Suikoden Tierkreis Director On The Future Of Suikoden

By Spencer . March 10, 2009 . 9:35pm

sds Suikoden Tierkreis takes place in a parallel world and expands on the concept of infinity with heroes even traveling between DS game carts. How will this affect Suikoden series? We asked Osamu Komuta, Director of Suikoden Tierkreis, about the future of Suikoden.


“I think Tierkreis made Suikoden’s future truly infinite,” Komuta replies. “The game’s universe now lives in the ‘Infinity’ where it is possible for all the games to co-exist while leaving room for great growth and exploration in the series because both Tierkreis and the previous games are essential elements for the Suikoden universe. We hope to continue developing Suikoden games with the new freedom we are now afforded with the boundless nature of the ‘Infinity’.”


Of course this isn’t the first Suikoden game to incorporate other dimensions, but how do you feel about Komuta’s response? Do you want Suikoden to go back basics or appreciate Konami’s new freedom?

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  • Anon

    While I appreciate the optimism, this does not reassure me. The original Suikoden world has many things still to be explored, we don’t need to traveling to new worlds.

    That said, I’m still going to pick up Tierkreis, I just hope Konami understands that the fan base want the returning characters and storylines. If they want to shed so many elements that make Suikoden what it is, they might as well just start a new series.

  • i like the freedom idea, but please, stick with one world and develop that fully before travelling too far. The world that has already been established is well-developed, minor holes aside, but there are still so many areas to go into. A lot of leads that were made which haven’t gone anywhere yet. Aside from the multitude of wonderful characters, the world and its mythos was one of the things that made me love the series.

  • fallen

    Jesus, a parallel world? I could not be less excited for this game. I am a monstrous fan of GS 1&3. I absolutely agree with the other two commenters here that the allure of the games to me has always been in the characters and seeing familiar faces return for the next game. I frankly see no point in a Suikoden game that has only loose ties to the other ones. Oh, especially when they chibi them all to hell. The series has developed in the complete wrong direction, in my opinion. I think this could be one of Konami’s prominent series but they just won’t give it the financial backing it needs.

  • Mazen

    Osamu Komuta You guys rock this game is getting good impressions and you made the best PS2 RPG Suikoden V along with Dragon Quest 8. such talents.

    • We’ll have more from Komuta-san soon…

  • BlackFreefall

    I stop playing Suikoden after II. Well I bought three but lost interest in playing after IV came out. Instead of focusing on the story (which I do think is essential in an RPG game), they should revamp the battle system.

  • MadMirko

    I can hardly wait, even though it’s only one day until my copy arrives.

    Komuta’s statement makes me very optimistic for the series. Game developers are not machines, and if it’s this kind of freedom they need to enjoy making games: Yay freedom. Games that were fun to make are more likely to be fun to play.

  • Chris

    I’m disappointed. One thing I really liked about the Suikoden universe is that all the games did take place in different countries of the same world. Now they’re saying ‘nevermind’ about that, trading creative power for a little more creative freedom.

  • Lauren

    Back to basics please. One of the best parts of Suikoden is the recurring characters. I want to know what the rest of the one world is like first!

  • They simply will kill Suikoden Series… I’m very sad.

  • They simply will kill Suikoden Series… I’m very sad.

  • Belcoot

    What is this somekind of Chrono series?
    Suikoden should stay in it’s own world and in it’s own dimension.
    As simple as that!
    After all there’s so much in this origional world that needs exploring and explaning.
    Hikusaak and Harmonia, Western and Eastern continet, Higheast rebelion, what happen to Dunan Republic.
    Or returning to the past and play as Genkaku, origional Flame chapion….
    I mean there are endless options.
    But no they had to make a game in a new world… as if this wasn’t big enough.
    So please go back to the basics of Suikoden… to do what Suikoden is all about… and live this
    foolish experiment because it will only end up in ruin.
    I really love Suikoden series… it had something special in it, but now I fear that if this continues something special… will be lost.

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