.

    • Rciwws

      Yeah I kinda felt like the soldiers kinda had a stance similar to the LeBlanc cronies from x-2 lol.

    • It sure does look very similar to FFX-2’s game play if you ask me. Maybe it’s because I played it too much since imo it’s stands as the best game play against all of the FF series, only difference I really see is they added more tricks in attacking + multi-attacks which is nothing new to the series really.

      Although I can’t really say much just from that small clip… once I try the demo I -may- change my mind about the similarities or not.

    • G

      I don’t think much that it looks like FFX-2 battle gameplay. It’s more like White Knights C. ATB system with the aerial combos gotten from the Star Ocean 3 or 4 games…

  • Strike_Man

    Finally, a trailer showing a decent amount of the in-game graphical qualities and battle system. THIS is a game trailer worth getting excited over, not the mostly or all CG ones of the past.

  • Aoshi00

    Awesome, finally some fast paced turn-based action :) The last FF for me of course was X.

    I’m tempted to get AC again on HD (alrdy have both the US & Jpn ver for DVD), but I’m probably going to wait for the US Blu-ray which would be like $50 cheaper, a demo is not worth that much.

    I have only one request to S-E, pls try not to use famous actors instead of experienced voice actors for the main roles (FF 12, Lost Odyssey, recent Miyazaki flicks). Lightning sound quite cool, wonder who she’s voiced by, Snow & Vanille too..

    Also, I love the mechanical design for the enemies.

  • Kaoro

    The gameplay looks excellent. It seems to mesh together the best of the turn-based and action worlds with this combat system. I just hope there’s a lot of strategy involved.

    Am I reading into the “In Production…” line, or is that hinting that the Xbox 360 porting process is underway?

    I HOPE that because Square has decided to put these trailers out for their NA and Euro audiences then maybe they don’t plan on launching too far out from the Japanese release. I mean, if we have over a year to go, why would they start now? Then again the japanese FF13 site was barebones with one trailer for a long time, maybe they’ll do the same for us.

  • ADA

    Finally some gameplay, the battle system seems like an evolution of the one in valkyrie profile. Which was alot of fun XD

  • The battle system looks great, but there’s so much ‘Star Wars’ feel on the game.

  • Considering how long they’ve been hiding the game from us, I’m genuinely surprised by how good this looks. Battle system looks like it might be taking elements from X-2, XII, and possibly even Kingdom Hearts (though that may be pushing it).

  • Actually, on further review, it does look like it might be borrowing some ideas from White Knight Chronicles.

  • Aoshi00

    I just watched this trailer again on PS3 in all its HD glory, it looks amazing. It’s fully subbed in English too, I’m more interested now. I think Lightning is voiced by Sakamoto Maaya (Aerith), but not very sure..

    • It sounded like that to me as well. But I wonder, it seems strange to use the same Seiyu again for such an importand character.

      I can’t they I’m happy with the subs though. They are so different from what is beeing said, it feels strange.

      • Aoshi00

        I’m not crazy about seiyuu voicing more than one major character either, but Tseng is voiced by Seymour (Suwabe Jun’ichi) and Squall by Auron (Itachi of Naruto) retrospectively. I suppose Maaya sounds different enough as Lightning w/ a more Haruhi masculine voice, like I said I’m not 100% sure though until they announce the seiyuu cast, could be another actress who sounds like her..

        Hm.. what do you mean the sub being different? I thought it was a very perfect official sub.. You mean like when they coin the term “Focus”? I wonder who the voice of the narrator belongs to, I know seiyuu is Ebara Masashi (Guy in Naruto), sounds like some higher up from the seifu government.

        • Suwabe voices seymour? oh my, I need to dig up my Japanese FFX. This I need to hear again. *starts to overlap characters voiced by Suwabe. Things are getting quite akward inside my head now*

          yes, focus. and ‘I dreamt it’ were probably the most obvious. But I had that feeling that it was off the entire trailer. Although this probably conveys what they imply better (I can’t think of another reason to translate this freely)

          I guess I’m just a horrible purist xD

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