• Mazen

    Great interview, yes if the game is good everyone will like it no need to westernize games after all all the titles that started the japanese games and anime sales boom in the west was not westernise just translated I hope more companies notice that westernized japanese games alwayes underperform.
    That neo-forum is interesting really full of fan girls it seems, nice didn’t know such popular forum exist.
    Iam playing My World My Way now and I know that the game mostly targeted for females yet Iam enjoying it.

    • http://www.siliconera.com Jenni

      I Will Protect You is definitely looking like an interesting game.

      Yup, the Neo-Forum is a very lively place, and the people who frequent it really know what they’re talking about when it comes to otome games.

      I’ve been playing My World My Way as well, and I absolutely adore it.

    • mossburger

      My World My Way is not targeted towards females actually but to males, according to the character designer (who is a woman). Can’t blame you for thinking it is though, even in Japan, many people were confused upon seeing the character art for this game, on which audience the game was targeted to, but the game apparently is just a RPG targeted mostly to male gamers, with a parody and goofy aspect.

      However, the type of games they are talking about here (the otome game genre) are different, they are games targeted solely (and I mean solely, the audience they have in mind is 100% male) to females.

      Mostly games with romantic themes where you play a female main character and a big part of the game revolves on which handsome guy you are going to hook up with. So, good game or not, it’s a very male unfriendly type of games, I mean, how many dudes want to romance another dude in a game?

      These games are what many English speakers call “dating-sims”, except in this case you date dudes instead of chicks.

  • http://denpanosekai.blogspot.com denpanosekai

    Hah! I knew Steve Hutchins would give an interview here sooner or later… good job Jenni.

    • http://www.siliconera.com Jenni


      Steve’s really a great guy, and he offered so much great information on Idea Factory, Otomate Forte and I Will Protect You.

  • http://www.siliconera.com/ Ishaan

    Great interview, Jenni!

    I’d missed this game earlier, but it’s definitely on my radar now. It would be awesome to see Hiiro no Kakera make it over, too.

    • http://www.siliconera.com Jenni


      Hiiro no Kakera is really a great game. Yes, it’s an Otomate and otome title, but the premise and atmosphere of the game make it one that anyone could really enjoy. Especially if you like dramatic visual novels.

      Idea Factory has another VERY promising port coming out soon – Will O’ Wisp for the DS and PSP. It has gorgeous gothic style character designs and centers around living dolls.

  • http://www.siliconera.com/ Ishaan

    Oh, I had to mention…awesome choice for your thumbnail pic on the front page.

    • http://www.siliconera.com Jenni

      Isn’t that just the coolest screen? I saw that image and thought, “Yup, that’s front page material.”

  • http://sidequestblog.blogspot.com/ Musashi

    Thanks for the interview, the game have great art, and if it uses the castlevania ‘formula’ I think that will be a good game.

    • http://www.siliconera.com Jenni

      The art really is spectacular, and judging by the size of the map in some of those screenshots, it looks like a fairly lengthy adventure’s ahead of I Will Protect You players!

      I’m liking the size of those monsters that Ren’s facing too.

  • http://www.nisamerica.com NickyD

    This was a good, honest sounding interview. It makes me pour a little of my respect canteen onto the desert of Idea Factory. If I recall, Nippon Ichi always bashed IF, saying something along the lines of “we’ll localize their games when they make one worth localizing”… which is funny, since NISA recently released an atrocious localization of Ar Tonelico 2.

    Hopefully, Idea Factory can get more press outside of Japan and maybe show NIS who’s worth our time.

    • http://www.siliconera.com Jenni

      Ever since Idea Factory’s been releasing more and more DS and PSP games (read: region-free, so I can play them), I’ve found myself becoming a huge fan of their games.

      Like the company has this DS mini-game collection coming out soon called Hidamari Sketch: Doko Demo Sugoroku x 365, based on the Hidamari Sketch manga/anime that looks pretty cute.

      Plus the Spectral and Generation of Chaos games are always fun.

      I’m really excited about the games IF’s releasing over the next few months.

      • http://www.nisamerica.com NickyD

        If it’s based off Hidamari Sketch, then yes, it will be cute. =)

        And I’m not big on importing since I’m just as much into reading text as I am into playing the game — not knowing a lick of Japanese works against me in that territory.

        I’m also looking forward to their releases. While it’s mainly Compile Heart, I think X-Edge will be their big chance to get recognized on consoles, even if just to a very niche market. If it can draw the same fanbase as something like Disgaea, then, awesome. Here’s hoping to successes outside of Atlus and NIS (although I love them both, new IPs are always more exciting)!

  • Keriaku

    This must be localized!


      you kno this game is targeted to girls lol? srsly read the article lol
      u wanna play a ‘game’ 4 chicks lol?

      and the staff is all female, its going 2 be a dumbed down games for girls

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