Somehow Spectral Force Genesis Is Being Localized

By Spencer . February 17, 2009 . 11:50am

ifsfg Last year Idea Factory brought the Spectral Force series to the Nintendo DS. We haven’t heard much about Spectral Force Genesis after that, but Europe is getting an English version of it. Intrepid publisher Nobilis who recently brought From the Abyss to PAL regions and picked up a Case Closed game is taking the job. A tentative release date has been set for the second quarter of 2009.


A North American release has not been announced, but even if it doesn’t make it here eager Neverland fans can import it. This might have been good news earlier, but now the Nintendo DS is drowning in a flood of RPGs and strategy RPGs. Can Spectral Force: Genesis rise above the tide? Take a look at Idea Factory’s system which looks like a mix of Dragon Force with football play controls.


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  • This is pretty hot. I’m more impressed to find out that they published Devil May Cry 4 in Europe, is there no such thing as Capcom EU?

    Small caveat: this is being translated by the French, for the French. No plans for UK release according to that PDF, but of course the DS being the region-free beast that it is…

    • Good catch on that! I checked over the PDF again and it’s going to Spain too. The release will be limited, but maybe Nobilis is linking up with another distributor for other countries? It’s hard to imagine them making this for such a limited market, but then again that’s what happened with Case Closed: The Mirapolis Investigation.

    • Hello Hello

      Hold on guys. So I read the PDF, and it had the website for the game listed as which was obviously wrong (although somewhat humorous). So out of curiosity, I tried which indeed works. The site is in English and in French, and the English button is a small picture of the United Kingdom’s flag.

      Maybe is is getting an English release after all!

      • Looks like my comment wasn’t clear. I meant to say that this is being translated into English by a bunch of Frenchmen, so don’t expect Atlus USA-like quality. However, the few translated screenshots and the website itself seem to indicate that they’re putting a lot of effort into this.

        As for the UK flag, it’s always used on European websites to represent the English language version. There’s no doubt that they intend to sell their game there, of course. Thanks to the DS being region-free, they can just distribute the game over the internet. I’m willing to bet they are expecting quite a few overseas sales too. For instance, Wal-Marts in Canada have begun selling French DS games, with PEGI rating and all.

  • This, sadly, is not my cup of tea. I want to support Idea Factory, but I don’t know if I’d be able to get into this one. Very interesting concept, though, which seems to be the norm for IF titles.

  • JeremyR

    If it’s anything like the Generation of Chaos games from IF (released here for the PSP), combat really is like a football game. Only one of those electric football games from the 60s-70s, where the field vibrated and the little players just sort of meandered around.

    If it’s like Spectral Souls, then it might be worth a look. But I guess not.

  • Hello Hello

    As the only guy on the North American continent who really likes these unpopular Idea Factory games, I’m very pleased to hear that this is being localized!! Of course it would be even better if it was published here in North America, but I’m willing to import.

  • Mazen

    Looks better than the 360 game.

  • Trotmeister

    Looks like shite. Then again, it’s the Idea Factory game.

  • Trickless

    Speaking of Case Closed – the game was said to be released this month, but I’ve yet to see it on sale in the UK anywhere. Can’t see it listed on Amazon UK either. The English version definately exists as the game has been leaked out, so I’m guessing its a matter of getting it to retailers.

    It’s on sale on Amazon France and Germany, however.

  • Nobilis is also doing Moto Racer DS which I hope makes it to the US.

    It’s hard to say who would do Spectral Force Genesis in the US, but Nobilis has licensed titles to Atari and Southpeak before so that makes them potential candidates imo.

  • fallen

    Any game site that can namedrop “Dragon Force” with no description or clarification is a good game site.

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