Battles Of Star Ocean: The Last Hope

By Spencer . February 3, 2009 . 3:12am

Fights in Star Ocean: The Last Hope, much like Star Ocean: Till the End of Time, are frantic. One minute you’re throwing black holes and blasting enemies with bullets and in the next you’re slicing them with a laser scythe. Let’s hope the computer controlled party members can keep up with the action with intelligent moves.


Battles might be Marvel vs. Capcom 2 crazy, but they aren’t random. Players run into enemies and get an advantage if you sneak up on them from behind. The last clip gives a demonstration of this and a dreaded “Raided Attack.”





Images courtesy of Square Enix.

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  • vall03

    Now Im craving for a 360 again! That was totally awesome! Especially the first video! That cyborg just blew my mind! Throwing black holes and firing giant cannons and a chainsaw to boot! I want to get this game!

  • Ray

    I only want a 360 for this game. Battles look much better than SO3 of course…I wish this would come out on PS3.

    • lostinblue

      it’ll come, eventually, like eternal sonata, and last remnant did, and Tales of Vesperia will.

      They just won’t confirm it yet, because it was a moneyhatted game, thus, timed exclusive.

      • Boognish

        Last Remnant was always a multi-platform title. No plans for a Vesperia or Star Ocean PS3 port at the moment.

        • lostinblue

          Regarding Vesperia, is that hence why Namco leaked a listed PS3 version multiple times now, including portal for the game sorted by platforms (with PS3) ;)

          The port is planned, thing is like Eternal Sonata before it they’re not supposed to announce it before exclusivity expires. And Star Ocean 4 boxes also had the “only on” x360 logo a while ago and it was noticed that it dropped it.

          ToV is definetly coming, Last renmant had it’s timed exclusivity bought, and Star Ocean 4 is most likely timed exclusive as well. Of course, if they don’t have, for some reason, to do the port they won’t, as that means porting the game after release, but… I’d say it’ll come for sure, for starters X360 results when it comes to RPG’s have been lackluster at best and Square-Enix will want more money from it; they never said they won’t do it too.

          Now, they’ll be bound to timed exclusivity, 1 year problably, you can quote me on that.

          • Aoshi00

            What do you care if a title is temporarily exclusive or otherwise, you don’t seem to own either PS3 or 360. People who do own these systems are enjoying these games.

            Starting at $199, etc..

          • lostinblue

            your point being? And yup, I don’t own either, neither am I really interested on this one in particular since I didn’t enjoy SO3 much (now, if it was Radiata Stories 2 I’d be all over it), still I’ve been following news and stuff about it. So answering your question “what do I care” not much, other than thinking it should be multiplatform from the start; if it ever materializes afterwards it’s a lot more expensive than doing it alongside.

            He said he wanted the game, preferably on his system, and I said he’ll probably have it there, providing he waits a full year for it or something. Plus, paying “starting at 199, etc” plus the price of the game… just to play a game he’s interested in… I mean, I’ve seen people buying consoles for less (including myself) but if I had a PS3 I certainly wouldn’t go out of my way for this one. In short, I’d wait for the aforementioned version. (not that I think it’ll be better than the X360 version seeing that if a port materializes X360 will still be the leading platform and the track record of ports to the PS3 has been far from brilliant; or even that I’d rather have such versions seeing that I hate bluray boxes for not going along with my regular DVD box collection… but hey, they’ll probably get the game, eventually… and that’s my point)

            It’s a matter looking at the pattern and inherent strategy of how these things worked out lately (and ToV is definitely coming to the PS3). Plus, Square-Enix always refused to say they won’t port it afterwards; they’re clearly leaving the door open.

            It’ll most likely come. (I don’t really understand the point of your argument though)

          • Aoshi00

            My point is very simple, stop crying sour grape. “I hate games in HD on the next gen systems, I could play games w/ PS2/Wii graphics for the next ten years, Wii fanboys are supposed to get all the RPGs on their market leader system but are not getting it, Microsoft money hat this and that for the 100th time, wah wah wah”. yawn.

            If one can spend $250 on a Wii w/ mostly shovelwares and just handful of fun titles, I’m sure one can afford a 360 w/ plenty of JRPGs and many other good games. Also you can stream tons of movies if you are alrdy a netflix subscriber, and I watch lots on it, so it’s also a media center.

