Here Is Your Nintendo DSiWare Line Up For February

By Spencer . February 20, 2009 . 5:38am

Instead of releasing games sporadically like WiiWare we can count on Nintendo of Japan to give us a surge of new DSiWare software at the end of every month. Next week Nintendo DSi owners can get a calculator (no joke), more Art Style games, and two third party titles from Namco Bandai. The Art Style series and stripped down Nintendo DS games are still carrying the platform, but there is another ace in this month’s line up — Ide Yousuke’s Healthy Mahjong DSi, a portable mahjong game with online play.


Nintendo DSi Calculator (200 DSiWare Points)

A simple calculator with built in unit conversions: feet to kilometers, grams to pounds, Celsius to Fahrenheit and… Kelvin! Comes in two styles Famicom Mario and Animal Crossing. Yes, these are sold separately.


image image image

Mojipittan Shiritori Clock (200 DSiWare Points)

A dictionary clock with Mojipittan characters.


image image image

Art Style Series: Nalaku (500 DSiWare Points)

In this puzzle game you step and climb on cubes to change their color. More blocks fall from the sky. Players have to dodge them and avoid on standing on shaky ground when the floors fall apart.


image image

Art Style Series: Hacolife (500 DSiWare Points)

Another puzzle game that involves blocks. Instead of dodging them you make them in Hacolife by cutting a sheet of six squares on a grid and folding them into a cube.


image image

Chotto Asobi Taizen: Onajimi Table (500 DSiWare Points)

A bite sized collection of Clubhouse Games including: Reversi, Hasami Shogi, Go, Shogi, and Hanafuda.


image image image

Chotto Bungaku Zenshu: Sekai no Bungaku 20 (500 DSiWare Points)

A bite sized version of Bungaku Zenshu (aka 100 Classic Book Collection in Europe) with twenty books.



Ide Yousuke’s Healthy Mahjong DSi (800 DSiWare Points)

Based on the WiiWare game of the same name, this portable mahjong game coaches players with tips from famous Mahjong player Ide Yousuke. The Nintendo DSi version also includes multiplayer: local, over Nintendo Wi-Fi, and against people playing the same game on a Wii. You can even use your Mii on the DS in this game.


 image image

Mr. Driller (800 DSiWare Points)

Essentially a “chotto” version of Mr. Driller Drill Spirits which Namco Bandai released a long time ago. This version has three modes: Mission, Time Attack, and Driston which was cut from the US version.


image image image

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  • MadMirko

    “The Nintendo DSi version also includes online play, local, over Nintendo Wi-Fi and against people playing the game on a Wii. You can also use your Mii in this game.”

    Wow, cross-platform online mulitplayer, in a downloadable game this early in the DSi life. Seems the online infrastructure is in place and easy to work with. Now somebody use it in a genre I like. :)

  • maxchain

    The Art Style Series looks like it could go places! Should they decide to bring it here, my interest in the DSi will officially be upgraded from “no effin’ way” to “maybe if my Lite gets totalled and Lites suddenly become so scarce that you’ll have to find one on eBay for more than the price of a DSi, and also Game Boy Micros become dirt cheap around the same time (MAYBE).”

  • jw

    Picto Pict (already out) is really fun. It’s my favorite puzzler EVAR! Well worth $5.

  • Itd be nice to have a MJ game localized for the DS

  • jarrodand

    When Mr Driller comes west, hopefully they don’t cut DriStone mode again…

  • daizyujin

    I still can’t believe they want to charge for a calculator. Being that they want this to be a device that everybody carries around in their pocket, that is the type of thing that should be free. It would have been more prudent to pack in the calculator and just sell the skins.

    • jarrodand

      It’s $2. That’s less than a real calculator.

      • daizyujin

        You know Jarrod, do you have to argue with every damn thing I write? Its annoying as all hell. I have a right to express my opinion. Its my opinion and nothing more. I am getting sick of you doing this crap.

        • jarrodand

          Don’t take it so personally. I’m just expressing my opinion, that $2 is an inconsequential expense for a purely optional application. Given we’re talking about Nitendo of all companies, I’m more surprised it was’t 500 points..

          • daizyujin

            Sorry about that. I think the main complaint I have about it is more in that the way that they want to market the DSi. Something that is being marketed as a planner you would carry around should have a calculator in it. I mean, I could probably write that thing quickly myself. A calculator is one of the very first things you learn to make in a programming class. It just seems odd to me that they give the browser away which they have to pay liscensing fees to Opera for and yet charge for a calculator. Seems backwards.

      • daizyujin

        I also want to put this quote out there.

        “Nintendo hope that the Nintendo DSi becomes more than a game system and more of a personal tool to enrich our daily lives.”

        This quote comes straight from the horse’s mouth at Nintendo. They want the thing to become like some kind of pda or whatnot that you carry with you. That being said, when is the last time you ever saw a cellphone, pda, etc that didn’t at least come with a stinking calculator built in.

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