How Many Tales Games Is Namco Bandai Working On?

By Spencer . February 25, 2009 . 8:34am

talesofp A whole bunch if the Japanese patent and trademark database is on the right track. Earlier this month three names for possible Tales games were discovered. Namco Bandai has the rights to Tales of Floweria, Tales of Gracia, and Tales of Unitia.


Released on the Japan’s trademark database today are Tales of Blessia, Tales of Startear, and Tales of Floria all of which are registered by Namco Bandai for use with video games. Is Namco Bandai really planning six Tales games? Maybe. Tales of Floria does sound kind of similar to Tales of Floweria, though. Could be a companion title or an alternate name. Maybe Namco Bandai isn’t sure what to call their next their next Tales game and plan to read comments after the potential names are discovered.


Shall we play along with Namco Bandai’s stealth marketing plan then? Which title sounds like a Tales game you would buy? Which sounds ridiculous?

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  • Hero of legend

    I like Tales of Gracia the most of the six.

    • Zefiro Torna

      I certainly agree, that’s pretty much the only title I’d least feel embarrassed to bring up in a verbal conversation.

      Of course, they could do better.

  • These names get worse and worse.

  • MadMirko

    This sounds like the output of a random name generator. I’d buy Tales of Tails.

  • lostinblue

    Namco used to register 3 trademarks for the same Tales game and eventually pick one of them to the final game. Now, we have 6 recent trademarks but I’d say they’re for the same game since they registered Tales of Floweria the first time around (first 3 trademarks) and now registered Tales of Floria in the new 3 trademarks.

    I don’t think we should read too much into it, for now anyway, since one of the trademarks is clearly related to the first bunch and tbh… the first set of names sucked (and this one does suck too)

    • pressstart

      Why don’t they just choose a title they already trademarked then? Bamco is pretty strange. Like not localizing a single DS Tales title!

      • lostinblue

        I dunno about that either, some of their past trademarks are actually better than the crap names they’re falling into now, they’d better dig them, for instance I remember Tales of Eternia had a trademark for Tales of the Two Worlds, Tales of the Tempest had Tales of the Howling and Tales of the Doom Sign, Tales of the Abyss had Tales of Harmonia… And I mean, at least those alternate titles had SOMETHING to do with the plot itself and were good enough names as far as I’m concerned… These new ones though… aren’t.

        • Freddy Stubbs

          I don’t know … Tales of the Abyss was absolutely about an abyss and Tales of Vesperia was absolutely about Vesperia.

  • lastworthy

    I’d bet the -ia group is a trilogy or anthology or bundle of cell phone games. startear is probably it’s own thing.

  • BlackFreefall

    I wonder how they came up with these names.

    *A day in Namco Tales Studio*
    Tales developer is looking out at the garden.
    Lightbulb! Tales of Floria it is!

  • Mikael

    Tales of Floria has the best flow I would say. But I agree its a bit ridiculous their naming of the francise. Then again whats the point in getting excited if just one of the games might enter the western market :p.

  • Gracia, Floria and startear doesn’t sound too bad. Though it isn’t the name that matters after all. I’m more worried about it actually getting localized outside Japan. Namco doesn’t seem to confident in the series for the west.

  • jarrodand

    Ugh. I actually like Tales of Ten more than any of them, they should just call the next game that.

  • Chris

    Tales of Releasing games in America would be better.

  • Chris

    Tales of Milkthefranchisia
    Tales if Iaiaia!

    Is there any indication about whether these games are Team Symphonina, Team Destiny, or random 3rd party people? None of the ones not by either TS or TD have been decent yet.

    • lostinblue

      No indication in the names themselves, but if they’re related to Tales of Ten then it is Team Destiny, or what’s left of them, since apparently you have 4 tales teams now.

      Team Hearts apparently got the 2D talent and some Tead Destiny staff, but are a small team when compared to Team Destiny and Team Symphonia, then you have Team Ratatosk who did ToSDotNW, a team of trainee’s and some guys who were from Team Symphonia, and of course Team Symphonia and Team Destiny.

  • Anonymous

    How many Tales games is Namco Bandai working on for localization? Zero!

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