Sony Developing A Colorful LED Wand For The PS2?

By Spencer . March 16, 2009 . 10:50am

sonyp2 A US registered patent filed by Sony Computer Entertainment clues us in to a video game controller sitting somewhere in Sony’s R&D labs. The unnamed input device has a LED on the front and an external power supply. Emitted light is captured by an inexpensive camera and translated into user input data. Sony’s interface program is unique since the device produces one or more colors of light which allows greater flexibility for differently lit rooms.


Since this information was revealed in a patent we don’t know how Sony plans on using said device, if it ever surfaces. However, multiple patent diagrams showcase the PlayStation 2 which already has a cheap EyeToy camera readily available. You might be thinking Wii Remote knock off, but Sony’s controller may not be a wand.




Another diagram shows a different device using the same variable color LED emitting technology. This hypothetical controller is designed to fit on a finger, radiates light from multiple LEDs, and has buttons on the side. Ring controllers… the future of video games?


What do you think about Sony’s light input device interfacing program? Could it keep the PS2 going strong past 2010? Should Sony port it to the PlayStation 3? Or scrap the idea all together?


sonyp4 sonyp3

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  • jarrodand

    Sounds more like something for PS4 imo. There’s a reason the Wiimote wasn’t a GCN add-on in the end…

  • bearmon

    They always steal Wii’s idea. Unfair.

    • Justin Bailey

      Don’t be a tool… Virtually everything hardware related in video games has been “borrowed” from the past. Why reinvent the wheel?

      Don’t believe me? Look at the history of game controllers.

      • JP

        notice that after Atari, everything stems from Nintendo.
        And Nintendo’s was barely based off Atari’s controller, if at all.

        • Justin Bailey

          Notice that the NES came out at least a full decade before any other major players in the market today.

          • jarrodand

            Nintendo rarely invents, but they are the core innovator when it comes to console controllers. Sony’s always followed their lead, from the SNES style button symmetry, to analog sticks, to tilt sensors. This is just the logical next step, screen aiming’s probably the Wii controller’s most successful addition in games and it was just a matter of time until we saw the competition add it as well.

    • Rock

      Eyetoy has existed ever since the PS2. This product is designed to make motion tracking with the Eyetoy even easier.

      I don’t see how this is ripping off the Wii since the Eyetoy came out first with motion tracking.

      If you’re talking about the wand stick thing, that’s only an example of what you could use. You could use the rings instead or maybe even combine them.

      • jarrodand

        GB camera predates Eyetoy. :P

        Functionally, this patent is replicating what the Wii’s IR sensor does with a different method, but it’s pretty obvious where the inspiration came from.

  • doubleO7

    Awsome. If it comes out stateside I know I’d buy it. Long live the PS2!!!

  • I’d love to see this but I don’t know about originality, I feel they should go back to the drawing board with this and think of something better.

    But who knows they’re probably far ahead of me, with some Little Big Planet-esque game in the works ready to make this controller into the next best thing.

  • ryukyus

    sony is desperate to make money, so they’re making more hardware for their best selling system, I can’t even imagine how much a ps4 would cost. let me guess 6k,now they would really go bankrupt.

  • They need such development to maintain their position in the competition, well can’t wait to try PS4

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