A Bunch Of Atlus Games Just Got Delayed

By Spencer . February 3, 2009 . 12:53pm

image Atlus is working on a ton of games and a handful of them are being held up in development. March was the month of Atlus with five games on deck. Now, only two of those games, TrackMania DS and Tokyo Beat Down, will be in stores then. The other three have been rescheduled to ship in April.


Here’s a quick list of the changes:


Tokyo Beat Down: March 10 -> March 31

Hammerin’ Hero: March 3 -> April 5

The Dark Spire: March 10 -> April 14

Steal Princess: March 24 -> April 21


Actually, looking at Atlus’ revised release schedule April is the new month of Atlus. Hammerin’ Hero, Class of Heroes, Dokapon Journey, Steal Princess, and The Dark Spire will all be released then. Hmm… I wonder how these delays will affect the rumored Atlus release schedule which claims Super Robot Taisen OG Saga is coming out that month too.


Images courtesy of Atlus.

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  • Any explanation for these delays? But I always thought it was ridiculous to have FIVE games in one month. Wouldn’t this have set a precedent of some sort, console launch titles excluded?

    • lostinblue

      their computer had gained conscience and planned world domination by focusing development on the Wii… or something.

      In all seriousness, here’s the press release they did:

      “Atlus today announced that its central supercomputer, tasked with planning and scheduling upcoming Atlus titles, recently suffered a critical hardware failure, rendering the planned launch dates for a small handful of Atlus games obsolete. As technicians scrambled to repair the mainframe, hoping to minimize fallout, they discovered that the machine had become self-aware and was plotting to take over the world.

      “Unfortunately, a few Atlus titles will have to be slightly rescheduled as to their date of release, but the changes will be minimal. Also, every working day for us passes in constant fear, terror, and paranoia with the knowledge that our primary computer is now plotting to destroy us,” commented an Atlus engineer on the subject of release date changes and the now-sentient supercomputer with a hunger for manflesh.”

      Server crash, apparently.

      • Huh, I didn’t get the memo I guess.
        I’m pretty bummed about The Dark Spire getting delayed.

        • lostinblue

          the soundtrack for that game looks awesome. As for the rest… not convinced just yet (and running low on money too ^^’)

    • Yeah if you count Ys it’s five delays total. The press release about the “supercomputer” was tongue-in-cheek so there was no real explanation. I think Atlus is just swamped with too many projects. They’re working on so many games compared to what they usually do.

  • K

    I’m all over TrackMania DS. Hopefully it will sell well and we can get a home console version of the cult PC title.

    • lostinblue

      lacks online though. (and… I didn’t know it was Atlus who was publishing it in US)

  • I wonder if this affects Atlus Online in some way.

  • jj984jj

    This makes me wonder if any of the games leaked on amazon.ca got leaked as well… I hope KitN and Devil Survivor make it out in Q2.

  • Joanna

    I guess I’m the only one who is glad Steal Princess and Spire are delayed. I’m kind of low on cash at the moment, but I should be able to scrap some money together by April.lol.

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