Let Me Tell You About Another Possible Tales GameTrademark

By Spencer . March 18, 2009 . 7:20am

image And this news isn’t for Japan! Namco Bandai registered Tales of Vs. in North America, which is a totally different than the six other Tales of games we discovered in Japan’s trademark database. Of course, this doesn’t mean Namco Bandai is going to use Tales of Vs. for anything, but they registered it overseas first so…


Namco Bandai also registered Tales of Graces in North America which we found earlier on the European trademark database.


Now for some stuff (probably not) related to Tales. Namco Bandai paid for the rights to Broken Destiny and Muscle March too. I saw Broken Destiny before on the Japanese trademark database. Even clipped the images, but since I couldn’t connect to anything I left it alone. Broken Destiny, whatever it is, could be an international project. Broken Destiny sounds like a subtitle and at one time Namco Bandai may have thought of calling the game in question Broken Curse since that name was also registered in Japan.


Any guess on what Broken Destiny or Muscle March could be?


bdest muscle


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  • Joshua Main

    A Tales of series fighting game, perphaps?

    • Exactly what I thought. Using the Soul Calibur or Tekken engine, it could work. It would also reek of Castlevania: Judgment déjà vu, but at least the bar isn’t too high…

    • That’s the first thing that came in my mind too! But after all the other trademarked Tales of names I’m not sure there’s much logic to the naming system. A fighting game could be good fan service since there are so many Tales characters…

      • MadMirko

        You know they register these just to mess with you, right? ;)

  • Maybe TALES OF VS. is actually Tales of Vs., that is, shorthand for Vesperia. When 360 games go PS3, it seems to be the norm for a title to change a little bit (adding Sigma for Ninja Gaiden titles, for example), or at least get registered overseas with slight title variations.

    I’m completely guessing, though, since you’d probably hear of the game moving to the PS3 in Japan first. But it might not need re-registered or a name alteration there. I dunno. I’m not in the industry.

    A fighting game is the more obvious choice, but I simply can’t stand obvious.

  • jarrodand

    Graces is likely the Wii game. No idea on Vs.? Maybe a title change for Hearts or Radiant Mythology 2?

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