Dream Club May Be The Most Depressing Dating Sim Ever Made

By Spencer . April 2, 2009 . 4:46am


D3 Publisher looking to capture the Xbox 360 owning [email protected] crowd is developing Dream Club. You don’t spend time training idols to stardom in this game, though. Instead you chat up hostesses and try to get them drunk so they reveal their inner feelings. Sounds like another dating sim, but the difference is showing up at a hostess club costs money.


image image


You, the broke protagonist, have to work a part time job just to keep going to the hobby going. Should you spend your days working at a convenience store? Five days of work nets 20,000 yen, but if those days, heaven forbid, fall on a weekend you won’t be able to visit the hostess club. And the entire point of Dream Club is visiting the club to talk to the girls and make them sing karaoke. You get to play along by hitting the buttons to shake maracas or honk a horn. After spending oodles of cash on visits, snacks, and gifts you might get lucky and woo a girl — only after toiling away at a menial job. This is a real life scenario for someone out there, but Dream Club’s melancholy undercurrent of distilling a relationship into cold hard cash is a nightmare.


Now, meet your potential “dates”!


Amane – the generic shy and reserved type


image image image image


Mio – an inventor from Kyoto


image image image image


Setsu – she’s moody and spoilt


image image image image


Reika – a professional bowler


image image image image


Mian – fierce and not afraid to hit you if you say something stupid


image image image image


Rui – by day she works as a teacher


image image image image


Riho – an aspiring model about to get her break


image image image image


Nao – a tomboy who also is an assistant teacher at a dojo


image image image image


And here are some more screenshots. Don’t expect D3 to localize Dream Club anytime soon or ever.


image image image image image image

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  • wasdf

    Riho Tachibana aka the giant girl from The Daibijin and other D3 games.

  • I can honk a horn? Sign me up!

  • Thores

    Do people really buy the non-pornographic anime dating sim games? Cause that seems kind of backwards. Like buying a burrito when you can get a chimichanga for free.

  • maxchain

    *whistles* You can tell Rui is a teacher because of her impressive… hair! I wish they made them like that over here! (Then again, so does Japan.)

    Also, it’s interesting that there aren’t any screens showing the part-time gigs. Are they largely unimportant processes that automate themselves in the game, like sleeping? This gets weirder the more I see of it!

    That’s not to say I wouldn’t take a glance at any hypothetical PSP port they might crank out a few years or so from now.

  • omatic

    Every time I see a generic stable of anime women featured as the main cast in a game, I gag. I really hope (for the sake of the people who actually buy this) that the “personalities” of the girls are deeper and more complex than the role-holes they find themselves in.

    • Vino (Tim N)

      Isn’t that the main point? To find out more about the girl.

  • DFS

    As WOPR observed in WarGames, the only way to win is not to play.

  • ReturnOfSomeDude

    Wait…a professional bowler?

    That’s…a new angle.

  • Aoshi00

    lol, reminds me of the hostesses in Yakuza, where you blow your hard earned cash on the various Cabaret Clubs when you’re not busy beating down thugs, except w/o the kansai accent.

    I do own both of the IdolMaster games but it was hard for me to get into it because they all look like the Morning Musume girls..

    Despite the depressing concept of buying love w/ money, this piques my interest.

  • Captain Cool

    WHAT THE – Did Fate Testarossa get kicked out of the Time & Space Administration and now has to shake what her mad scientist mother gave her? *Fist pump of awesome.

    The blonde Model Riho has the *BEST* of the girls outfits =D I’m sure she’s a cool person to talk to. But i think Amane is the one i want first. The Azuza clone Reika is a prude – wearing full stockings instead of thigh highs =X

    OHHH a buffet and the japanese wont let me try =X

    *Imports & Learns Japanese ASAP

    Now lets hope a troupe of super-hawt Cosplayers decide to you know – Cosplay XD

  • Xingmeng

    already booked :D

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