Much Ado About I Will Protect You

By Jenni . February 6, 2009 . 1:55pm

Idea Factory has been getting a lot of attention due to its forthcoming action game I Will Protect You, the flagship title for its new Otomate Forte line of games.


Ore ga Omae o Mamoru (I Will Protect You) didn’t begin life as an Otomate game. Initially, it was as Steven Hutchins Associate Producer at Idea Factory explains, “a straight up action dungeon style RPG and not targeted towards girls at all.” Later on it was molded into the new Otomate Forte brand. Vingt et un Systems is responsible largely for the programming while Idea Factory and their female staff members are working to make it a game they’d want to play.


Kazuki Yone, who Siliconera readers will recognize as Hiiro no Kakera’s artist, designed I Will Protect You’s white-haired hero Ren. In addition, the vocal cast will include the renowned Miyano Mamoru, who is well known for his roles in Death Note, Kingdom Hearts, Vampire Knight, Ouran High School Host Club, Mobile Suit Gundam 00, Soul Eater, Tales of Vesperia and Wolf’s Rain.


You’ll be able to learn much more about Otomate Forte and I Will Protect You in a forthcoming interview that will be appearing very soon on Siliconera. Until then, enjoy some screens and character art.


Images Courtesy of Idea Factory.

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  • EvilAkito

    As yaoi-ish as the game looks, I’d still be interested in playing it if it ends up being a good side-scrolling action/adventure game. It’s just a genre that we don’t see enough of these days.

    • I don’t think it will end up being a yaoi kind of game. From what I’ve seen from Idea Factory’s Otomate line, and this being Otomate Forte, I’m pretty sure it will probably end up being boy girl.

      The map ends up looking pretty complicated in some screen shots, so it could end up being a pretty impressive layout and game. Plus the enemies shown so far look pretty impressive.

  • Peter

    I’ll try it. Is there going to be any boy and boy action? Me likes that kind of stuff. :)

  • Aoshi00

    The graphics looks pretty good. I like Miyano Mamoru okay.. his voice as the King in Ouran was so dreamy and funny. The only role he played that annoys me the most is Kyrie in World Destruction, at least from the anime.

    • I didn’t know he did a voice in World Destruction.

      When I learned Miyano Mamoru was doing voice acting for this, I immediately recognized it because he voices Zero in the Vampire Knight game I just got.

      • Aoshi00

        Yeah, he’s the main character for World Destruction, using this annoyingly soft whinny voice, in contrast to his usual cold personalities. You know when a seiyuu’s on a roll, he/she gets most of the main roles from games/anime, like Hirano Aya (Haruhi, Polka, Misa, etc).

        I’m pretty big on seiyuu, but I haven’t watched much anime in the last year since I could only find time for video games :(… Can’t say I’m into Otome games, but I love the voice acterss Saiga Mitsuki (Wolfram from Kyou kara Maoh), she really sounds like a guy.

  • Mazen

    Thanks in advance for the interview, hopefully there is nothing sexual in the game.

    • I doubt it Mazen. Most Idea Factory Otomate games are Cero B, which means for ages 12 and up.

      Since it was originally designed as an action game, I don’t think it will be sexual.

  • Ren’s outfit is, well um, unique?

    I’m curious about what kind of directions the game will take.

    • Unique is… a very good way to put it. I prefer Velles’ outfit (that’s the guy next to him).

      I’m really interested to hear how the storyline is going to go, and what roles Ren, Velles and Eruza play.

  • Zetsway

    LMAO!!! Did he just say boy on boy action!?…Srry it was hard to ignore.

  • jarrodand

    Looks like a Castlevania clone. I’m game, hopefully NISA or Atlus pick it up…

    • Lil’Akurei

      Anyone BUT Atlus and/or NIS, their translations are suck city. >_> Though I’d go with NIS over Atlus of the two evils as NIS at least has the decency to leave the Japanese voices in!

    • mossburger

      Except that this game is targeted 100% to females… And will not be very fun for guys to play, unless you like romancing dudes.

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