Final Fantasy VII: Advent Children Complete Has English Voices, But None In This Trailer

By Spencer . January 29, 2009 . 1:59pm

Final Fantasy VII: Advent Children Complete also known as that other disc you get when you purchase the Final Fantasy XIII demo comes out on April 16. This cut is 126 minutes long – a full 25 minutes over the original film released here almost three years ago. Square Enix sprinkled this trailer with a bit of the new footage.


The Japanese release, so far the only release of Final Fantasy VII: Advent Children Complete, will have English and Japanese voices. However, only Japanese subtitles will be available. English and Japanese voices, huh? So, did Square Enix record new English voices for the extended footage or are those sections going to be Japanese voices only? Another alternative is skipping voice acting for the extra scenes entirely. They could rely on subtitles to tell the story similar to the bonus scenes stuffed in Square Enix’s International video game re-releases. Right now this is a mystery so importers should take note in case you planned to watch the movie after playing Final Fantasy XIII.



Images courtesy of Square Enix.

  • Ryu Kazama

    Such awful quality video…*sniff*

    • Ryu Kazama

      Whoops. Forgot HQ version. My bad!

  • Craiji

    One of the voice actors Wally Wingert already has posted on his blog that he recently did new dialogu for FFVIIACC

    • QBasic

      Um, bullshit? There’s nothing on his site or journal that says that…

      • Craiji

        Wally’s Week December 15 – December 21, entry on Wednesday the 17th – WET WEDNESDAY! …

        • QBasic

          Well now…I take back what I said with an added apology… o_o

      • Craiji

        And to make it easier for you

        “I got back in the car and went over to Skylark studios to finish up my recording for ‘Final Fantasy 7: Advent Children.’ Though the movie came out about 3 years ago, it’s being retooled for a Blu-Ray release, and as a result they’re adding more lines for some of the characters, including mine….Rufus Shinra. We got to the very last line and we were stuck. The translation from Japanese wasn’t working well with the lip articulation in the animation, so Bob the director told me to go chill out for awhile and they would rewrite the line.”

        • Craiji

          He also has completed voice work for WKC

    • Awesome! Thanks for the diligent research. Since Square Enix spent money to get new English we should get an English version.

      • Strike_Man

        I honestly see little reason why Sony (who, to the best of my knowledge, still holds the North American rights to this picture) wouldn’t want to release this movie on BD in the US. The movie’s target demographic lines right up with the type of consumer that Sony wants to sell a PS3 to (if they haven’t done so already). Just as they are doing in Japan, a smart move would be to convince gamers to that essentially the PS3 is the only gaming console where they can watch this movie in HD, AND play the new FF game(s) in HD too.

        On a side note, this trailer is even that much more over the top than the original movie was, that I honestly can’t tell if it is TRYING to become a parody of itself or not.

      • QBasic

        I think that pretty much confirms it as well.

  • Aoshi00

    Pretty nice addition. I’ve always thought the opening scene w/ Tseng being roughed up in the crater a little cheesy w/ “sound only”, he’s one of my favs since he’s voiced by Seymour in FFX.

    Too bad it doesn’t seem to have Eng. subtitles.. The FF13 demo is tempting, but considering the same Blu-ray would be released at around $25 in the US later, the import price tag is just too steep.

    The only Blu-ray I want to import is Resident Evil Degeneration because I want to hear the Jpn dub, which isn’t featured on the US version (is Thai really in that much demand?)

    • QBasic

      I’ll be honest.

      The chance of this coming to the US is slim. Of anything, they’ll just release the DVD edition on Blu-Ray stateside at a later date.

      • Aoshi00

        It’d be nice if it gets released here as the special edition w/ the extra footage. Reason I don’t want to jump the gun is I bought the Jpn Advent Children DVD at $60, then the US DVD was so cheap, which I ended up buying again because of the english dub and sub, the Jpn DVD was pretty barebone w/ one language track, the only thing exclusive was the Jpn subtitle. I’ll see. I do want to get the Jpn Degeneration Blu-ray eventually, but they’re so damn expensive, $60 vs. $20.

  • kurono

    Already have my copy pre-ordered. April seems so far away, but that doesn’t matter, I’ll have something to look forward to after graduation. :D

  • Nice trailer. I don’t think I will buy it though. At least not right at the release.

  • Devonian

    Oh, come on, S-E is doing this shit with their movies TOO now?

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