            On the bright side, at least the Wii is getting Arc Rise Fantasia, which I would get too. Probably not going have the Jpn track, and Nintendo of course would region lock the Jpn ver.. at least give us the option to import. If they have it in black color I would get a 2nd system for those handful of games I want to play, still it’s more expensive than a 360 w/ crappy graphics.

          • lostinblue

            your point has no bearing when:

            A) I didn’t bought the Wii into this, neither do I want to, and I certainly have no queries regarding it.
            B) I actually backed up Final Fantasy XIII going multiplatform (probably moneyhatted, but what’s wrong about moneyhatting something into reaching more people? that’s my stance, and I don’t think it is incoherent)
            C) I think Final Fantasy XIII versus should follow, X360-only owners deserve it now that they’re getting FFXIII.
            D) I don’t really like when people try to sell me hardware, thank you; I know how to do my decisions and if I was fuzzed regarding it I would (have I ever spoken of the huge pile of RPG’s I have in here waiting for my time? there’s too many here, enough to pull a hikinomori for a few years and still have juice)

            E) the point REALLY was that a PS3 SO4 might happen (and what’s so wrong with that? you’re the one overreacting and chasing me here, for no good reason other than jumping onto a reply most would take as normal “hey it might come to your console, *if* you want to wait; I don’t see you jumping down that dude who said “lol, B team” which I’m sure both of us don’t agree)

            You should stop throwing those stereotypes at me, like: if I had a X360 suddenly I could tell the guy what I did and get away with it, since I have a X360; but since I don’t it must be because I don’t have one and actually want one/the game? twisted logic that; and again the point was… SO4 might come to the PS3 if he waits, and if you ask my opinion I think it’ll definitely coming; do I want it? no, but then again I don’t really want want either of the upcoming announced Kingdom hearts (whom I have the platforms) or Agito XIII. I’ll buy all these games eventually, but as for being “interested” no, not really; and unless someone close tells me SO4 feels like SO2 rather than than SO3 (SO3, which is how it appears to me…) then I’m not really interested.

            As for the rest of your point, I think we’re really stretching it but I’ll try to make it quick: there’s a easy way to get region free on your console if you want to, search for wii homebrew channel; better than buying a second one. As for the japanese track… XSeed is trying to keep it, but trying and achieving are different things.

  • Ray

    WIsh I had a 360 or that this would come out on PS3 instead.

  • Vrakanox

    I bought the 360 specifically for this reason. This is going to be one of if not the best RPG of all time IMO. I haven’t been hyped this much for a game since I heard they were REmaking the original Resident Evil on Gamecube.

  • Groovy

    I like it =)
    loved the battle system in SO3 and this one gets me even more hyped.

  • tina tuna

    B TEAM rpg and it shows. (tri-ace developed) waiting for FFXIII and FF VS XIII instead.

  • Pesmerga00

    I can’t wait for this game. One of my most anticipated titles.

    The Japanese official website has a new commercial up. It’s short, but people following this game closely might like to know that they have revealed a new playable character. A feather folk girl with glasses. It doesn’t show any of her combat moves, but her HP is higher than the big Cyborgs. A melee character that can fly certainly would be cool.

    (The clip is under Special then Promotional Movie, it’s the one on the bottom left.)

  • Aoshi00

    Looks amazing. Hopefully it would have dual audio tracks. Can’t wait for this & SF IV.

    • Pesmerga00

      Sorry, but I don’t think it will. At least according to an IGN interview. As with anything from IGN it has to be taken with a grain of salt.

      ” Will players have the option to listen to the Japanese voice acting instead of the English one?

      Star Ocean Dev Team: Unfortunately, this option will not be available. ”

      If your interested here is the interview.


      • Aoshi00

        It would be disappointing if that’s the case, wish they would follow Blue Dragon, Lost Odyssey, or Eternal Sonata in including dual tracks (Lost Odyssey has 5!)

        Not to sound like an elitist, but it’s hard to enjoy an excellent story sometimes w/ a lackluster Eng. dub, especially an RPG, the Eng. trailer doesn’t sound too good either.. I really wonder if it’s due to limited disc capacity as they claim or they just choose to not put in the Jpn track. The thing is most of the time the Jpn & Eng. version of these games are identical and are able to load up the same save files..

        • lostinblue

          that is the case, I had read that interview as well, no dual audio option.

          • Aoshi00

            Dang, Jpn & Eng ver for me then :)

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